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  1. Matthew Kane

    4th of July Discount

    UTC is irrelevant, it comes down to the daily pattern for where in the world you live, for example the moment I saw the sale I was at work, but I did go directly to the orbxdirect.com and logged in on my work computer and choose 8 items. I didn't purchase them at work as I opted to wait until I got home as that is better place to make the purchase then on a work PC. When I got home the sale was over. This means that in my time zone it wasn't really a good sale timeline as I was unable to make the purchases unless I did it while I was at work on a work PC, and I choose not to, so I missed the sale. UTC is inconsequential as I am already using company time to go through and choose 8 items and I am not really going to calculate UTC time to local time but was excited to get home quickly only to find I had no chance at all......Bummer
  2. Matthew Kane

    4th of July Discount

    I saw the deal at work, by the time I got home it was over, I had 8 items I wanted to buy too. That is the problem with living in a different time zone I guess, not enough time for me to purchase, oh well, would have been better if it was a weekend sale, this was too short a time period. Edit: If it was me I would have made it a 1st of July to 4 of July Canada/USA Weekend Sale as North America includes Canada too and their Canada Day is July 1st. This North American sale was not very Canadian Friendly
  3. If finances are tight consider a PC that is a few years old. The Bitcoin revolution means that they are driving up new hardware but flicking off older stuff in surplus. Look for an Intel i7-4790K and Motherboard combo. Even an older GTX 760 or 780 graphics card runs FSX fine. Remember FSX came out in 2006 so even if you are using hardware from around 2014 or so, that is more than sufficient for FSX. My biggest advice is never borrow money to buy a new PC, because the value of the PC is depreciating much faster then the speed in which you are paying it off. For example you lease a PC for $4000 and in 6 months you still owe $3500 but the PC is now only worth $2000, and you are paying interest on it, not worth it in my POV. Older PC Parts are depreciated in value but still more then sufficient for FSX, so you can save yourself heaps of money that way.
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. I was on the fence between the GTX1070Ti and the GTX1080, I ended up with the GTX1080 because it had the biggest price drop recently and was only $60 more then the GTX1070Ti at this point. I have installed it and as a benchmark did an approach into Sydney with ORBX and FlyTampa YSSY using the PMDG NGX, as this is notoriously bad on frame rates. I was jumping around 30 to 45 fps over Sydney and it went down to around 20 to 25 fps on short final. I consider this great as this was with everything at stock settings and no overclocking yet, also with the GTX760 it would always crash over Sydney with the dxgi_error_device_hung message so this is no longer a problem. Once I get the new hardware overclocked somewhere around 4.4ghz to 4.6ghz it should be more then enough for the next few years anyways. Very happy so far and what a major difference compared to the GTX760 Anyone else out there thinking of upgrading this card has worked well for me so far.... Cheers
  5. The reason why I was aiming for the GTX1080 is LM recommends an 8gb GPU for P3Dv4. 6 gb would work too but I don’t mind going for 8 gb to be sure
  6. Yea the Ti's are closer to $1500, the GTX1080's have dropped from around $1200 to $950 or so, since I am running the older i7-4790K I don't want to invest to much into it
  7. Now that we are getting into True Earth Technology with P3Dv4, I am going to need a video card upgrade as mine keeps giving the blurries. My current system is: i7-4790K / ASUS Z97-A / EVGA GeForce GTX 760 2GB / G.SKILL Sniper 16GB 2400mhz / Samsung 840 Series SSD / Win10-64 / P3Dv4 The GTX760 isn't enough anymore so I am looking at this one: EVGA GeForce GTX1080 SC 8GB GDDR5 Gaming Graphics Card , DVI+HDMI+ 3xDisplay ports https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/VGAEVG6183/EVGA-GeForce-GTX1080-SC-8GB-GDDR5-Gaming-Graphics Just wondering what others are using, bare in mind I live in New Zealand and we pay a lot more for video cards and have a lot less availability
  8. Matthew Kane

    What beverage goes best with ORBX?

    I used to enjoy a beer while flight simming but I gave up alcohol because I have two young girls in the house now, so I just drink tea black hot
  9. Matthew Kane

    Tombstone epitaph

    Tell his mom to stop crying and the band to keep playing, 'cause the angels are too drunk to fly!
  10. I will say this as PC as possible on here but my old flight instructor was an old Austrian guy and not very PC at all. His way of saying it involved an activity with a female partner so to speak but I won't use his actual words, but yes a gentle touch, be nice to her and she will bring you home safe. I nearly fell over hearing him say it
  11. Matthew Kane

    Sinking Ship?

    Haha I should have spotted that, not many Junks in my part of the world
  12. Matthew Kane

    Sinking Ship?

    Looks intentional, and yes that is true every harbor has abandoned junk when the owner refuses to remove it (probably because they are bankrupt) and the harbor's owner doesn't want to pay to remove it either, so it just sits there like that. This is pretty accurate of that sort of thing.
  13. Here are a couple of things to be aware of 1. Tinnitus - Yes some of us have a pretty sweet speaker setup with surround the sound etc, but that digital replication of the engines can lead to tinnitus over long periods of exposure. To prevent this I have tossed out my former 5.1 speaker system from Logitech and now just use the cheapest $20 speakers (Left and Right only) that Logitech makes. I put it just loud enough and maybe a little louder for takeoff and back down again for climb/ cruise, but yes we love our sound systems but that can lead to a ringing in your ears over time, and if your have been noticing that then that would be tinnitus. 2. Eyesight - We are now seeing in increase in the number of young people with eyesight degrading due to too much screen exposure. Flight Simmers also love big screens and multiple screens, so if you are finding over the years your glasses getting a little thicker this could also be a contributor. 3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Yes if you white knuckle a few too many landings you can cause some damage in this area too, learn to relax your grip. I think these are the three big ones and yes they are things to think about, so if you find you are spending a lot of time in the sim you could end up with a ringing in your ears, and very thick glasses, and not much of a grip on things Cheers
  14. Matthew Kane

    Honorary Old Coot nomination for Nick Cooper

    Aye Nick has been instrumental over the years, much appreciated
  15. Yes it is, just do a search on your system for Disk Clean-up. When the menu opens up click on Clean-Up System Files. It will open another menu, in there you will see the option for Windows Update Clean-up. You may find it hangs at times when cleaning up Windows Update files, that is normal