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  1. I said that, I pointed out prior to that post that our model was made in Rayong factory in Thailand and then I said This is your truck as sold in New Zealand What he and I had was rapport which is a positive thing compared to nitpicking If you go back and read those threads again I didn't say it was the same thing, it was a positive conversation that led to his learning about Holden which is a good thing But if you want to nitpick there are probably 60% similarities on common parts found from various suppliers from around the world found on each vehicle and differences as well, the biggest difference of course being Left Hand drive vs Right Hand drive. Now we are getting into the tip of the iceberg on differences but yes common parts as well
  2. This is your truck as sold in New Zealand, notice the logo on the front is the Holden Lion: https://www.holden.co.nz/cars/colorado
  3. In Australia and New Zealand General Motors are called Holden, in Europe they were called Opel until GMC sold that off recently. Holden has been around over 100 years now and was taken over by GMC in early 1900's, they have sold a lot of models that were never available in the USA, if you remember the original Mad Max movie they used a 1973 Holden Monaro, a lot of Australian Muscle cars were not available in the USA and vice versa, here is a good history about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden The Holden Commodore is another model that has been popular for decades and used as police interceptors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Commodore
  4. In my country that is called a Holden Colorado and it is made in the Rayong factory in Thailand Nice Truck
  5. Moçambique (Mozambique) will be achieved when the OpenLC Africa is released for the landclass. Currently Global Base and Global Vector covers the textures and Roads and Coastline data. Check here for updates in OpenLC Africa: As for a full fat region for Mozambique that is up to ORBX if they want to take that on. I apologize for posting in English but my Portuguese is not so good
  6. I never understood why Australia and New Zealand have separate International and Domestic buildings. All in one building with swing gates are so much better. I can't stand landing from a 14 hour flight and have to run to a different building far away to make a connecting domestic flight. The location of Brisbane's International Terminal is about as bad as it gets
  7. By the time the release in 2020 it may be up to 3 PB of memory and growing every day. Yes a 5G would handle it just fine provided you have a reasonably priced package with your provider, scenery would end up being the bulk of your monthly downloads. I am looking forward to 5G as it is already available in Auckland, won't be long until we have it in Wellington now
  8. Some of the scenery already looks great and yes in time more of the world will achieve a much higher standard. I am guessing around airports we will still be using traditional 3D modeling and textures as these areas we see much closer in the sim, but for the rest of the world to fly over this technology looks fantastic
  9. Fun Fact Did you know when you cross the border from Canada into USA in Detroit you are traveling North from Canada into the United States. Just to get your bearings when are looking at Detroit it is actually North of Canada as you can see in picture #4
  10. My post was about FSX and it's third party development timeline, I don't recall any mistakes from Microsoft regarding FSX, as a matter of fact it was an extremely successful release and still used today by many, as well as P3D its predecessor.
  11. If anyone is using Windows 10 you can hit the window key and type in Maps and open the Maps app, from their on the top right corner you can switch to Aerial and middle of the right hand side switch to 3D view. This is the scenery they were using in the demo so you can have a look at it for yourself. For example you can compare Downtown Houston and the stadium to the demo video and everything matches up including all those cars around the stadium. What I am hoping for, as that is really good default scenery for a sim, better then what they have done in the past but it does have its flaws, hopefully third party developers can also suppress regions and we can have the option of purchasing third party airports or regions etc, which would be great as not all the world is in 3D on their servers. A lot of the world is still missing in 3D so lots of work to do if this is the scenery source. Close up of this scenery can get very clunky so having 3D Models around airports is better, but time consuming, which is an area that Third Party Developers could certainly contribute. Another area not known is if the default scenery will have seasons. Not sure how any of this will work yet but time will tell. Also if you look closely at KLAX in the demo and look at KLAX on that Maps server it does not match up, which suggests that airports have been redone with 3D Modeling methods instead of the clunky mesh used in the default servers. Feel free to play around as well
  12. I'm going for three times lucky But one thing foresure is every release of Microsoft Flight Simulator since the early 80s they have all been good. The last 2 were not called Microsoft Flight Simulator. The notion that they have taken that name back and are rebooting it is promising. I don't predict perfection but more likely challenges because That's Life
  13. Remember when FSX came out in October 2006 it took developers until around 2011 or so for FSX to really come of age, so that was about a 4 to 5 year process. Microsoft Flight Simulator will release in 2020 which means potentially it will take until 2024 for third party development to catch up. I am looking forward to what it brings but I also know that I am still well invested in P3D for many years to come as well.
  14. I still remember the early releases like it was yesterday, SubLogic was the ORBX back then with scenery packs covering the USA and Europe
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