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  1. Beautiful rendition. No excuse now, for not flying up north on Vancouver Island. Many thanks for taster shots, and news.
  2. A beauty, and great shots. Looking forward to visit.
  3. Spectacular. Such wonderful news. Great shots and surely a must.
  4. I read that they are hoping for an April or May release of AUS v2. A huge continent but the roadmap for 2019 has some amazing taster pics.
  5. Always a hard choice, but my preference goes for #3 by renault.
  6. Amazing captures! Looks terrific in XP11. Popham is one of my favourite locations in the UK for flights, though Compton Abbas with the surround hills is my top 1.
  7. Beautiful capture of the scenery and aircraft.
  8. Great and funny set Jack, enjoyed the captures and the storyline, but man you do upset the authorities with those low bridge passings, no wonder your copilot is hiding from the cockpit .
  9. Great shots. I hope we someday get ORBX scenery to enhance South America beyond the LC. The mountains and the scenery is just terrific.
  10. Outstanding shots! That rain is so lifelike. Unbelievable.
  11. Beautiful set of coastal shots. The 3rd one from the bottom is a winner.
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