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  1. Awesome news! Thanks for pushing forward with this and looking forward to 2021 and explore more this part of the world.
  2. It looks awesome, just got it installed too, and looking forward to explore.
  3. There is a hotfix now for 5.1 so fingers crossed that this has been improved as listed.
  4. You are not alone Michael, great to see Concrete again, it never looked better. I must try to revisit Israel's farm too, not sure how it looks in the new sim.
  5. Awesome, great shots and for sure a must. I have the P3D version on my to buy list, but I will go with them both. Tack så mycket.
  6. That would be Keflavik Iceland, Finland's Helsinki must be this one https://orbxdirect.com/product/mkstudios-EFHK
  7. How can one say no to such a wonderful scenery. Fantastic shots.
  8. Wow, I feel a sudden urge to visit Italy. Wonderful captures, and great work, congratulations!
  9. Beautiful captures Iain thanks for sharing. If my eyes don't deceive me, this looks like ready for your magic three words.
  10. Uff.. hopefully that won't be necessary. Hope to see it back in good shape in v5.1.
  11. Looking forward to try with TrueSky now embedded and fully functional, an impressive list of updates, so hope my favorite planes and scenery will be compatible.
  12. Hi Finni, problem solved. MSFS had switched my graphics settings to a lower quality than high. I put it back up on high and everything shows normal again. Please mark it as resolved.
  13. Hi Finni, thanks for confirming. I didn't grab a screenshot but it might just be with my settings in MSFS. If I see it again, I'll upload a screenshot here. Thanks for a wonderful ENNO and hope you will bring more Norwegian airports to the sim.
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