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  1. This is true, I had a friend staying with us from California, her first week in Wellington she got drunk in the city and when she started walking home the cops stopped her, she got defensive being used to the local US Sheriff's in the States and what they are like, but our cops told her to calm down because they just wanted to give her a drive home so they could be sure she got home safe. She never seen anything like that and she was so grateful about it...Also this happened in 2011 and she still lives in New Zealand even though she was only supposed to be here for one year. We are the worlds country club so once your in, your in.
  2. Combination of price wars as well as a lot of the Mediterranean countries and places like Egypt have become lower demand due to increases in terrorist threats and security, also a lower British Pound doesn't help either. People are choosing different vacations these days and I can tell you New Zealand has hit highest records for tourists ever, this is because we are so very very safe that our cops don't even carry guns.
  3. Why would they? New Zealand North Island you pay 100% New Zealand South Island you pay 100% Northern Rocky Mountains you pay 100% Southern Rocky Mountains you pay 100% Northern California you pay 100% Southern California you pay 100% North Germany you pay 100% South Germany you pay a new release price for now but that will go down to match the others But I will make you a deal to make you feel better, you can buy Southern Alaska full price and get Northern Alaska for nothing
  4. Survived Hurricane Maria

    Sorry to hear, island living has its ups and downs, but mostly ups to make up for the downs. Glad you and family are safe as the rest can be replaced, you get to rebuild your little piece of Paradise once again
  5. I am still using FSX because I am getting Cheap and Older and even more Cheap with age, and more stubborn, and like the birds...cheap, cheap cheap. FSX works for me and I couldn't be bothered migrating with the little spare time I get in life. I will migrate when it finally becomes really necessary to.
  6. The company that owns this pipeline have said publicly they are concerned for his mental health, whoever he/she may be Yes I would be stressed out too
  7. Consider that a fuel truck holds from 20,000 L to 44,000 L depending on the truck size, and a 777 holds 171,000 L, it can take 5 to 10 truck just to refuel one 777, they were sending trucks the 200 km's from the refinery to the airport to refuel going across Auckland City. They had a right of way but sending that many trucks across a city is difficult. Flying them to Wellington to refuel is easier. This is going to be going on for weeks because they have to decontaminate the spill and clear the pipes out before they can weld a new section. Welding and Jet Fuel don't mix very well
  8. A broken pipeline between the refinery and Auckland Airport has led to a fuel crisis. What has happened are 777's that arrive in Auckland are now unloading in Auckland, then flying to Wellington with empty planes and only two pilots and refueling in Wellington, then back to Auckland to load passengers, then they can depart again. If any PMDG 777 users with NZNI are looking for new routes to fly this process is pretty interesting being a short hop with one flight empty and a return flight with a heavy fuel load. I am going to have a go this weekend. Here is more information: Auckland to Wellington NZ6235 https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ANZ6235/history/20170919/0400Z/NZAA/NZWN Wellington to Auckland NZ6236 https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ANZ6236/history/20170919/0600Z/NZWN/NZAA From the news https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/97009580/air-new-zealand-refueling-long-haul-planes-in-wellington-as-auckland-jet-fuel-crisis-deepens
  9. He came out of a roll before the turn, probably done it many times before but this time he may have been much lower then he would had been before. It is a tragic accident.
  10. I have an update on my friend I posted about earlier, he had done a lot of work getting supplies out to people working around the clock and using boats and trucks to deliver around Houston. He is now in hospital for a really bad infection on his leg. I've seen a photo of it and it doesn't look good. He is my old flatmate as he used to go to school in New Zealand and this is really concerning. I know his mother too and she must be really worried. I am hoping he pulls through, that water can cause a lot of damage to people
  11. Vector does a pretty good job of upgrading bridges and balancing between the placed items and performance. Some areas are buggy but the world is a big place, for the most part Vector already does this and good enough. UTX also upgrades bridges if you prefer the look of that one over Vector, as packages go I prefer Vector over UTX though
  12. I have a few friends posting on Facebook from around Houston, lots of water. My old Flat-Mate had his Kayak out and running provisions around Houston to people. Crazy shots of him rowing up and down the streets but he is glad to be helping out. Good guy as he cycled across all of New Zealand and used to stay with me on stops in between, perfect guy to be rowing supplies around for people
  13. Turned off at Mike so still lots of room. Long taxi back to Terminal 1 though as he used 25R being the longest runway but on the other side of the airport
  14. Wow, I can just picture it in my head, lucky kid
  15. New ORBX VR Teletransport

    Yes it is a fun thread, triggers the 'New ORBX' Product Hysteria we see so much of Well Played Rodger