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  1. What about ORBX customers that purchased previous Womack designs from ORBX, but purchased Nantucket from a third party vendor. "to celebrate we will be holding a ‘Bill’s Back!’ special discount on all his airports for Orbx customers and also providing a free license transfer service for all iBlueYonder.com customers who will be able to transfer their previous purchases from iBlueYonder to OrbxDirect and also benefit from new PeopleFlow and ObjectFlow upgrades to their airports”.
  2. One could try the snake river canyon for some bush flying, home base Lewiston ID. North and South NZ is unique, and very enjoyable (for me) up and down the coastlines.
  3. Not interested in photoreal, would rather have more continuity aligned with existing products, along with some improvements. Respectfully, Dave
  4. Late to the party. I just purchased North & South. My performance (MJ C-47 3.14) is very poor in the Frankfurt area, total blurriness. I'm locked at 30 and I'm getting a 15-16 slideshow. I did have a successful flight in a more rural area with a higher complexity aircraft. I'm looking for performance settings in the control panel.
  5. Didn't even know that place was modeled in ORBX land. Marched on that grinder from September through December 1968. Stood on the foc'sl of a tin can, sailed under the bridge and out past the breakwater on the way to 'Frisco on a shakedown cruise in January of 1970. Saltines and Hershey bars the whole way.
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