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  1. Hi, coming from the west direction to LOWI I get a terrain.dll crash (P3D4.5, FSLabs A320, Germany South). Using the LOWI Control Panel to configure compatibility with either GES or Germany South it gets not saved. I hit FTX Global Mode and Save Changes. Next time I open the Control Panel it changed back to "not-ticked". Peter
  2. Thanks Nick, I added them via Lorby's tool and will try out. Peter
  3. I do not know how disable AEC as e.g. KSHR is not showing up in FTX Vector, furthermore I also do not know where all these freeware airports are supposed to show up in the scenery library. I am using Lorby's Addon Organizer. If I look into FTX Central there is also nothing mentioned about Freeware airports. Would it be a good idea to just uninstall the whole freeware package and install again? Then again how to uninstall when I do not find the relevant files? Help is much appreciated. Thanks Peter
  4. Thanks Nick, will check that tomorrow. Peter
  5. I used quite some NA freeware airports lately and found out that some of them (maybe my luck ) had elevation problems, latest KSHR. They don't show up in FTX Vector so I cannot make an elevation correction. Any other way to solve this? Thanks Peter
  6. Hi, I do have a problem with my FS Dreamteam Geneva airport, It installed correctly with the add-on.xml method in P3D4.1 I cannot correct it with FTX vector as LSGG does not show up there. Thanks for the help. Peter
  7. Thanks Nick, there is no white circle when I click on the icon. But when I open the icon it says "product is installed und up-to-date". Peter
  8. Thank you Nick, that did the trick. I had to set scenery complexity to extremely dense. Peter
  9. I did reinstall the libs, but still no buildings (KBNZ, LOWI) and the options for the libs in FTX Central are greyed out. Any further help is much appreciated. Peter
  10. I do not know wether it makes a difference. What else can I do? Thanks Peter
  11. Hi Nick, yes, but something is not right with the librairies. LOWI also doesn't show buildings anymore. In FTX Central librairies show "highlighted", but I cannot access "Control Panel" nor "Uninstall". How can I reinstall them? Thanks Peter
  12. Thanks Nick, Objectflow is enabled. I reinstalled KBZN twice already, but no success. Peter
  13. Hi, just recently bought CRM and KBZN. As you can see on the foto I do not have any airport buildings, only black squares. This is with P3Dv4.1, Win7 Ultimate. Thanks for the help Peter
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