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  1. Operating system: Windows10 Simulator: Prepar3dV4 Screenshot: Issue: When I migrated to Windows10, I decided to make a fresh install using Central V4, library method and BackUp (october 2019) To cross check a compatibilty issue with another product, I uninstalled KCGX and reinstalled it in a different library. It looks like the backup was not used ? But a fresh one as been created (you can see that there is one file left over of the initial installation) I tried to search this forum with the keyword backup, but did not found relevant information. - Did the back up format have changed since october - Is it still usefull to keep backup (and since what date) Thanks Gérard
  2. A big thanks for this nice scenery and for the improved waves. Gérard
  3. Hello Nick, My remark was more targetted to CP team : but of course I have setup Central to ignore CP updates. It's just surprise me that CP don't follow at least the very simple CENTRAL version management in C:\Program Files\Parallel 42\ChasePlane\version_p42-chaseplane.txt Regards, Gérard
  4. Ok - so could CP and CENTRAL simply use the same logic ? Updating a common version.txt should not be that difficult ! Gérard
  5. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3DV4.5 HF2 Screenshot: Central V 4.1.1 Issue: Global is saying that I have version 1.1.5 installed and wants to update it to 1.1.62 BUT Chaseplane says I am at 1.1.65 (it always auto-updates at startup... ) Gérard
  6. Hi Iaim, Any new screen shot coming soon on other areas of OpenLc ? Can't wait ); Thanks - Gérard
  7. And if you run Prepar 3D V4.5 HF2, AEC should not (note HF2 and the conditionnal) be useful. Gérard
  8. Same here Gérard EDIT : Just search for "David Atkinson" in Flightsim - they are on page 2
  9. Thanks, I was fearing to never see it You made my day.
  10. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately not for TE Great Britain and apparently not for the other TE to come to Prepar3d in the future Gérard
  11. Because it is not clearly specified in the description and it seams to be the new fashion to be summer only (see London City for ex., not to mention ThrueEarth - except NL) On the contrary it is listed in Samezan description : Seasonal variations Hence my question.
  12. Please specify if the Prepar3d version has seasons or not. Gérard
  13. Seasons or not seasons ? Thanks to specify clearly for all new Prepar3D productions. I have the same question for KTIW Tacoma Narrows. Gérard
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