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  1. Very nice Dario. I agree, GA airports shine in MSFS.
  2. "Darrington Municipal for MSFS: On Short Finals!"......must have had to go around! (I'm so impatient)
  3. Looks like you're getting the hang of it Iain! Great shot.
  4. Amazing colours there! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Great shots. Just reading that this prototype never actually flew in real life. Would have been quite an experience!
  6. Wow Carlos! Pago-Pago sure does shine in these shots. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I'm using 4.5 HF3 and I can confirm this scenery works flawlessly. Don't hesitate. It's a classic!
  8. Very nice indeed Iain. Cheers.
  9. Yeahhhh, not sure whats happening there. Last ATC communications was 'cleared planned route'. It'll have to land and refuel at this rate
  10. I live in Kiama! I was watching the radar hoping they would extend just that little bit further...... If it wasn't for school pickups I would have been there. Oh well. I listened to LiveATC and the controllers gave her a very nice send off on behalf of all Australians. Time to pop the cork and toast her journey. The Queen is dead.... LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!
  11. Today, Wednesday 22 July sees the final flight of a Qantas 747. QF747 is departing Sydney YSSY at 2pm (AEST), conducting a fly-over of Sydney Harbour, then onward to the Mojave boneyard. The Qantas 747 is the reason I became a pilot. Though I didn't end up flying her (or even flying fixed wings for that matter - I'm a helicopter pilot) she inspired me, and no doubt many others to marvel at the wonder of flight. So from one very sad and grateful aviator I want to say thank you your Majesty. You will be missed from our skies.
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