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  1. Noticed 2 areas where the water seems to be not only green (can be correct) but appears to be textured as grass. One is near Lowestoft in Norfolk and the other Bristol Docks. The large open area in the Lowestoft image is a basin and a canal and there are boats there and Bristol docks appears to be filled in.
  2. Great call Vostflyer sorted out the issue. I had not thought of it as I normally leave it on but disabled it when trying to land at EG42 Foula and ran straight off the runway side. When I got back on the gravel it seemed to have a 10 degree sideways slope and I just couldn't land and stay straight.
  3. Thanks Jon extracted the files and they appear in scenery.ini but the elevation issue is still there. Never mind I am not going to become like a dog with a bone over it as it seems to be my setup somewhere and if I feel bored I can always spend some time on it. For now I would rather just fly. scenery_packs.ini
  4. Well problem still here despite complete reinstall (see attached). Can't see anything in log.txt and have attached scenery.ini to see if anyone can spot anything. Also ran verify before this image. Still there are plenty more places to fly in the Orbx world. scenery_packs.ini
  5. Thanks for your reply. Yes I did the verify and Central shows 1.2 installed so I will try reinstalling as it is obviously something with my installation.
  6. I have installed Washington TE HD 1.2 but the issue stills seems to be there (see attached image). Also included log.txt for info. Can anyone else still see this or is it just me? Log.txt
  7. Thanks I will download. Normally get notifications for updates will check my settings as well
  8. OK here are 2 more pictures of the elevation issues and as you can see heading downwind R30 the problem lies near the riverbank. You can see the airport in the background. Hope this helps
  9. Flying along Colombia River to land at Wenatchee heading roughly 120 came across this glitch alongside the airport
  10. Flying along Snake river came across this where the Lower Monumental Dam is near 4WA6, N46 33 55.69 W118 32 27.99. Seems some sort glitch
  11. OK all done the long way by uninstalling and reinstalling
  12. Wish I had left well alone. Orbx Central is now showing my products but if I do the verify files it installs the full product back to the Orbx library location instead of X-plane Custom Scenery.
  13. Well I moved all the files and xp is working but now have a problem with Orbx Central which no longer sees the installation of the ones I moved. I will try shortcuts pointing from the library to the new locations
  14. I set up a library for Orbx but now have a 4tb drive and would like to put all Custom Scenery on it. However if I want to move the Orbx files can I just move them as Orbx Central is pointing to the Orbx library location. If I uninstall the files are downloaded again when I try to reinstall to the new drive. They seem to be just shortcuts in the Custom Scenery folder but there is a .txt file with the version info so does that need to be moved somewhere? Can I reinstall without the downloading as the files are already in the Orbx library?
  15. Thanks for the reply. How does Northern Cal - Oregon border appear at the moment? Is it just the Oregon orthos that may need processing? I must point out that if you fly over the Columbia river state line the mismatch is hardly noticeable (well I didn't see it and I have been flying around this area for a while).
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