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  1. Thank you Misha for this lovely surprise! Stunning work as always. Stay safe, and I look forward to explore these small and highly atmospheric airstrips.
  2. Holy smoke... I need to leave Africa asap to try this beauty out.
  3. Great capture and also an amazing service unique to Australia. They do an outstanding job across the country. I had the pleasure to visit their excellent museum in Alice Springs over the Christmas, highly recommended.
  4. Wuhu..! Thank you Iain you just made my b'day even better!!
  5. Hi Bradley, I uninstalled completely the free Gaya KOS and it brought back the trees. I had to look carefully through my harddrive to spot any remains of it, but this solved the problem. They are working on an update, so hopefully when released in the coming days or weeks it will be fixed.
  6. Three words please. Hard to wait much longer now.
  7. I can smell roasted coffee. Terrific to see Africa ready for release.
  8. Next stops Antananarivo, Toliara, Taolagnaro, Antisiranana, ... this looks amazing. I hope some of the red earth and the fantastic Tsingy de Bemaraha will be visible as we explore this amazing island homeland of the lemurs. Beautiful captures Iain, thanks for sharing.
  9. Beautiful captures. One of my all-time favourites, and a great gesture indeed.
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