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  1. Anyone else have the issue where X-plane 11 show up twice in Orbx in the simulator menu? I think this initially started after installing an Aerosoft product that utilizes its Updater, where Xplane shows up 3 times. thanks, David
  2. Hi Holger, Thanks for your reply. Its working great now. I dont know what I was thinking. I assumed the first installer linked to the other 2 and I had not run each separately. Thanks for your help! Any ETA on North America open LC? This scenery looks great! David Kelley
  3. I am missing the parking lot concrete textures from the Jackson Hole Airport. I have reinstalled the airport, CRM region and updated, also Orbx Library updates multiple times. I have reinstalled FSX twice. I deleted all config files and folders from computer also. I did install UTX a while ago, but have uninstalled and wiped all FSX folders a few times since then. It seems like the parking lot is showing some UTX texture with bitmapped cars and other parts grass. I use the repair function on FSX to reinstall as I can never get the FSX uninstaller to work. What config file am I missing th
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