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  1. Another great year Iain, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family as well... Cheers
  2. Sounds like a regular flight in and out of Wellington, that is very normal here in the South Pacific Winds
  3. Keep the technology moving forward, soon enough the 4TB SSD Drives currently selling for $4000 or so will one day be selling for about $50, prices always comes down and technology always gets better, otherwise we would all still be using FS4
  4. Matthew Kane

    When do you forget your age?

    Here is some good friendly advice...Whenever someone asks you how old you are? Always lie and say you are 10 years older then you actually are, that way you always get a compliment
  5. Matthew Kane

    When do you forget your age?

    When your second child learns how to talk back, from that point on everything becomes a blur
  6. Matthew Kane

    Mount Ruapehu in the distance with P3Dv4.4

    Full install of everything including operating system. My rig is only used for P3D so I can reinstall the operating system and everything else in one evening now. It just cleans up all the clutter that way.
  7. Matthew Kane


    Distance Rendering is much improved, great shots
  8. I am noticing some great differences in 4.4, particularly with Water and Distance Drawing. Flying from Auckland to Wellington I grabbed a shot of Mount Ruapehu way off in the distance, seems to be rendered very well
  9. This is a fresh install of 4.4 with no tweaking and sliders to the right, I have noticed distance drawing is improved:
  10. Matthew Kane

    Be aware.

    I haven't opened a link in an email since 1998
  11. Matthew Kane

    Older men need to be careful

    I will be on the lookout in New Zealand, we also have Bunnings and Mitre 10, but I frequent Bunnings more often
  12. Matthew Kane

    Memory clothing

    My Grandpa had his Jacket he wore when he flew the spitfires during WW2. He only showed it to us once, it was brown leather and the liner was a map of Europe in case you got shot down. He kept a lot of the stuff from the war but it has now been mostly donated to museums. One of his Spitfire's was AB910 that he flew it on D-Day, his name is Flying Officer George Lawson, his Spitfire is still flying today. One thing he said about that day was he was grateful to be up there instead of on the beach, he saw everything. https://www.spitfireab910.com/about Some of his photos are now with the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, you can see them here: http://www.vintagewings.ca/VintageNews/Stories/tabid/116/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/337/Bull-Dogs-on-the-Coast.aspx
  13. Matthew Kane

    Sniper 31

    Perhaps he is busy with his work at the moment or in training or something away from social media, I am sure he will be back
  14. Matthew Kane


    Sorry to hear, lots of good banter over the years. RIP mate