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  1. Just a reminder. I initiated this thread when I read a guy from Eagle Dynamics writing on his forum that they had talks with A2A and OrbX. I was amazed to see a very positive response on the two forums to my posts. In DCS, I fly the L-39 which has almost no avionics, is mostly a ground attack aircraft , and cannot go higher than 20k (more or less). So, as many users, I feel that better sceneries would be welcome (I've the Caucasus and the Gulf). Should I add that flying the aircraft is interesting in itself (besides strafing the vilains ) : VFR , IFR landing etc. I don't have specific figures but I intuitively think that DCS may have a much larger user base than AF2 for which OrbX has a line of products. So it didn't seem absurd that ED and OrbX had talks, knowing that talks are... talks.
  2. The young lady admitted that she didn't know something that happened long before she was born and asked the OP (Older Person...) about it. Isn't the way to deal with one's ignorance. Admit and ask. She should be commended not mocked.
  3. My 2560*1440 28" fills my view nicely at about 90cm. My next rig will have a larger screen and resolution I suppose but I find a little strange to see thant the neverending discussions about the best anti-aliasing have not being put to rest with the superb 4k resolution.
  4. This is not deep, there is just a rocknroll song where the expression is used in a way that would be not possible today, I suppose. The feminists would go bersek. Your post reminded me of it. Black Velveteen.
  5. Thank you Rodger, appreciated . Another side hobby to flight simulation that I discovered two years ago. I like RPGs but at the end of a game, that's it ! The game is over. With flight simulation you can do plenty of other stuff, screenshots , videos, repaints, sceneries, and, for the smarter of us (not me...), aircraft. Even if you are not the Leonard of the flight simulation world, it keeps the interest up.
  6. You need to buy a 3rd party mesh (leave your slider at 5 m !) or download one if you find a freeware. The default mesh is not good enough to show the Alps in their splendor. I thought OrbX had a special pack for EU, I may be mistaken . I was thinking of https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftx-global-airport-pack (many of them in Europe have been made by Sylvain Delepierre who made Asiago and Saanen). You can crisscross the Alps with them.
  7. Thank you the MCX tip Scott. I used it in sceneries, never thought of it to avoid the tedious back and forth to the sim. Never too late to learn.
  8. It certainly looks better than what we have now ! I think of two questions : - will the military airfields have the full treatment ? In the past, Orbx was pretty much shying away of doing much for them. - as orthos are so expensive, why not make a LC region in Hawaii as you used to ?
  9. You will enjoy OpenLC EU ! To enjoy even more flying the Alps, two other things will help : - get yourself a good mesh (19 m or below) to see sharp peaks and not rounded mountains - see that you have the Orbx freeware airports EU package plus the Saanen and Asiago airfields (also freeware) You can have a feeling of them in a couple of my videos.
  10. I am not sure that I understand your problem, John. Let's see and sorry if I miss the point. Registration of an aircraft shows up in two independent ways : - on the exterior fuselage. It cannot be changed but by repainting the texture. It can be simple or tricky, it depends of the underlying texture and the way the number is "painted". When I do my repaints I have a special layer for that. It eases things up if I want to change. When the texture is changed with a new number, it is permanently changed. - in the AIr Traffic Control block of the Aircraft in Select vehicle. You just have to write a new registration for the ATC to recognize you as a VH-something. If there is a small plate in the cockpit with the number, the new number will also be displayed there. And when it is changed, the new number stays for further sessions. To have a full change, you have to do both. But if you just want to hear the ATC call you by your VH number the second solution is pretty easy.
  11. About nudge,it works both ways . Your posts, you two, drove me to open for the first time in weeks if not months a project that I've working for some time, a T6 with an Air Mail livery. Get a nagging aliasing problem with a decalc !
  12. No insight Rodger, call that a nudge . The 70 yo who writes this post does a lot of trials and errors, the result is not always up to what I had in mind when I started my doodles (most of them are never released) but I have a little fun in the meantime. This is what it is all about.
  13. Thats the way to go. I save from .psd into .dds. Never done bare metal. I do fictitious liveries. I've an idea and try to make something of it. My last was the Comanche Air TAxi you can see on two of my videos. EDIT I forgot to download the paintkit when RA was alive. Had a look at a substitute on the Avsim library. Not exactly user friendly...
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