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  1. I would like to know this as well, I am guessing some kind of reshade?
  2. Hi, they look superb! Do you use any reshade or other colour or post processing on these images? I would love to emulate what you have done here. Same goes for the other TE shots from GB, particularly the blackpool tower / pier one. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to add my enthusiasm for a map of installed (and even uninstalled as greyed out, perhaps motivate me to impulse buy a new airport on my route? ) airports in a region. It would be awesome for flight planning on the fly and having it as a one stop shop in FTX would be phenomenal.
  4. Personally am just happy to have bricks and mortar / tarmac in the sim, objectflow etc is a nice to have for immersion, but I do nearly all my flying between my ORBX airports with small GA and am just keen to have them back. So I say release without objectflow and then update later please. As others have said, if you dont want to run them, you dont have to, but no sense depriving others who are happy to run without the flows of the opportunity. This is of course assuming that releasing the non-flow bricks and tarmac is relatively easy.
  5. Holy criminy mc josephat That's taken it up a notch Are there any other addons with it affecting sky / clouds / colouration etc, or is it that v4 stock?
  6. Looks to be one of the best airports I've seen in a sim. If any airport deserves it, its LOWI. Cheers chaps, looks like you have another couple of gig (?) on my HDD earmarked.
  7. I am looking forward to flying over some more JM-special blended ortho imagery mountains EDIT: Has some of the hand placed autogen got ambient occlusion on it? They have some nice shadowing / depth
  8. Yes thats what I seem to find with a lot of the freely available photoscenery - colour matching is sometimes a little on the monochromatic or even trippy side. That said, from a couple of thousand feet details like mountain ranges are just gorgeous. Shame it usually falls apart if you want to fly low VFR
  9. Hi Jarrad Thank you for your reply, I had a feeling the limiting factors would be along those lines. I will most certainly take a look at your recommendations, but would also like to ask if Orbx would ever look at creating something like the World2Xplane and G2XPL applications, which can take public domain photoscenery from sources like Bing and autopopulate it with autogen? I have a feeling that the problem would again be "licensing". What would the chances be of setting up a contract with a third party provider of satellite imagery, whilst ORBX itself develops the soptware? Such a thing with the financial backing and experience of ORBX is a mouth watering possibility! A guy can dream ...?
  10. Hi I recently got hold of the KEGE scenery and some of the freeware featuring very high resolution elements such as below: Now all I can think about is what it would take to make a much larger area like this, and whether ORBX has any plans to? Of course the ultimate dream would be whole regions to this level. Its just utterly breathtaking. Photoscenery always looks good, but the key with ORBX stuff is you can go under 500 feet and it still looks great. What are the chances of seeing more of this level of detail? Is it entirely limited by P3D / FSX 32bit architecture? If anyone can recommend other ORBX sceneries that contain these details I would love to hear about them. I am yet to buy SCA, are there some gems hidden away? Thanks!
  11. Hi guys I recently treated myself in the sale to more of the ORBX regions, and the more I look at them the more amazed I am! Really good work and it makes me look forward to exploring, especially now I have a load of nice airports to fly into! Just a small query / feedback though - is there a reason that the service packs are not uploaded to FlightSim Store? I have bought a fair few items, and with each install FTX 2.0 goes out and downloads updates. Would it not be possible to have the already updated version in the store? Its compounded by what appears to be a slow download rate into FTX 2.0. Not an issue if you have bought one or two things, but just from a convenience perspective it would be good if the FSS versions were already the most up to date Anyways, cheers for all the hard work and love that has clearly gone into it all Ross
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