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  1. I will be enjoying P3D for a few years to come as the addon's are plenty, At one time I owned everything ORBX sold so hopefully I can catch up to the entire library once again.
  2. I primarily fly New Zealand, secondary Australia and Canada, then USA and Europe. Usually scenery purchases dictate where I go so I get my moneys worth. I will admit I have purchased some scenery even a year ago and haven't even been there yet, this is because of grabbing stuff in a sale and not having the time to explore what I purchased, but at least ORBX gets support for future development and a designer gets paid
  3. When you look at specs we seem to have cornered the market with 4790K and 1080GTX, me included. These hardware are no longer available but the new stuff out there works great too. Keep in mind the new Flight Sim will be out soon so I would wait and see what that requires before a major upgrade, that way you pave the way for the future as well.
  4. I am thinking that since the scenery is 'Augmented' from Bing Maps created "on the fly" and it has 40,000 default airports that doesn't sound like much opportunity for development.... However if those 40,000 airports are rather generic looking in the default package this would be the opportunity for third party developers to create premium third party airports, much like we already do. The days of large regional scenery development may be over but local premium airports may still have its place. I would like to see our good friends at ORBX continue to play a part in the future.
  5. 48 Years old now but I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old in the house so they keep my young
  6. I said that, I pointed out prior to that post that our model was made in Rayong factory in Thailand and then I said This is your truck as sold in New Zealand What he and I had was rapport which is a positive thing compared to nitpicking If you go back and read those threads again I didn't say it was the same thing, it was a positive conversation that led to his learning about Holden which is a good thing But if you want to nitpick there are probably 60% similarities on common parts found from various suppliers from around the world found on each vehicle and differences as well, the biggest difference of course being Left Hand drive vs Right Hand drive. Now we are getting into the tip of the iceberg on differences but yes common parts as well
  7. This is your truck as sold in New Zealand, notice the logo on the front is the Holden Lion: https://www.holden.co.nz/cars/colorado
  8. In Australia and New Zealand General Motors are called Holden, in Europe they were called Opel until GMC sold that off recently. Holden has been around over 100 years now and was taken over by GMC in early 1900's, they have sold a lot of models that were never available in the USA, if you remember the original Mad Max movie they used a 1973 Holden Monaro, a lot of Australian Muscle cars were not available in the USA and vice versa, here is a good history about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden The Holden Commodore is another model that has been popular for decades and used as police interceptors https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_Commodore
  9. In my country that is called a Holden Colorado and it is made in the Rayong factory in Thailand Nice Truck
  10. Moçambique (Mozambique) will be achieved when the OpenLC Africa is released for the landclass. Currently Global Base and Global Vector covers the textures and Roads and Coastline data. Check here for updates in OpenLC Africa: As for a full fat region for Mozambique that is up to ORBX if they want to take that on. I apologize for posting in English but my Portuguese is not so good
  11. I never understood why Australia and New Zealand have separate International and Domestic buildings. All in one building with swing gates are so much better. I can't stand landing from a 14 hour flight and have to run to a different building far away to make a connecting domestic flight. The location of Brisbane's International Terminal is about as bad as it gets
  12. By the time the release in 2020 it may be up to 3 PB of memory and growing every day. Yes a 5G would handle it just fine provided you have a reasonably priced package with your provider, scenery would end up being the bulk of your monthly downloads. I am looking forward to 5G as it is already available in Auckland, won't be long until we have it in Wellington now
  13. Some of the scenery already looks great and yes in time more of the world will achieve a much higher standard. I am guessing around airports we will still be using traditional 3D modeling and textures as these areas we see much closer in the sim, but for the rest of the world to fly over this technology looks fantastic
  14. Fun Fact Did you know when you cross the border from Canada into USA in Detroit you are traveling North from Canada into the United States. Just to get your bearings when are looking at Detroit it is actually North of Canada as you can see in picture #4
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