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  1. Stunning surprise, and outstanding work. Beautiful level of details in each shot.
  2. Just did my first flight out of LIEO... beautiful airport, scenery and performance. I would rank it 10/10.
  3. Wonderful,, just plainly wonderful. A great idea and a fantastic result. Looking forward.
  4. That would be awesome, if possible in a future update. Also, Santander and/or San Sebastian would be great, but La Morgal is very close and very tempting for VFR.
  5. I feel a sudden urge to visit northern Spain. Beautiful captures.
  6. Wow, so many good news of almost ready to release products for P3D v4. The summer is magic!
  7. Awesome, I look forward to exploring this in South America and hopefully soon Africa landclass too. Hopefully as fps friendly as the ORBX trees. An instant buy.
  8. Congratulations on this amazing Australia V2. It is awesome. Did my first flight this morning out of Cairns, and now I'm exploring the mars-alike landscape in the anterior from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock passing by Kings Creek. The textures, and the mesh, has completely transformed Australia into a new favourite of mine. Awesome, and so much to explore yet. Congratulations to everyone involved and to JV for deciding on doing this amazing upgrade!
  9. I wondered the same, great with a seaplane base in your travel, though hardly all the way to Orlando :-) Enjoy the FS Expo and thanks for sharing pictures, and updates. Looking forward to hear more news.
  10. Great shots of this new bird in a beautiful setting. How does it sound and fly? It looks like I will soon need this one in my hangar too.
  11. and great to see Sydney featured in the first shot.
  12. Not at all, these are wonderful shots Iain. I can't get enough of these new AUS 2 pictures, and I am looking very forward to the release. Brilliant work, and a very welcome return to the roots where it all started.
  13. Awesome shots indeed, thanks Iain. Release must be nearer than ever
  14. Stop, stop, I have a weak heart :-) Amazing shots and scenery.
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