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  1. Hi. I haven't used lmn in quite a while. You might do better by searching for the dev's help page. He is very helpful.
  2. I pushed for Africa because I fly there quite a bit. I don't fly in asia much. When I do I have global and trees and buildings and a good mesh and landclass from a different company. It all looks nice. Not like an open LC but nice. It would be interesting to know how many people fly in asia and would buy an lc asia that would be pretty expensive. It's easy to say yeah I want it.
  3. I didn't read everything in this post but got the gist. There have been four open LC programs. Did they make a profit? If so you should do number 5. If not than no.
  4. I finally made it back flying. However one of my favorite apps seems to have disappeared. Is it really gone? Or have I gone blind and it's still there. Does anyone have a clue because I don't
  5. I'm glad to be back after some medical hassles. Made my first flight today. Nice to see Africa and got it even though I just missed a sale. Will you guys give me the discount anyway if I whine? Does this mean Asia will be available soon or is that a fantasy? And hello to everybody.
  6. The videos I watched tell me this" True earth worldwide. Full extras like great sky etc Great aircraft. No more installing large installs. Everything will stream. Much more. Pretty much everything will be included. It really looks awesome.
  7. Last night I posted some information about the new FSX. I've seen other threads about this topic and believe it is of interest here. The post disappeared after a short time. Somehow I saw my post in the forum without a title. So I put the title back on and reposted it. Some time later my post disappeared again. If there is a problem with my post in the forum I would think an Orb. person would have alerted me but that didn't happen so I assume the forum itself doesn't like me for some reason. This is all very Confusing.
  8. The download for the original is iirc about two gig.
  9. The crucial question is will it be available for FSX. There have been very few.
  10. Hi, I just found two and now am still looking for Portland. Maybe that was never made being fee.
  11. I don't see any user docs for the city scapes.
  12. I'm reinstalling FSX Steam. It was an all day download-install. At the end there was an update that took about an hour and a half. I'm thinking this might be the new FSX. Being an old fart I retire early but tomorrow I will setup and start installing scenery etc. And hopefully do some flying. At my earliest opportunity I will post my findings.
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