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  1. Remember it is a hobby for relaxation and fun. If I built a HO scale model railway and found myself throwing trains around in frustration I would probably choose a new hobby With Flight Sim you can turn it off and get back to it in a few days, it will always be there for ya
  2. An American and an Englishmen walked into a pub....... Glad you guys had a great time Cheers
  3. I don't watch the videos either, don't have the patience. Checklists are good enough for me to get acquainted with new aircraft I don't really need or want to go through manuals. Flight Sim can be trial and error because no one is going to get hurt.
  4. Winter is coming for us, we have plenty of firewood and heaps of time for the sim. I will be around for a while
  5. Agree as well. ORBX FTX North Island and South Island are good enough as delivered, anything else over top of it may introduce anomalies in the elevations and not worth bothering with
  6. You can go to this page and keep hitting F5 until you see something https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/217-orbxdirect-release-announcements/
  7. This makes me look forward to Africa LandClass even more so we can start flying to these places The Captains Thumbs Up at 9:35 if the best
  8. Welcome back, yes I agree the Flight Sim is good for the brain, I have many startup routines memorized and even months of inactivity you can challenge yourself back into them again. Keep the brain juices flowing and keep things inspiring by challenging yourself to new things. Keep it fresh and real Cheers
  9. I no longer install Acronis on my P3D rig. I use it on all my other PC's The P3D rig can be backed up manually as nothing of real value is on there anyways, and it isn't used for internets
  10. Maybe they can make you a Beta Tester for your Anniversary gift
  11. Nothing wrong with OpenLC. It covers much larger areas for those who don't need all the details of a region. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for all. I mostly fly PMDG jets and the OpenLC Concept is much better at high altitude flying compared to the regions. Also I do fly the entire globe therefore the more area covered the better, I only really need higher detail scenery in and around the airports I fly to. I am looking forward to the Africa release as that is where my partner is from (Zimbabwe)
  12. My old cat Kennedy which was a big stubborn male tabby used to always fall asleep around my feet or rudder pedals, and jump when I would use the pedals after long periods of inactivity. Would startle me as well. He was a great cat though. Now we just have a blind old dog that walks in circles all day, but she is a happy dog You should find the Emoji button on the top of the text interface where the little happy face is. ORBX has a small selection of them
  13. One of my 'Pets' is when turning off the autopilot after a few hours of cruise and starting your approach and you hit the rudders to make your turns and you frighten the cat that was sleeping underneath them
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