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  1. Not as I know, but... I only have Orbx Global, OpenLC NA, PNW and Orbx airports in that area. Searching *CBB7* I have ADE_FTX_PNW_CBB7_Tipella_CVX.bgl in PNW After cross checking with p3dv4, I discovered that "ADE_FTX_PNW_CBB7_Tipella.BGL" was missing in my V5 ! Don't know what happened - Thanks for bringing my attention on that point. Problem solved - I will do a verify files in case of other missing files (I pretty sure that I am the culprit ) Gérard
  2. Thanks for bringing us back the beautiful Larry productions.
  3. Hello Nick, Thanks for your screen shot. Seen from above, I get the same view. But did you try starting from runway 29 ? The result is "surprising". There are two levels. The start is under the surface you see from airborne. just few meters above And you should try to take off from runway 11, the result is in French "renversant" : stunning and sometime collapsing... Sorry, I was not able to take a screenshot of that collapse... Gérard
  4. I am sorry for you - may be you should change of hobby Gérard
  5. No problem here with the missing pile of boards, but a strange hole on taxyway access to the runway. May be we should just wait for HF2 ? Gérard
  6. V5 creates a lot of problem with default airports appearing under added sceneries. Just take a look at PNW CBB7 as an exemple. Hope that the next HF will improve.. Default CBB7 PNW CBB7 Gérard
  7. You are absolutly right, but twice the same mesh, seams a bit too much, even when at different layer Gérard
  8. Hello, Thats the very first time I succeed to go from Concrete Mun (3W5) to Darrington Mun (1S2) and get the village AND the runway, without any stutter, without having to disable the "ORBX_1S2_ground_poly.bgl". Thank you for this great gift - I have always been a fan of this short flight plan and so sad to have to disable this ground poly.... I am happy Gérard
  9. Good finding - waiting for official feedback.
  10. Thank you Ben to have taken time to detail the process. Problem solved. Just for the next one asking the same question I had to request "ReSynchronise Simulator", exit and restart Global to get back all my product without the need to "reload" everything. Thanks Gérard Never forget Murphy's law : If it can happen, it will happen...
  11. Hi Ben, Not really ! - Orbx have very frequently recommanded simlinks to address disk space (and even supplied a link to the "Link Shell Extension" utility) - that's the first time I read such "not supported" comment, as simlinks are meant to be "transparent"... - I don't understand how your solution would work, as Global is creating automatically the 2 folders "p3dv4" and "p3dv5" in the Libray declaration To cross-check I run "Resynchronise Simulator", and despite Global claiming the scenery are not installed, they ALL appear in the V4 add-on.cfg as the discovery path is correctly written as one would expect from a simlink... [DiscoveryPath.1] PATH=H:\OrbxEU\p3dv4 TITLE=Orbx EU ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Gérard
  12. Operating system: Windows 10 64b 1090 Simulator: Prepar3D V4 Screenshot: see text Issue: Hello, In order to get space for the Orbx sceneries duplicated between p3dv4 and p3dv5, I moved the p3dv4 folder of two of my four libraries to another drive and created simlinks to the actual data. Since, Central don't see the corresponding sceneries as installed. When I start the installation of one scenery, it is installed quite quickly (I keep the backups) and displayed as active, BUT as soon as I close and restart Global, it shows as not installed. Following screen : 1 - start Global, product from simlinked folder are displayed as not installed 2 - EDCG details - installation 3 - Selection of the Library (EU where it is already...) 4 - Installation done 5 - After close and restart of Global like first image (you will have to trust me) 6 - Folder content central.log Thanks for your assistance (please, don't ask me to move it back...) And Yes, I am used to simlinks from years. Gérard
  13. Operating system: Windows 10 64bts Simulator: Prepar3D V4 and V5 Installation mode: the most possible in Library Mode (even for some non Orbx scenery in V5, sometimes a little hard to convert) central.log Issue: This morning (europ time...) when I launched Central (I am doing it regularly for updates or newly converted to V5 sceneries), I was requested to select the simulator (V4 or V5) - I don't remember to have seen this popup recently. As there was no update done which could justify, I checked all my settings and discovered that my insertion points where LOST! I had a difficult time to find my Region and Scenery Insertion point. I still don't understand the way the sceneries are proposed in the drop down list (I have created a "Z before Orbx" scenery to help but...) Seams to be fixed, but thought I should let you know. Thanks - Gérard
  14. Since P3dv4 HF2, the airport elevation management as changed. Take a look at their forum, you should get instructions depending the simulator version you are using. Gérard
  15. Yes - initially was installed in library, but was not showing. You had to move it to Prepar3d folder
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