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  1. Just reinstalled all my orbx scenery to P3D 4.1. There is missing wind farms in my FTX Scotland. I use Scotflight scenery. Everything worked fine until I had to download all the scenery again using ftx central because of mistake i made trying to update to P3D 4.2. but have reverted back to 4.1. Have disabled scotflight scenery but still no wind farms. ftx at top of scenery libary
  2. just wondering why Edinburgh (EGPH) ATC tower is not simulated in FTX Scotland
  3. thank you. got street lights working with DX10 Preveiw but airport lights are switching on and off and getting strange reflections in water ( looks like star reflection)
  4. street lights have black box around them in dx 10 preview mode fsx. report no. ot995fa70f1e940635ef5360bea2b0c6d4
  5. Ok I have solved the above by running Ftx as administrator, but i have a new problem. the lights seem to work on the continent but the ones in the U.K don't.. I have tried flying from a'lot of different airports but the 3D lights in the U.K. don't work. See Below aberdeen
  6. Sorted. adjusted in in ftx vector airport elevation corrections. thanks all for your prompt replys Cheers!!!
  7. I am using FSX. I have ORBX Scotland Installed and Orbx Sumburgh. not using photo scenery
  8. Recently downloaded sumburgh airport EGPB. The runways/taxiway are always covered in grass or just vanish
  9. Thank you for reply. Dx10 is activated and have installed orbx library file. Still getting black box appearing on street lights. Also sometimes ftx lights tweaker crashes. I have also installed ftx vector and ftx openlc Europe.
  10. Just installed ftx global base and all street light halos appear black. There is black dots every where. Tried using tweaker to ud just size but no difference.
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