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  1. @jean marc For repaint I use photoshop with the nvidia dds plugin... But I merely do adaptations like this providing there is a good paintkit available I use the gimp for other things sometimes (my main system is on linux anyway), I'm sure you can get things done through it if you prefer it. And thanks
  2. the livery is a total rip off the base K2 livery Just a new logo and fictuous web address...Milviz has a good paintkit I have a bunch of different tail numbers. Used that in hair hauler 2 for my virtual airline.
  3. That is exactly what I did in the last 24h!
  4. Coming back for a water landing at Ketchikan Harbor after dropping cargo to one of those USFS cabins Orbx PF, PAKT, Milviz Beaver. 5KE docks and USFS cabin are by RTMM.
  5. Ahah I know Stillwater you would me as well;) but you are not the typical guy who is just starting siming... When I started my first buy was the au regions and ypec... Then ybcs... True that nowadays I mostly fly in Alaska with misty moorings lol despite never having set foot in America... But that is after buying every single aussie airports near me and playing extensively with ozx
  6. Thanks for the info. I hardly fly in Europe appart from the French altiports from LLH so I didn't know they ever remade airports from other developers
  7. This is mostly due to people like you are a minority (living outside of oceania and willing to fly there). Most want to fly where they are from, and payware developpers will likely prioritise the bigger markets(which is a normal thing to do) And for kiwis, they are far down the line unfortunately. Orbx wouldn't have been started as an aussie company I doubt there would have been that many oz airports.... I dont own them so I cant comment on the quality, but maybe you should get dunedin et xchurch to get you more quality airports to fly to in the mainland.... Or get some bush plane with skys and just enjoy the southern alps
  8. Absolutely gutted RIP Bruce and thanks for everything you did with OZX along the years. My condolences to his family.
  9. From what I know, mesh can go anywhere in your scenery library. The Sim always use the best mesh you have regardless of where it is located in the library. I might be wrong but that is what I remember...
  10. Even if you could transfer the scenery to P3Dv5, I doubt it would work out of the box. There are many scripts that enable scenery nowadays in the Orbx file structure...
  11. Same here, although I know the plane works well in P3D (even in v5 according to this post). And seeing how I gave a second life to my c185f by integrating a gtn650 in the VC, it could be worth it.
  12. It is actually still on sale at flight1 look for american champion aircraft. Unfortunately I bought it from realair website and my installer is not working anymore.... And Although I miss it dearly I don't think I will buy it again.... I'm often tempted though
  13. To fly outside of Orbx fat regions, and fully appreciate those Orbx global airport freeware, get yourself vector and whatever openLC you choose. You should probably get yourself a mesh as well (Orbx dont sell mesh though), especially if you fly outside the USA. And HDTrees,Terraflora and HDBuildings to top things up
  14. Great plane. I miss it so much as I have the realair version which I cant install anymore and I lost my old installed aircraft... And this is the scout btw
  15. Orbx tend to not do airports that are already available from other developpers. Xchurch, dunedin and nelson are available from godzone and flightbeam has wellington. Auckland is also to be released by flightbeam
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