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  1. in the meantime though... ybsu and ypdn - excellent freeware options (authors flukey and anthony lynch respectively) to keep you going at ozx http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/ ypph - work in progress but complete set of aprons, twys and terminals (currently without textures so buildings all appear white in the sim, hence WIP status) - see 10APR post with dropbox link https://www.facebook.com/IBISDESIGNGROUP/ of the above, I think flukey's sunshine coast has been made compatible with p3dv4, all work in fsx/se/p3dv3.4. hth.
  2. while it's a long way from orbx, the following freeware is good enough to make Perth airport worth a visit for anyone who's been running defo scenery (which is about 20+ years behind in afcad terms) and avoiding the place as a result. https://zooferretfsxaddons.wordpress.com/ypph-2016/ (the latest version at the time of posting is v1.1 and available from the dropbox link on the linked page - avsim, etc only have v1.0) includes 'recent' (last 20 years!) updates like TWY V (open about 10 years!), extending TWY A up through where the old tower/fireservice building used to be (T3/T4 side of the aerodrome), expanded aprons at T1 and the T2 apron, extension of TWY C all the way down to the RWY 03 threshold... and all the other fiddly TWY bits and fjords (apologies to the hitchhikers guide). it places some buildings at T1 and T2 and has bays that work with gfx (including [importantly] the VOZ bays with jetways at T1). designed for fsx, it works in p3dv3. hth.
  3. I couldn't spot this on other threads - does YBBN include an update afcad (such as extending TWY B all the way down to B9/C9)? Or is it just the installer and P3Dv3 compatibility that's addressed?
  4. thanks nick - i had missed the subtlety of holger's statement on that thread - i was unaware (despite long time use of fs) that the sim could tell the difference. thanks for the info.
  5. g'day... long time reader/customer/first time poster. slightly different query to this : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/106776-terrain-mesh/, one so starting a separate thread. i'm using fs global 2010 (based on recs here to use it with orbx products) and happy with the results. i was thinking of acquiring the NZ island products but see they come with 'internal' mesh (ie. mesh that is embedded in the NZ products). it's not obvious to me how to manage the mesh from the one product when the other is installed. does the position in the scenery library (ftx entries being higher than fs global 2010 entries) mean the local NZ 'internal' mesh is picked up without me needing to tweak scenery library entries as a function of the usual management of scenery priority? if so, what happens to the mesh if (say) you cross the ditch to/from oz? is the NZ 'internal' mesh active for the nz end of the flight and the oceania mesh in fs global 2010 active on t'other side? if the priority in the scenery library doesn't suppress fs global 2010 when interacting with NZ islands and the 'internal' mesh, then how does the user effectively manage the mesh in simming between two regions such as NZ/Oz? appreciate any advice before sinking any dollars into the products. Regards from the wild west.
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