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  1. They have nearly all been done via Orbx Central already... Graham told me that the remaining ones, YBRM Broome and YBCG Gold Coast, would soon be updated via Central too.
  2. Wow, look at that runway! Looks fantastic. Great work. I guess resources admitting this will also make it to P3D eventually?
  3. Fantastic. Beautiful captures. Thanks for showing us.
  4. Fantastic achievement. It doesn't get anymore beautiful than this. Fabulous on all accounts. Congratulations, I hope it will be a huge success and will tempt you to do a similar job with the green jewel of Kauai and the iother islands of scenic Hawaii. A first-minute buy for sure.
  5. Beautiful captures from London City.
  6. It looks awesome, looks like we are in for a lovely autumn. I look forward to see airport closeups. Will EGJA display seasonal variations or be more in line with the TrueEarth products?
  7. Stunning surprise, and outstanding work. Beautiful level of details in each shot.
  8. Just did my first flight out of LIEO... beautiful airport, scenery and performance. I would rank it 10/10.
  9. Wonderful,, just plainly wonderful. A great idea and a fantastic result. Looking forward.
  10. That would be awesome, if possible in a future update. Also, Santander and/or San Sebastian would be great, but La Morgal is very close and very tempting for VFR.
  11. I feel a sudden urge to visit northern Spain. Beautiful captures.
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