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  1. Every little improvement in Orbx land is appreciated in these difficult times. Thanks to the Orbx crew.
  2. A most excellent question given the recent USA updates. I have found zero information.
  3. Not sure where to post this question, so move it if needed please. I already have Open LC Africa, do I need this freeware? I have many beautiful free airports that blend in very well with Orbx land class and the current mesh (whatever it is). I wonder what this download (the mesh) will do to these free airports. I would hope a functioning uninstall routine comes with this download. - Open LC Africa owners should download this for photo real? - Mesh could possibly render free airports unusable? Thanks.
  4. This is all I could find on my computer. _FTX Global Freeware Airports.txt
  5. I still ride the FSX/A band wagon, never liked FS9, never tried Prepar3D (although I like some of the visuals I've seen). I don't pay much attention, but it seems like Prepar3D users are always having to upgrade to the latest iteration. I don't know that for a fact, though. Still drive a 2008 Toyota with less than 50,000 miles on it. Don't get me started on my old 65' Mustang that I wish I still had, or my bug eye Sprite with a roll bar.
  6. Thanks Doug & Nick, old age blurry eyesight, etc. That's the place alright. I flew a water start to a water finish, CAP 7 - CAN 8. Patched DVD install with LH Fairchild 24. Just one of those unexplainable computer vagaries I suppose. Thought it was worth mentioning since I was tasked to re-authorize FSX/A after a cold boot. Anyway, thanks to both for double checking.
  7. Thanks for posting this G Barthelemy, as I was considering a purchase. I hope you can mention with simulator is in use, and show a screen shot. MotoDave
  8. Your visit was FSX/A or Prepar3d? Thank you..
  9. Lot's of visits. Cany anyone report that they have visited Orbx CAP7 in FSX/A without issues? thank you.
  10. bump, any chance at all Orbx is going to co-exist with Scenery Config Editor? Any way to change the opening screenshot? thank you.
  11. Yet more FSX/A error. Now unable to fly in North Eastern Seaboard of USA, including my payware KACK Nantucket, 2b2, 6b6, Boston MA, other Northeastern airports, etc, etc, all crash to desk top. No crash when flying other parts of the world, yet. Have tested South Eastern seaboard (Florida, etc) Western USA, Africa, Australia, UK, etc...no problems. instant crash in North East USA faulting to Sim1.DLL. I've searched for forums for Sim1.DLL errors and found nothing that solves the issue. Here is the time line near as I can figure it out. Successful flight between YDBY and newly purchased YBRM. SODE error when restarting FSX, double SODE installation please fix. Uninstall and reinstall SODE, within Orbx Central. Try to fly from Martha's Vineyard to Nantucket - crash. Try to fly from 2b2/6b6 to Nantucket - crash. Try to fly from Boston to Nantucket - crash. Open Orbx Central, get notice of available Orbx library and Pacific Northwest updates. Update items. Open Orbx Central, Verify KACK Nantucket, 2B2 etc. Synchronize FSX within Orbx Central help section. Test Nantucket, no joy, crash. central.log Scenery.CFG
  12. No doubt totally unrelated to Orbx, I only mention it because of the time line. I flew a moderately successful flight from CAP7 to CAN8 within PFJ. I say moderate as I started at CAP7 and the frame rate was abysmal, jumping from single digits to mid teens. No frame rate issues the further I flew away from CAP7. I exited FSX/A so I could restart the flight to observe CAP7 for possible issues. As I tried to restart FSX/A the computer totally locked up forcing a cold boot. Once I was able to finally return to Windows 7 64 bit, I once again started FSX/A and it prompted me to re-authorize the serial number, which is something I've never had to do since a re-installation, perhaps 6-8 years ago. I brushed the cob webs off the box and successfully followed the instruction. My PFJ is the DVD PFJ upgraded with patches to 1.50. Feel free to offer opinion or move/delete this thread. A very Moto'd Dave Scenery.CFG central.log
  13. Hello, and thank you Mitchell. I never considered that the program may be modifying the scenery configuration. Let us know if and when we can insert our own screenshot into Orbx Central. Cheers... Scenery.CFG
  14. thank you friends. I tried to post some in-air shots but every picture I post doubles up so I spent too much time deleting. not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. Jack, the effect is a function of paint.net
  15. Operating system: w7 64 bit Simulator: FSX Screenshot: Issue: Attached screenshot displays how Orbx Central interferes with Scenery Config Editor by removing colored bullets. The ability to color group using bullets is very helpful, but Orbx Central always seems to removes them. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is there any way too change the default Orbx Central screenshot. central.log
  16. Hello, I'll file another report and attempt to be as succinct as possible given poor health. Firstly, thanks to Orbx for trying to help even though this particular problem is not an Orbx issue. I'm starting to suspect that the DLL errors were created either by an installation of a free FSX airplane or the SODE program. Nothing worked for me except verifying every Orbx product, and then Syncing the Simulator. Not very scientific of me, I know. Having said that, testing is still underway and might never be finished. Thanks for jumping in here trying to help.
  17. Thanks Nick, At age 70, my light bulb does not always turn on... When I installed an after-market airport, said product also installed a 12bPilot SODE thing. It completely wiped out my DLL.XML. I found a back up of that file but I'm not sure how current it is, or how relevant the file is to Orbx or the situation. Which is why I asked whether Orbx installs a (DLL) back up when they install a new airport or region. I'm on the fence post about verify for each Orbx product in my possession. I'll try Sync Simulator... Cheers
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