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  1. Doug is quite right - This is an unusual airport because of the limited support in P3D for sloped terrain.. We tried adding more parking spots, but that ended up crashing the plane or spawning it up in the air. Hope you can still enjoy the airport even though you will have to start at that one parkingspot.. : ) -- Finn
  2. Hm. Weird. Glad it got solved anyways though! Merry christmas
  3. Did it work for you before? Does ATIS work on other airports? Not sure why it wouldn't be listed..
  4. Hi Michael. I had some serious mesh issues when going from V4 to V5 and was not able to fix them even with a custom mesh. So ENHF got pretty much put on hold when MSFS came out. I can not promise that it will make it to V5 at this time. -- Finn
  5. Yeah, I was thinking about that. Will do some testing and comparing to other airports
  6. Hello Stefano I believe this is a known bug in p3d that has been around for quite some time, yet not being fixed. Other airports suffer the same issue. If you could, try doing a flight the other way and see if the dyn lights work at ESGG when you arrive there? -- Finn
  7. That is a typo, sorry. It is incorrectly named 25 instead of 24. The heading is correct at 242.9 though. Will be fixed with the upcoming service pack! -- Finn
  8. Good Evening Dom Yes, this has been patched in the sim, and you can now have both ENVA and ENAL installed at the same time. We are waiting a little bit more for them to support multiple resolution PR's in the same airport before patching ENAL itself. I'd like to include a large coverage area that covers the entire main island
  9. Great to hear buddy! More Norwegian airports are coming
  10. Can you post a screenshot? All trees on ENNO MSFS are the default trees included in the sim -- Finn
  11. Wow, thanks a lot guys! I actually got to spend some time away from sitting on the pc yesterday
  12. Hah, I'm not sure really. Have never actually seen it happen. I guess forklift and trailer maybe? And yeah, they are permanent for now (No crashbox though) For P3D we could use Objectflow to remove them but we have nothing like that for MSFS yet..
  13. You'll be excited to hear they extended the runway last year! So let's hope we get some small jets in MSFS soon, and you'll be able to land just fine They actually move the concrete blocks whenever there's a scheduled commercial airplane coming in. Typically Beech 200's and sometimes the Rnoaf C130 Hercules. -- Finn
  14. Nei, desverre. Enten må man kjøpe i Orbx Central -eller- i marketplace. Gjør det noe at den ikke dukker opp som kjøpt i marketplace? I central får man egne tilbud på produkter, samt at alle updates kommer dit mye raskere enn på marketplace..
  15. Hej og velkommen til forumet! Dette er en kjent bug som blant annet omtales her: Kort og greit: Det er en bug i MSFS som gjør at du ikke kan ha 2 flyplasser med inkludert satelittbilder installert samtidig. - Gå inn i community mappen din (der flyplassene er installert) og slett mappen "Orbx-AERIAL-enal-alesund" - Det vil fjerne satelittbildene som er inkludert i pakken, men gjør at du får startet flight som vanlig. Mvh Finn
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