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  1. Disappearing plane bodies in external views

    I had this problem with a Carendo V35, that I had bought for FS9. It was also supposed to be compatible with FSX. So when I switched to FSX, I loaded the aircraft, and it had a transparent panel, and a skeleton frame. I uninstalled and re-installed. Same problem. So, I bought the Carendo V35 for FSX, loaded it and it is fine. The other one is now deleted. Good luck, Nick
  2. First off, this certainly is beautiful scenery! (FSS0339072), I installed into; FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Fjords (FSS0336720), without any problems. So I am just beginning to explore the scenery. The only down side is the absence of AI traffic due to the sloping taxiways. I may still add some traffic, for TG's or full stop traffic, knowing that they will disappear - for some added realism. I have noted in flying around some hiccups in my frame rates, in that I will see some momentary pauses, followed by a scenery jumping. I probably need to play around with my FSX setting a bit. I also use Airport Facilitator X (AFX) to edit airports, add parking mostly and to fix issues. When loading this particular airport (PAKT), the only thing that displays is the runway link along the length of runway 11/29. No runway is depicted, nor are any taxiways or objects. I briefly disabled the scenery, and opened PAKT in FTX NA Pacific Fjords which is defaulted to that scenery, and it opened and displayed all the usually expected information one would expect to see, runways, taxiway links and parking. So my question is why is there only a runway link visible in the purchased scenery? My guess is because of the airports unique landscape, with the elevated runway and sloping taxiways, and the fact that FSX is not able to render AI aircraft with the sloping scenery. However, it would still be nice to be able to see the runway depicted, and some parking spaces etc, in my opinion. By the way, I love this Christmas sale! I started with nothing, and have purchased, FTX, Base, Vector, SAK, NA CA, Central and Northern Rockies, PNW & Fjords, EU England, Scotland and Wales, and PAKT. I have nothing left to buy my wife for Xmas! Anyway, enjoying it so far. Merry Christmas to all! Nick