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  1. Hi Carenado have one and Flight1 have one
  2. Hi My FSX folder is 363 GB, so I will fly FSX. Maybe P3D x64 at a later time.
  3. Hi Yes. FSX and P3Dv4 is the way to go. I will never uninstall FSX.
  4. Hi Nice. When I upgrade my hardware to P3Dv4, I will buy a BIG single UHD TV screen or a BIG single curved monitor. I have now 3 x 27" for FSX. My plan is, if I dont like 1 BIG screen UHD TV for P3Dv4, I will go for 3 x BIG monitors for P3Dv4 with TrackIR5. That BIG screen TV can I have as my TV to watch TV. I buy 3 x BIG monitors, connect it to Nvidia Surround or TH2GO, but I dont think TH2GO will support those BIG monitors, connect my TrackIR5 and away I go in Orbx land. Jo Erlend from Aerosoft updates his Norwegian airports to P3Dv4 and Orbx compatibility, so I am good to go. I like 3 x monitors.
  5. Hi. I dont have 3 x Samsung qled curved 49" gaming monitor. I have 3 x 27", but I would just love to have those in a TH2GO or Nvidia Surround setup.
  6. Hi 3 x Samsung qled curved 49" gaming monitor in a TH2GO setup or Nvidia Surround setup is nice. Never going to a single monitor setup on my sim.
  7. Hi Just bought it, Ants Airplanes Drifter Ultralight. Thanks
  8. Hi I have a fibre connection 300 Mbps and I am downloading 39 MB/s with FTXC3. It is superfast. No need to download .zip anymore. Just tick Use multiple threads for downloads and away you go.
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