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  1. Excellent Graeme. The lighting is stunning. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great Pete. Even the 172 has its booties on!
  3. Great set of shots Carlos. Really good overview of this scenery. Thanks for taking the time to share. All the best.
  4. Thanks for the explanation Finn. Was this issue known prior to releasing ENAL? If so, maybe it should be mentioned on the product page.
  5. I have noticed this too. Approach lighting gradually disappears the lower and closer to the runway threshold you get to the point it completely disappears. Cheers.
  6. Very nice Dario. I agree, GA airports shine in MSFS.
  7. "Darrington Municipal for MSFS: On Short Finals!"......must have had to go around! (I'm so impatient)
  8. Looks like you're getting the hang of it Iain! Great shot.
  9. Amazing colours there! Thanks for sharing.
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