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  1. Cheers John, fantastic news and looking forward to purchasing. Merry Xmas Regards Miles
  2. Been in and out of Brisbane last few weeks and runway and taxiways for new 01L/19R pretty well laid, can see them clearly. Hope Orbx do upgrade their scenery. Going to get to be a very busy airport indeeed.
  3. You have been looking in the freeware thread on this forum. Tonnes of airports covering Australia from OZX. They will be redoing and checking once Australia 2 is done. We have one of the best covered areas in the world when it comes to airports and now they will all be updated. Cheers Miles
  4. Fabulous shots cant wait for the release. Well done to all involved
  5. For the Aussies this is killing us. What great shots..... Thank you Iain. Now must ask have you ever visited our little land downunder? Cheers Miles
  6. Credit card is ready, looks fantastic Cheers Miles
  7. Wow that is fantastic and glad to see NZ getting some love again. Cheers Miles
  8. Come on guys one airport, impressive but what about the rest of the world.........NOW at this quality. BRILLIANT GUYS.
  9. Haha John, victim of your own success and poor Adrian. I am one of those checking for the YMML release and in the meantime I will purchase LC as well as finally England after the last update. Glad to see you are having problems which means success..... Thank you to you and your team for being too successful. Cheers Miles - sitting in Sydney on a flight waiting to go to Melbourne....
  10. Thanks Jaykae, will try that and redownload. Still the great support as per the old Voz forums i see. Cheers
  11. Well after seeing PMDG's announcement last week I decided finally to take the plunge into FSX. First step was to load FSX and then proceed to purchase the AU Blue region. Problem is that it downloaded fine but when I go to open the exe file I get an error message saying bad CRC 34abe0c1 (should be c6290175). Funny thing ios that I get a similar mnessage when I tried to open the AI traffic 2 from the Orbx website. I have tried opening other problems with no problems. Anyone have any ideas as I am itching to start flying around in Orbx scenery. Cheers Miles
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