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  1. Try to run and then close the sim, then restart central
  2. Hi there. This was done to let People be able to choose wether they like the grass runway dynamic in fsx or not. Persobally i think it is a bit too much (way too bumpy) What problem does it cause with AI? You can easily go in and change the surface type yourself in ADE, if you'd like Finn
  3. Great to hear you've got it working Happy New Year from Norway! Finn
  4. Hi there I haven't seen anyone else have this problem before. The problems mentioned by LM should not be a factor, since I'm aware of that issue when modelling. What does it look like in spot view? I see you purchased this more than a year ago, has it always been like this? Regards and happy holidays, Finni
  5. Hi Achmed. Good catch! I guess neither me or my beta-testers, nor many simmers in general use navaids often enough. No idea how this slipped through testing. Will issue a patch with a fix. In the meantime, since you are apparently proficient with ADE, you can probably swap the frequencies for yourself Regards, Finni (ENHF Developer)
  6. Indeed, the suggestion is to disable crash detection, as it is with most of our airports. I've been looking through models, and haven't found any which contain any crashboxes yet. So I really don't know the cause. Finn
  7. It was me who posted that photo. And it's a real world operation for getting seaplanes from land to sea. In Gisborne though, they obviously don't have any of those. And I simply used them as "fillers" to make the airport seem a bit more alive. Will replace them with wheeled versions for 1.1
  8. But yeah, as Nick mentioned, our airports really are a snapshot in time. I believe my time is better spent making other airports that haven't been done yet
  9. Just downloaded and installed vector on my fresh install of V4.3 and I've got no issues. So it's not vector causing the problem. As mentioned: Some AI packages install custom airport files into your sim, often giving these elevation errors.
  10. Hi Greg. Thanks for the feedback. It's noted for v1.1 Regards, Finn
  11. Hi there. I dont have vector installed on my sim, but several betatesters said they do and dont have any issues. Will download vector myself and have a look. Do you have any AI packages installed by chance? Regards, Finn
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