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  1. LDPL My Final Shots.

    ..and some wonderful shots these are. LDPL looks great!
  2. Amazing indeed! Wonderful shots, and thanks for showing the impressive amphitheatre. The dynamic lighting looks fantastic too, this may well be my first scenery for P3Dv4.1
  3. LDPL - A few from me

    Looks great and essentially ready for release I like that the small Medulin aerodrom seems also to be included. Will the old roman amphitheatre in Pula also be there? Only a short hop to Venice from here and a long beautiful coastline to explore.
  4. LDPL Pula Airport My first.

    It might be autumn outside but these warm shots and the Adriatic sea bring the summer right back. Looking great Iain!
  5. Germany South Nürburgring.

    These have photographic quality, looking forward to explore GES.
  6. Sensational shots and great settings in your sim for sure. Munich will never be the same anymore. Any chance for shots near Garmisch Partenkirchen and Mittenwald?
  7. Germany South - My First Previews

    Very nice taster shots. Which airport is seen in the last images?
  8. Germany South my first look.

    Exciting news and great shots of the mountains. I'm looking forward to this one that brings us hopefully close to the existing FTX Innsbruck too.
  9. OLC SA Buenos Aires Argentina.

    Great images of Buenos Aires. That approach into Jorge Newbery airport in the first shot is fantastic, also in real life. I hope that ORBX will do a payware quality of it as the location is stunning both by day and by night.
  10. OLC SA Chile V4.

    The wait is getting harder and harder Beautiful shots Iain, I look forward to visit Chile and many other destinations in this release.
  11. Great innovation news! ORBX keeps on advancing to the joy of the community. Wish you all a well earned holiday when the new OF2 is out.
  12. Stunning images. Something to look forward to for sure.
  13. Great to see some Chile shots near the famous beaches of Viña del Mar hopefully with forthcoming Vector updates to the coastline. Chile is a fantastic country indeed and I look forward to seeing the Osorno volcano... and hopefully some ORBX global airports in the future.
  14. Any reason not to use an improved mesh

    Relatedly, would it be advisable to use a mesh with the forthcoming FTX OpenLC South America? This region does not have the same quality mesh as, for example, NA or Europe I believe.
  15. LEBB in P3Dv4