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  1. Matthew Kane

    Tom's Chevy Volt

    Yep My Grandpa the 'Ford Guy' was a farmer originally going back to a long linage of farmers from Brooks, Alberta. So yes @Nick Cooper is correct, they traded the horse and cart for a fine Ford product. When Grandpa finally sold the farm he retired to the sunshine in California, he had enough. He died in 2004 and when he died he still had a 1973 Ford Econoline Van and his 1990's era Ford Taurus, both with no air conditioning in the hot California sun. He was a nut bag alright, don't make em like that anymore
  2. Matthew Kane

    Tom's Chevy Volt

    Nah but all good, brought back memories of Grandpa and summer 1977 and my brother's broken heart. I still make fun of my brother today for it over a beer
  3. Matthew Kane

    Tom's Chevy Volt

    Times do change. I will never forget my Grandfather who was also a 'Ford Guy'. He lived in Reseda, California and my older brother and I were living with them probably around summer 1976 or 1977, he was 15 years old at the time. He was very good at playing guitar and spent a lot of time playing the guitars at the local music store, there he met a girl who liked the way he played and he liked her very much too. She offered to take him to the beach later in the week, he was so excited she came by the house to pick him up in her Volkswagen Beetle, she got out of the car with her long blonde hair and he was very excited and they were ready to go. Then Grandpa came out and said, "Where the hell do you think you're going", my brother was like 'huh' and Grandpa says. "I didn't fight five years against those Germans to have my grandson go off in a German Car, you’re not going anywhere". Let’s just say he was devastated but I thought it was the funniest thing ever. Yes those 'Ford Guys' are a rare breed. I don't think my Grandpa would have gone for a Chevy Volt but he would have appreciated the technology. He did buy my cousin a Honda Civic when she went to University and for whatever reason he liked those Honda's too (probably because he liked the reliable Honda 2-Stroke motors a lot). He eventually forgave the foes of WW2 which is a good thing
  4. I don't have any special privileges. Mine has been that way since way back when JaeKae was running the forum. Their has been lots of changes and upgrades over the years so this predates a lot of those changes.
  5. I use REX as well. I just set and forget
  6. Mine says Kia Ora, which is a greeting in New Zealand from the Maori Language, suits me fine
  7. Wellington Airport now has a fully automated aerobridge docking system operational on one of its domestic gates and is the first airport in the world to use this technology., basically this is like real world SODE... https://www.wellingtonairport.co.nz/news/airport-updates/the-worlds-first-fully-automated-aerobridge-launches-at-wellington-airport/?fbclid=IwAR1rrMstGu_VC-X8zV72t9Ih2pfRFaeRPsCaHkPxcVgPHr5XvsAmFcFnIhA
  8. Matthew Kane

    Emmsie 60 today.

    Happy Birthday Iain, see what happens when you leave your PC running. Have a great day
  9. Matthew Kane

    The Plane Crash

    First Class is usually the first to break apart and the ones in economy class have the better chance of survival.
  10. Didn't even see that coming. And remember, report all bird strikes
  11. Matthew Kane

    Hard to believe it's been 10 years

    It doesn't feel like 10 years
  12. The terminology Duopoly is the best description. I never liked the Airbus vs Boeing rivalry. I also appreciate Airbus acknowledging China as a future player. I see that as well. Europeans are different in the sense that BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen help each other out to allow each other to compete globally to make Germany a better country whereas Chrysler GMC and Ford will compete aggressively against each other into almost bankruptcy. Airbus was built on that with multinational support. I prefer the European approach, but I also prefer the Boeing models of aircraft, therefore I appreciate elements of both.
  13. Matthew Kane

    EMM's birthday!

    Happy Birthday Emm
  14. Matthew Kane

    A Salutary Lesson

    Macca had I known you were stranded in Wellington Hospital I could have given you a hand. We are frequent flyers at Wellington Hospital as I have a daughter that at 2 months old got a case of meningitis. She recovered but is still in that hospital very regularly to monitor development until she turns 2. She is now 7 months old but seems like everything is fine, lucky baby. Anyhow I am well known in that hospital and think the world of the care. Had I known you were there I would have been happy to take you for lunch or bring you provisions, I am very used to doing that job now. Good thing you had family to help and I wish you and your wife the best. If you come back to Wellington let me know. Cheers
  15. This actually happened at the last Flight Sim conference over dinner. A waiter went up to a table full of Flight Simmers with the bill and said "Did we get anything right?" I agree with the OP and appreciate the latest SODE updates as well, and free, not sure how people can complain about that