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  1. BrianV

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    I think you know it, but these shots look terrific! Amazing the level of detail and clarity in them all.
  2. It is a win-win situation. some places will be suited for photoreal, others for landclass, such as the forthcoming Australia V2. There is and will continue to be plenty of options to explore in both. What happens in a decade, or beyond, is impossible to predict, but surely technology and products will continue to evolve or we would all still be flying with our Commodore 64.
  3. I look forward to see the forthcoming screenshots. I think it will completely transform FTX England, Wales, Scotland though I will still be missing seasons (I think). I wonder though what will happen to trees in this case? Will they still display according to the chosen season in P3D?
  4. Just had a look on the Orbx product map but noticed that KMBS is not showing. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/embed?mid=1oMki4fAslLZKQiCQIn2fNSvvzG0&ll=23.913177017039025%2C-108.22483874999995&z=3
  5. BrianV

    Spitfire exploring PAVD Valdez Pioneer Field area

    Nice tour in this beautiful scenery and lovely aircraft. Great video!
  6. I look forward to seeing a direct comparison shot of V1 versus V2, perhaps for the same location in Australia. I think we are in for a treat with all the texture improvements made since the first release of Australia. This new version is high on my wish list, and I dare say on the wish list for most if not all!
  7. BrianV

    YTYA Tyabb some more.

    Nice ones, and summer in Australia. A great temptation for December.
  8. Ohh this looks beautiful,,, and in combination with the forthcoming Australia V2 it will become even more irresistible. Time to get down under.
  9. Beautiful work, this will truly shine in the sim I hope that we some day may also see Denmark completed as region with its famous lighthouses such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubjerg_Knude_lighthouse Thanks for the update, and for all the hard work to make your excellent products better and better.
  10. BrianV

    KSBA My Final Shots.

    Good morning Iain, great shots. Nice to wake up to good news!
  11. BrianV

    KSBA Santa Barbara - Getting Close!

    Oustanding, and if memory doesn't fool me, you took pictures yourself during a trip with D'Andre from Airdaily some time ago. Looking forward to explore.
  12. BrianV

    KSBA Santa Barbara - Getting Close!

    Amazing work from Misha and great shots. Thank you Jarrad for showing some of the wide coverage and details included with this forthcoming jewel. The added details inside of the terminal are great additional areas to explore in airports of this size.
  13. Many thanks John, yes I suspect that adding winter will be just too much data at present. It is a huge coverage area, when compared to the recent Netherlands.
  14. I am wondering about how it may look on rainy or snowy days as only one season (summer) is modeled. Does the sim change trees or do they stay green like the texture throughout the year?
  15. This looks awesome. I look forward to trying it also in P3D. As there is only one season, are there plans to add an autumn/winter season as a future expansion, or is this not realistic given the huge amount of data required for such a product? Also, will it be able to co-exist, or switch, with the FTX regions or is it one or the other?