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  1. I'm not from the UK so I won't comment on fidelity, however I personally enjoy Ireland very much. I don't care all that much about mesh unless it interferes with airport altitude. I find Ireland flying relaxing.
  2. Every little improvement in Orbx land is appreciated in these difficult times. Thanks to the Orbx crew.
  3. A most excellent question given the recent USA updates. I have found zero information.
  4. Not sure where to post this question, so move it if needed please. I already have Open LC Africa, do I need this freeware? I have many beautiful free airports that blend in very well with Orbx land class and the current mesh (whatever it is). I wonder what this download (the mesh) will do to these free airports. I would hope a functioning uninstall routine comes with this download. - Open LC Africa owners should download this for photo real? - Mesh could possibly render free airports unusable? Thanks.
  5. This is all I could find on my computer. _FTX Global Freeware Airports.txt
  6. I still ride the FSX/A band wagon, never liked FS9, never tried Prepar3D (although I like some of the visuals I've seen). I don't pay much attention, but it seems like Prepar3D users are always having to upgrade to the latest iteration. I don't know that for a fact, though. Still drive a 2008 Toyota with less than 50,000 miles on it. Don't get me started on my old 65' Mustang that I wish I still had, or my bug eye Sprite with a roll bar.
  7. Thanks Doug & Nick, old age blurry eyesight, etc. That's the place alright. I flew a water start to a water finish, CAP 7 - CAN 8. Patched DVD install with LH Fairchild 24. Just one of those unexplainable computer vagaries I suppose. Thought it was worth mentioning since I was tasked to re-authorize FSX/A after a cold boot. Anyway, thanks to both for double checking.
  8. Thanks for posting this G Barthelemy, as I was considering a purchase. I hope you can mention with simulator is in use, and show a screen shot. MotoDave
  9. Your visit was FSX/A or Prepar3d? Thank you..
  10. Lot's of visits. Cany anyone report that they have visited Orbx CAP7 in FSX/A without issues? thank you.
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