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  1. Unreal, amazing shots. Unbelievable that this is now possible in a simulator, just fantastic.
  2. Beautiful captures from the sunshine state, many thanks Iain. Do you know which airport we see in the 2nd capture? Would be great to see also the Dali museum in St Pete if included as the building is spectacular as is the pink Don Cesar hotel on the St Pete beachfront. Also, the elevated Sunshine Skyway bridge is very impressive heading south of St Pete. Looking forward to see more captures.
  3. Beautiful capture though sadly Canberra is now covered in dense smoke from the terrible bush fires. Hope that Australia will find ways to limit such terrifying blazes in the future. My thoughts are with the affected and the extensive loss of animal habitats.
  4. I really need to turn up the heating seeing these amazing shots.
  5. You guys are just the best. I wish you all at.Orbx a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and yours. The same goes for all fellow flyers in these great forums, best wishes for 2020.
  6. I think I just caught a cold from looking at these amazing pictures. Never have I liked rain and sleet more.
  7. I like every inch of it. Looks awesome, and the inclusion of sounds and animations does so much for small airfields like this. Looking forward.
  8. Pizza, pasta, pints? Yes, we have landed in the right place. Awesome new addition to the pacific northwest.
  9. No doubt that MSFS2020 will be a new milestone in flightsim that I look forward to explore. The developers of existing sims also see these videos, and will continue to make improvements to their simulators. I think we will continue to have multiple sims to use each with their own benefits and shortcomings.
  10. Awesome work Marcus and a good example of how much seasons add in winter this far north. My P3d and I are ready.
  11. Exactly, the sim is essentially transformed, without even upgrading hardware. It looks awesome.
  12. Any chance of this one being ported over to P3D? It looks amazing!
  13. Holy smoke... an awesome surprise. Didn't know that this was in the making. It looks amazing!
  14. My setup is nearly 5 years old with an i7 and GTX 980. The sharpening feature works amazingly on it, with much clearer textures into the distance. P3D 4.5 hotfix 2 has never looked better.
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