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  1. Reporting back as promised... After reinstalling AUv2, the same issue with P3D shutting down occurred. Redid the add-ons.cfg suggestion above but got no fix this time. On a hunch, updated P3D from HF2 to HF3 (been avoiding it as other things needed an update and i wasn't prepared (pardon the pun) to go through that up to now. On P3Dv4.5HF3 I have no issues (but spent the afternoon updating other bits of kit and checking no conflicts). So the bottom line is, AUv2.1.2 doesn't seem to like HF2 on my kit. Thanks for your help though Nick.
  2. re: 'Can you disable the various addons...' - i probably can but given developments that i posted at the same time as your post, i will hold off and see what happens with the AUv2 reinstall first (having uninstalled it earlier as noted in the first post above). Will report back. Thanks Nick.
  3. A further update, while deleting the add-on.cfg's and the prepar3d.cfg file didn't change things, i restored my prepar3d.cfg file (and for giggles, launched p3d) - the sim is now running again (net change since your advice Nick is the rebuilding of the add-on.cfg files. The sim happily restarts after running Orbx Central so I will no reinstall AUv2 and see what the result is. Thanks for your help so far.
  4. Thanks for the (very prompt!) reply. After the usual prompts about allowing various add-ons, and rebuilding scenery indices, the splash screen runs and then P#D closes (no entry in task manager).
  5. The following thread refers (I've started a new topic given Nick's comment in the attached thread that this is a different issue to the matter commonly discussed in that thread)... @Nick Cooper Unfortunately neither of these actions made a difference. Have since uninstalled AUv2 and no change. Apart from a restart since the sim was last successfully used, the only change was running Orbx Central (which updated to v4.1.11 from v4.1.10) and then running the AUv2.1.2 update (which appears to broken something). All other Orbx products (including libraries and OF) otherwise all up to date. Can't see any information in the Windows event logs.
  6. Doesn't work for me - the v4.5HF2 splash screen up for a couple of minutes and then the sim closes itself (and disappears from Task Manager). In my case, the now dysfunctional product is installed in the sim folder (not a library). Looking forward to a fix.
  7. Thanks for following up Graham... A reinstalled (rather than just updated) BNE has the elevated line as it is meant to be. Cheers.
  8. I see this issue has re-emerged after the latest update downloaded through Orbx Central. For info in case anyone else is hung up about it and spending the time trying to recall where the fix was posted.
  9. This is more of a GSX issue than an ORBX issue but the reasons are easily understood and there's flexibility in GSX to fix it. Some scenery (such as CBR) has parking and such like in some part of the field in an additional BGL to the main file that will typically be named with the aerodrome ICAO code in its title. In this case, IIRC the GA parking is in ZSCB while the rest is in some other file. The files have a 'radius' and GSX is picking up the 'Z' file in this case first. GSX has a solution but you have to manually edit the appropriate INI file to tell it you want to reduce the 'radius' for the offender. The file is in your %appdata%\virtuali folder (see pic for folder, INI file name and the required entry). The attached pic shows the entry to set ZSCB to zero (i use tube liners so zero is fine for my purposes - the downside, if bug smashers float your boat, is that you may lose your GA parking that's defined in the ZSCB file - there's further info in the GSX doco so RTFM is always a sound fallback! ). HTH.
  10. Thanks Graham. Nick noted although the announcment in Graham's update post (linked off my opening salvo at the top of this thread) suggests this is okay for FTXC3... For (additional) info.
  11. Howdy and thanks for the replies... Sorry, I could have been more explicit - the update broke the YBCG CONTROL PANEL in FTXC3, hence the inclusion of the error log on my original post, as instructed by FTXC3. It doesn't include any scenery files but it does include an updated script file for YBCG (orbx_cpl_YBCG.xml) which I assume has some impact on FTXC3 control panel for the product - my possibly loose description in the original post is that the product's FTXC3 control panel is inaccessible with this script file, removing the tools to control the settings in the scenery. It may still be possible to use the product in the sim as John has suggested but as the label on the tin in the original post about the recent YBCG update says "...this update will only resolve the most noticeable issues at YBCG but should still enable you to enjoy the airport for the most part...", that would suggest that an inaccessible control panel compromises the update. Hence my post for assistance please, with the FTXC3 error log associated with the new script file attached above to my original post.
  12. G'day... Regarding the following updates: I downloaded and applied the YBCG fix which broke the product - since uninstalled and reinstalled, FTXC3 log attached as suggested by the interface. Compared notes with another user who did the same and he got the same result. Had no problems with the other updates issued earlier by Graham. Can anyone suggest what needs doing here please? Cheers. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  13. G'day... i just downloaded and applied the YBCG fix which broke the product - currently reinstalling and FTXC3 log attached. Can anyone ( @Graham Eccleston ?) suggest what needs doing here please? Cheers. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  14. If it's useful information, while i had this issue (as reported above) at BNE, I DON'T have this issue with CNS (ie. bays and RWYs present after the fix) so possibly a different issue? As noted above, P3Dv4.5hf1 in my case. For info in case it's useful.
  15. Thank you for the very prompt attention gents... Graham - works a treat. Thanks.
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