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  1. Hello Roger. These marshallers are not a part of the ENTO airport package. Do you maybe have some other addons? GSE etc.? -- Finn
  2. Glad you found something we can improve. I'll add a ControlPanel for version 1.1. Hope your enjoying the rest of the airport! -- Finn
  3. Verify files in Orbx Central to get the patch which fixed the dynamic lights issue. -- Finn
  4. Hi all. Patch should be live now Verify files in Orbx Central to get the update -- Finn
  5. Hei Henning. Why would you want to remove them? They were placed carefully to not block taxiways or parking spots. : ) -- Finn
  6. Hey Stefano. I'm about to push this update to Orbx central. You can try out the fix yourself, if you want. Just extract and replace the file in the effects folder. -- Finn VigraV2.zip
  7. Hi ! I'm seeing the same when I try to start a flight on Notodden. What you have to do is remove the default selected starting position (rwy 30), then the parking spots will show up! -- Finn
  8. Yup, this is a known issue. With the current SDK we are not able to remove these lights which the sim thinks are streetlights. I believe it was fixed on Notodden some time after release, in a sim update. So please give it a little time and they will be removed -- Finn
  9. This seems to be an Objectflow error. Make sure your orbxlibraries are up to date in Central, and click "yes" to the prompt when running the sim to enable Objectflow -- Finn
  10. Hi there. Please have a look at this image, taken on October 20th last year. All runway markings in Norway have been white since 2018, to comply with ICAO\EASA SARPs. -- Finn
  11. Hi guys, sorry for the late response. I'm seeing the same as you guys. It probably got lost when they finally added the ability for us to add ILS' through the ingame editor. Will apply a patch shortly. -- Finn
  12. The choice to not include catering was made because of all the custom GSE's. They are randomly placed at each gate, and adding catering etc would interferre with these since I cannot place those differently at individual gates I guess you wouldn't ever ask for pushback before getting your clearance anyways? That's hardcoded in the sim I believe -- Finn
  13. Hi Steve. Unfortunately, we are not able to remove these street lights with the current SDK. Asobo are aware of it, and it will hopefully be a possibility soon! Regards, Finn
  14. Doug is quite right - This is an unusual airport because of the limited support in P3D for sloped terrain.. We tried adding more parking spots, but that ended up crashing the plane or spawning it up in the air. Hope you can still enjoy the airport even though you will have to start at that one parkingspot.. : ) -- Finn
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