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  1. I think these anomalities are best solved with a new beautiful payware quality Orbx airport (hint, hint, I would love to see more up the Canadian coast and in Alaska)
  2. Wow, congratulations Marcus to you and your partner! I hope all went well. Stay safe, and hope you can get some rest and time to enjoy with your young son.
  3. My eyes also caught the "Spanish seasonal destinations"... can we hope for another Iberian destination such as perhaps the new Murcia Corvera LEMI airport that opened up last year, but is not included in the P3D sim?
  4. Fantastic shots with beautiful textures and lighting. The new clouds are still in beta but already look great. On my computer I have some unwanted truesky flicker, but I am confident that P3Dv5 will eventually get those issues sorted.
  5. Wow Marcus, another fantastic airport from you. Do you ever sleep? I have never visited Malmö airport in real life, but now a good excuse to visit in the sim. Great work!
  6. Terrific shots, another jewel due for release with an amazing level of detail.
  7. This looks terrific indeed, great shots and choice of location.
  8. Brrrrrr, I feel a sudden chill. Awesome winter shots in superb lighting, but I do hope for a summer release
  9. Hi Larry, they were indeed removed, but somehow Refuge Cove and Ganges are back as download options in P3Dv5. Only, Nanaimo is sadly missing. I hope they will all be there again, maybe after the next HF for P3Dv5 as they are a true joy to visit.
  10. I think the coverage area is slightly different near Oregon so for the time being it might be best to keep them both active. However, once that is out and maybe TE SC too, we might simply remove NA Northern California and maybe freeware Yosemite, or better to keep them all?
  11. I was wondering the same, for odd reasons the P3D v5 planner seems suddenly very slow, hadn't realized that vector could be involved.
  12. Thanks Ed, I just saw Iain's beautiful captures of NorCal and had this question. Happy to wait for an updated Oregon, while flying in California. Hope all is well, happy weekend soon all.
  13. Beautiful captures and awesome morning news. This sounds like it might be out for the weekend. Will we see it before Oregon?
  14. I know we shouldn't use capital letters only according to the forum rules, but OMG with products like this resistance is futile.
  15. Awesome, and I notice that the light in the control tower has been adjusted for night operation. Looking forward to this pearl.
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