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  1. A wide and nice spectrum of aircraft ! I wish we had a T-33 or a T80 in P3D. Pity that A2A gave up their project on the former since we still have former pilots alive to help. Alphasim had a T-80 many moons ago which was a little better than their usual fare. Nothing since. Have you flown the Milviz F100 ?
  2. Looking at the nice job you do, we now have to petition OrbX for a sharkflow
  3. It might be worthwhile to install the Global range of products though if you fly close to the border of the region and the "outside world". You will have more continuity in what you see. This is mainly true for the West coast and Alaska, obviously less for the British Isles.
  4. You're the guy now banned for life to rent a plane in the whole UK, right ?
  5. A very nice airfield well represented in your pics. A very scenic short flight is between Ofu Village and Fitiuta (both ways). You may not land a liner but you can land a P-51, a L-39 jet or the RealAit T-Duke there. Believe me !
  6. Nice video. Never heard of the Col de Bacchus ! A classic, almost iconic, airfield in Washington is Ranger Creek. Did you try it ?
  7. Very interesting video, Manu, that showcases well a rather sharp terrain at low altitude for PR imagery. It comes of age with TE. XP seems to suffer from the same out-of-focus (elegant term for blurry ) problem at a medium distance than P3D which is not a surprise. Generational problem. Also are the artifacts we see around the nose of the plane during the rollout generic in nature in XP ? Oh yes, nice landing too ! PS I don't now if you're into the bush thing but 7.5 NM from KORS on a 207° bearing there is a dirt strip on a small island called Crane Is. not too well represented in PNW. I wonder how does it look like now !
  8. Nice pic. Is this out of the box or with shader tweakers ? One thing is sure though, LM dropped the ball on that issue in v4 !
  9. Being a big user of Vector as I often fly OpenLCs and territories unmapped by OrbX, I wonder whether the continuous upgrading of Vector is still on the roadmap ?
  10. Same here. Like for Hawaii, OLC NA helps quite a bit wit a good mesh but a fat region is what is needed, ortho or LC. We've been flying the West coast of the US or Australia or Great Britain for so many years. Slightly disappointed as a consumer to see ObrX main thrust is to revisit its past glories instead of mapping new territories like the Caribbean.
  11. That the solution I chose for my last built. I stuck an enormous Thermalright on the processor. Not overly expensive by the way.
  12. Hi Manu OrbX said some weeks ago that the IGN orthos for France were very expensive and I understand that it could an obstacle for them developing such a product.
  13. Nice job. I hope the grain will be finer than 1.44 km2 in FS20 if they don’t use aerial/sat imagery everywhere.
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