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  1. Hi dcongram, My comment was targetted at Orbx Team. Orbx Central has a nice update facility as long as it is aware that there has been a modification... That's what "version" is meant for. If you check the version of "Devil's Tower" you will be surprised to see that it is still the old version number... Gérard
  2. Hello, I just got 7 upgraded airports in prepar3D V5 "You know what ? I'am happy" A big thank to Orbx Team. Gérard
  3. Thanks Nick for the info BUT why still not using the Update feature which is built in Orbx central, for that purpose That is the only way to stay up to date, as it is so easy to miss one of these messages.... Gérard
  4. Hi Graham, I am confused : reading this thread I thought that the new version was available, but looking in OrbxDirect I only see the May 4, 2020 version. Any target date for this new version. Thanks
  5. In fact, Open LC Africa offers 8 airports as a "bonus" (but you are right, this is not usual with the other Open LC) Gérard
  6. Thanks for the fix. I did not used the CVX, as I don't use crash detection To many sceneries have issues with this option ON... True... Gérard
  7. Or at least a feedback concerning the progress of an update, as promised by Ed. Gérard
  8. Will give a try - thanks for the suggestion Gérard
  9. Nick, I have no problem with tne V1, I just was following info given on "FTX AU AI Traffic Update" Given this kind of comment, I thought it was already available May be this was a remark from a "beta-tester"... Will wait for the official annuncement Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Gérard
  10. Hi Nick, I un-installed it, then went to OrbxDirect, Freeware, added it to my account (still labeled as V1.0). Central still propose only the 1.0 version. I also search in Central Store. No 4.0 version. Other suggestion ? Thanks Gérard
  11. Hi Graham, I am trying to install the latest AU AI Traffic (for P3DV5). I had "Orbx AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand P3Dv5 1.0.0 - April 2020". Adding it to my account (from OrbxDirect), I just have the choice to update in Central and it is still the previous one. What shall I do - uninstall the previous Thanks for your help Gérard
  12. Hi Graham, While looking to prepare this flight plan, I discovered I have TWO Queenstown on the same spot : NZQZ and NZQN. Is this due to a change of ICAO code and should I delete the NZQZ file ? LittleNavMap Airports Overview Scenery 1106 Base G:\Prepar3D v5\Scenery\1106\scenery\APX92480.bgl FTX_NZSI_05_SCENERY H:\OrbxAU\p3dv5\NZ South Island\Orbx\FTX_NZ\FTX_NZSI_05_SCENERY\scenery\ADE_FTX_NZSI_NZQN.BGL FTX_AA_NZQN H:\OrbxAU\p3dv5\NZQN Queenstown Airport\Orbx\FTX_NZ\FTX_AA_NZQN\Scenery\ORBX_NZQN_APX.BGL and Scenery FTX_AA_NZQN H:\OrbxAU\p3dv5\NZQN Queenstown A
  13. Thank you Graham, It make me want to go back and revisit this nice place ! Was a great pleasure. Gérard
  14. You are probably right, but as I never get any answer for a long standing issue were ObjectFlow is concerned, despite several trials (even with help of Nick Cooper) to get attention from Mitchell Wiliamson ... I would have at least appreciate "we are not able to reproduce"... Trust is a two way relationship. Just in case you are willing to dig a little in ObjectFlow operation... Regards. Gérard
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