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  1. I myself have been waiting for KRDD v5. I assume it is not a straight forward port and I have no idea if it will ever comes... Probably would have been converted by now if it wasnt the case.
  2. Sydney cityscape for P3D I think I have been waiting for that since the very first time I started simming. We had a couple of OZX addons for FSX, that would build up the north Sydney area. But unfortunately it does not play well on current P3D. Cant wait to see the full CBD!!!!
  3. Thanks for clarifying We are definitely missing a true representation of the cliffs and coves.
  4. Just purchased And will gladly buy it again if it comes for p3d! In fact it is the one product that I think is still missing for that sim. Not sure if I will get to fly tonight but I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get some time.
  5. I am going to be totally honest here and tell you what I think about that as I own all the true earth USA regions (except the newly released Socal) and also their fat regions alternates.... True Earth Nocal is the worst in terms of inaccuracy of colors in my experience (in my mind come KRDD, CA21, KTVL) where you'll experience green airports in reddish backgrounds. However there are some truly unique experiences to be had with the true earth products and even with the Nocal one. Had this flight between Eugene and Redding and was blown away. What you see between airports can be astonishing
  6. I have hardly had this sense of hype train excitement for any Orbx scenery more than this. This is a scenery that is seriously missing in the previous gen sim (and I still hope it will come for p3D one day). Anyway I love this city to death. This is where I became an australian, also the city I lived the longest in one shot (10 years), I cant wait to fly the area And I am already dribbling at what Cairns in fs2020 will look like !
  7. Those were just updated to fit True Earth SoCal I suppose. I thought you were speaking about airports updated to v5, which TAP just was.
  8. Exactly. The only reason it doesn't state the True Earth region in the requirements is that, as @Nick Cooper said, some airports do not blend in perfectly (only a colour problem). They do however blend in perfectly with the fat region as it was designed for it.
  9. That more than likely will be his problem And thank god that 750ti is not mine anymore heh heh
  10. I lived for 7 years in marrickville and petersham basically just beneath the approach of 16R. Dang there is a lot of planes flying in when there is no pandemic. I suppose it must be quiet at the moment...
  11. My 750ti had 2gb of ram. I was running P3Dv3 on medium low settings with a 1080p monitor. And if you look at LM website 2gb of video ram is all that is needed for starting p3Dv4 If you set your texture resolution to low it should really reduce your video ram usage.... But yeah I do agree 2 gb is not enough for today's usage.
  12. In my experience this is far from true. The CPU is the most important component in FSX/P3D (especially raw clock speed on first core). You have an older CPU but one that is still plenty enough to drive your GPU I have upgraded incrementally my PC from a i5 4440 to a i7 4790k (slightly OC) and from a 750ti 2gb to a 1060 6gb and my biggest improvement has been the CPU by FAR!!! Going from 3Ghz to 4.4Ghz was a whole new feeling. I did gain some FPS by upgrading my GPU to a 1060 however nothing major, but I could up my settings and my texture resolution. Anyway back to the OP
  13. You are seeing the exact same information we are all seeing. But in general when things get announced by Orbx they get released shortly afterwards. Exact dates are never given for good reasons
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