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  1. Horse power John. It needs a V8 in the nose TTM
  2. Swiss based visitor using the flying club strip. Malmo - Another gem from Marcus. TTM (MSFS/Med)
  3. Thee isn't a 1 finger emoji. Unfortunately. TTM
  4. https://wing42.com/en/msfs-addons/29-bleriot-xi-for-msfs.html Cheers TTM
  5. Yes, that struck me - color coordinated TTM
  6. I was curious about how the Bleriot would deal with Bryce's 7,000' plus altitude. Took an Anzani W-3 equipped version out & it could barely raise a crawl across the grass. Which, I suspect, would be an accurate result. I also found that true to the original, the ground turning is almost non existent. Back in the day hefty assistants would guide the wing tips & line it up. In MSFS you need to slew the aircraft. I haven't found that control yet. TTM (MSFS/Med) Stuck.
  7. At last, an MSFS aircraft in keeping with my reflexes! Wing42, a Germany based 1 man developer, (He did the Vega in P3D), has just released the Bleriot XI for MSFS & it is a delight to fly. There are 2 engine versions, the Gnome Omega 7, & the Anzani W-3., as well as several liveries. I downloaded it & installed it without incident, [read the installation manual !], & took a Gnome Omega 7 variant out of Leeds Bradford for a test flight. There is no throttle so you need to map a keyboard key or joystick key to Toggle Ignition On/Off so that you can slow it
  8. Some feedback - my initial reaction is one of ambivalence. I think had this been released before MSFS was announced/turned up in the Flight Sim scene, it would have sold very well. It is a massive undertaking. I think splitting it into 3 releases is a good idea. These days my flying is 95% MSFS, 5% P3D, & that 5% is due to the lack of aircraft I particularly like to fly not being available in MSFS, but I do have in P3D. Whether I purchase or not I think will come down to the pricing & 'what it looks like', ie, how much better it looks compared to the current default
  9. v5 of Got Gravel's SCC has just been released & features 60 degree flaps for those STOL occasions. Took it for a quick flight at Bryce. With full flap, landed around 20 mph, completely controllable. Conditions set in SoFly to Snow Flurries. Rainbows were am unexpected bonus. TTM (MSFS/Med)
  10. Indeed. The colors, light & balance I want are all in the shot, no tweaking necessary. thing I need to do now is figure out the Drone's artsy stuff - out of focus foreground/background/sharp subject. Haven't managed that yet. TTM
  11. Thank you Gentlemen. I realized after I posted that in fact I didn't stumble onto the A330-300, but rather was guided there by Bernd1151, who had found it in flightsim.to. TTM
  12. I stumbled upon a freeware A330-300 & have been trying it out. It was tied into a set of 50 liveries, which nearly made the PC spit the dummy, but I have figured out which files to edit to get that down to a favored few. This is a dusk flight out of Goteborg Landvetter using SoFly Jetstream East, with a bit of snow added. The A330 flies smoothly & has a few peculiarities at the moment, that, I believe, are being worked on. For instance the Fuel/Weight figures are wonky & the aircraft sits on the tarmac with the wheel hubs touching the ground. But in the air
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