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  1. Hi, My panel folder is exactly the same as your's. So, should not be that... Sorry, can't help you .. Gérard
  2. Hi, On my "old" installation of the DHC-2 (bought years ago - so not from Orbx...), I have a "Milviz_Lighting_Gauge.dll" in the panel folder (dated 2017). Check if it is there and if it is the 64k version... Good luck Gérard
  3. @Ed Correia May I ask if EGLC is also progressing well ? Please .... Gérard
  4. Hi, As your are updating this very nice Traffic pack, I though I should let you know that some sounds and effects are missing in the package, like ai_bmflaps.wav fx_f16_navwhih // fx_f16_nav_white in p3dv5 fx_f16_navredm // fx_f16_nav_red in p3dv5 fx_f16_navgrem // fx_f16_nav_green in p3dv5 fx_nicksmokeAI_sm_lear fx_ga_strobeh fx_ga_beaconb FX_GA_STROBEH fx_tchdwn_n // fx_tchdwn
  5. Thank you - just got it in the P3DV5 updates Gérard
  6. Sorry, there have been other. I remember of Aldernay (missing sounds and effects). And I fear there have been other I have missed. I persist to think that these hidden updates should never happen. Better use the Global update system, please ! Gérard
  7. Of course, I did. My comment was concerning the fact that you can easily miss some updates. And that it is a pitty to not take advantage of the (great) update feature included in Global. As I mentionned, it is not possible to verify all the addon, just in case you missed a forum topic. Gérard
  8. Thank you for the info, but why not use the version mecanism of Central ? Is it not built for that ? I always wonder if I missed an update hidden somewhere on the forums... Cannot verify files of all Gérard
  9. I remember a post of Ed Correia (end of November) informing that EGLC addon for Prepar3d V5 will be "in work" in January Off course "Will be ready when it will be ready"
  10. May I recall to ObjectFlow team that I send several messages on this topic. Except Nick transfering this message to another forum, I never get any feedback from Mitchell Wiliamson, not even that he was not able to reproduce it. So I wish you good luck Adam, I hope you will be more sucessful ... and I will carefully follow this topic... Gérard
  11. I know and regret the Orbx approach to say to forget ContentError.txt. And I will continue 1 - to not bother you with my findings 2 - and silently to fix what I can fix myself Regards Gérard
  12. Yes, but .... Some missing files may not be detected by the developper, because they are existing somewhere in there installation, but not included in the installer... I have so far retained to report them, because of your usual answer... but : error=Texture "LIGHTTOWER_LM.BMP" failed to load arriving at KOAK - Metro Oakland Intl (NCA region with KHAF airport nearby) This as been introduced by the last Libray Update. Just a Copy/Paste easy fix, Color Start=240, 220, 220, 120 Color End=240, 220, 220, 120 unless it is no
  13. Just take a look here - would like to know if it works for you. Gérard
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