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  1. I can't sent any private message -> i dont know why? :-( So you can find my modified afcad attached. Sorry Teo - I hope its okay for you. I also added the runway centerlights and touchdownlights as in real life. Maybe you must rename it to the original filename. LWSK_APX.bgl
  2. I've updated the AFCAD --> I redone the taxilines, added holdshorts and replaced the T/O-positions. And now - the AI starts correctly. I also replaced the terminal taxi to the gates. When its okay for Teo, I would upload my afcad.
  3. Same here - no takeoff of any AI; they still "park" at the TO position.
  4. P3D is off, while running the installer. Also I tested several reinstalls after rebooting´. The scenario was: 1) uninstalling 2) rebboting system 3) installing 4) error message at the end of installing 5) verify files .... 6) rebboting and verify; but the message occurs. Just a few moments ago, I tried it again - same result, but verifying files was now possible. So I uninstalled LOWW again, in hope to become an normal installation. System rebooted and starting the installer again --> same problem; error --> but verfying files was again
  5. Hi! Since yesterday, when I would like to install the new update, I get these error. Uninstalling an dfreh re-install doesn't help - same problem. Verify iles also doesnt't helped! Any solution?
  6. Hi! The frames are much better after the update. But I recognized an decrease of frames at takeoff/landing when reaching the tire wear. The framerate decreases about 5-frames only over that section (at the rest of the airport I've my locked 30 frames). I testet some other airports --> without problems. The problems exists with MJC - Dash or FSL A320. Any idea? Thank you! Greetings, Mark
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