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  1. BrianV

    xp11 A Rainfall In Southampton.

    Outstanding shots! That rain is so lifelike. Unbelievable.
  2. BrianV

    TEGB V4.4 - Swansea, Wales

    Beautiful set of coastal shots. The 3rd one from the bottom is a winner.
  3. BrianV

    KSUN P3D4.4 My Final Shots.

    Uhhh. ..but I am in England South now.. got to get back to the US for this one. Lovely shots of an amazing scenery.
  4. BrianV

    True Earth GB South - Suburbia - XP11

    Great pictures... and if I am not mistaken, wishing you a very happy b'day.
  5. Nothing beats a quiet day with the loved ones. Now it is time to download South England for P3D v4.
  6. Congratulations both, outstanding captures!
  7. Happy b'day Iain and some celebration it will be in all our homes with the forthcoming new P3D TrueEarth South England. Have a splendid and happy day.
  8. Amazing final shots. maybe the best ever! Seems we have a great weekend coming up.
  9. Thanks Tony, I wasn't aware of the separate development going on with these... this sounds even better
  10. BrianV

    xp11 Final shot at Southampton.

    Awesome shot.
  11. Splendid shots, and great textures on those mountains in the 2nd picture. Not sure if the coverage area will be identical to that of the XP version, anything on the Channel Islands included, or can P3D maintain those parts from FTX England?
  12. BrianV

    Addicted to true earth Orbx

    Amazing collection, looks outright fantastic.
  13. BrianV

    KSUN P3D4.4 another look.

    Awesome pictures, I look forward to this one. Thanks Iain.
  14. Not to speak about updates and seasons... I think we have to wait another century or two before this is feasible.