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  1. ORBX release timelines for 2030?

    2030 releases ? OpenLC Asia just after the Yamalo-Nenets region !
  2. Question about NDB's in P3D

    It is the same mid-2000 database I think. You know, I was like you but I've learnt to appreciate GPS RNAV approaches which are interesting too. I didn't know that resource. So thanks Dough !
  3. Caribbean Sceneries

    I agree with our young OP. There is a definite need for nice Caribbean sceneries à la OrbX (and yes, the British Virgin Islands airports would be a good start). I would also dare and add that a Caribbean fat region would have my entire approval now that Hawaii is off the table.
  4. Flew the L-39 from Penggung WICD to Malang WARA, in Indonesia. You start facing a 3000-odd meter high volcano and you have 6 more coming, like on a string, during the flight. Global with Vector, the Ultimate mesh and Scenery Tech Indo-Pacific LC map. Lot of clouds too.
  5. Hey Jim Be sure you have Google Earth installed. Not necessary to open it at that stage. Go to ...:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\ORBX\User Documents (contrary to common wisdom, I installed P3D there, works like a charm for me but if P3D has its own root folder in your install, go there) You should have a file named FTX CRM Coverage and Features Map.kmz (or equivalent for NRM etc.) Just click on it. That will open GE and show all the scenery features overlaid on the map. When you close GE, it will ask whether you want to save the overlay. Your choice. Tell us whether that works.
  6. The bridge is there all right, in the sim. One can almost see the bend of the road from where the pic was shot.
  7. Hi Jim These strips are not in the default set up, you need OrbX CRM (most of the strips) and NRM to have them in the sim (sorry if you already knew that). There is a .kml file coming with these two products. Opening them in Google Earth will give you all the locations. I set these .kml as a permanent fixture in my GE. To find the strips, when flying in the sim, can be tricky (this is called navigation ) but you have a wonderful tool to help you if you have some money to spare, the Garmin GTN750 from Flight1. It is pricey but you can enter the long/lat coordinates of a strip you find in GE and make it a waypoint in your flight. You can have, I guess, about 1000 waypoints stored like that. Extremely convenient to fly the bush specially as it has a moving map with rivers, roads and relief as the real 750 has. Good situational awareness. Also, as an introduction to flying in Idaho, go and take a gander at https://idahoaviation.com/idahoAirstripNetwork.php
  8. Not surprised that there were crashes, this small strip gives a false feeling of being easy to clear (at least in NRM). Then you take off.
  9. Hey Spud You gave me an idea for my flight of today. I flew from Elk River ID85 to, where else ?, Moose Creek 1U1, both represented in NRM. A nice flight. Taking off from ER to the South, towards the village, is not difficult if you are ready for a hard turn to the left (PULL UP, PULL UP !) and landing to the South in MR easy if you don't intend to do a Go Around but the strip is long enough for a 182 !
  10. 1,2,3, or 4 engines?

    I do not choose my limited number of aircraft considering how many engine they have engines but which company crafted them ! One prop (Antonov 2 , Comanche, C-182, T-6), one jet engine (L-39), two turbos (Duke), two jet engines (732), four props (377) they are all good to me.
  11. Central and South America regions

    Central America, down to Panama, is already covered by OpenLC NA.
  12. Thank you Rodger and Spud for enriching the thread. I use McCall, Challis or Salmon as a starting airport in Idaho, didnt think of Felts Field. Good to know. Watching these forums, you get sometimes the feeling that CRM is OrbX forgotten child. it is one of my favorite sceneries ! I usually fly there the C182 (can't wait to fly the Milviz Beaver). Spud, What kind of aircraft did you fly ?
  13. ORBX Hawaii status?

    I am 100% with you here, Scub'. OpenLC NA is not bad at all but a more precise landclass map and autogen would be very nice to have for Hawaii. In any case, photoreal textures are overrated IMHO, they give a flatish look to the landscape, specially for mountain/volcano slopes, that I don't care for. Give me hand made textures on a good LC map anyday.
  14. You do the same approach strategy to land on these rough strips East of McCall ID and the PNG strips in Tim & Ken sceneries. But I was surprised when Daniel Geaslen said yesterday that he has been trained in Idaho by his employer. Daniel Geaslen is an interesting person to follow on Twitter. He publishes animated .gif of landing and taking off, tells about his workdays. He flies a Kodiak. There was another guy working for Susi Air, Matt Dearden, but he left PNG to work in the UK now.
  15. I like very much flying both in OrbX PNG and CRM Idaho, always felt that it was the same kind of flying with different landscapes. You add jungle to Idaho and you have PNG or add dry rocks and snow to PNG and you have Idaho. A bit simplistic but you get what I mean. I had an interesting exchange today on Twitter with Daniel Geaslen, a West Papua MAF pilot, MAF trains its pilot in Idaho sending them to Indonesia !