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  1. Sorry but I've been disappointed too many times. I'll cheer when it arrives. With Holger in Asia I have more real hope.
  2. What if I want to setup with three different points? What if I want to place a scenery in a place FTX Central won't all? Why do we need points in the first place? Why can't we install our scenery where we want? After all, it's our game. It will work just as well without points so why have themP Besides, it's a total pain setting the dumb things up. And if I delete a scenery that's holding the point then I have to start all over after all my scenery is moved down.
  3. I just realized that won't work. A better suggestion would be to totally take out the points. Allow us to move non Orbx scenery wherever without FTX Central ever changing a location of non Orbx scenery..
  4. Nick, you are correct. I've suggested this several times and nothing has been done. Maybe this time you folks will make this long needed change and I won't need to suggest it again.
  5. There's nothing to propose. Leave it the way it is.....Except stop moving non Orbx scenery entirely. All the time. It's simple.
  6. Thank you for writing. Once the point is set and saved there is no problem. However prior to that, FTX Central will move non Orbx scenery usually down. FTX Central has no business moving non Orbx scenery at any time even if I never set a "below" point. That's unless there's a real reason for moving non Orbx scenery but, in all the times I've complained, no one has come up with one.
  7. I've been complaining about FTX Central for years and nothing has been done. I would like it to stop moving around non Orbx scenery in the scenery library.
  8. That's great Nick. I have some cities with autogen that I will now install. Thanks for answering.
  9. I had already read that. I don't see where it answers my question. If I install a third party, non-Orbx, scenery will the autogen buildings be replaced with the new or is this only for Orbx scenery?
  10. Kind of a silly question but I'd like to know before installing a few things. Will this work with third party scenery or only Orbx.
  11. All I can say I am totally enjoying the new building textures. I've changed from flying the quest Kodiak to the Drifter low and slow.
  12. All we need to know now is when it will be available. Tomorrow would be good.
  13. This sounds absolutely incredible. Thank you for the information.
  14. Yes. But are they at the same quality as the new ones? I don't know but the pics of the new ones look much nicer. I had thought it might be difficult to substitute Orbx building with the new textures. The time involved might be high. There might be legal issues. I'm not complaining but it's too bad. I think those textures will look very nice in the rest of the world. Like in Africa if it ever gets here. My golden university is in four days. I never thought it would make it. Doug, have a nice evening.
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