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  1. French freeware aircraft with an interesting history, recently released. Set out from Compton Abbas. Eventful departure. Despite brakes being off the aircraft wanted to pirouette on the left, [from behind], wheel. Resulting departure involved scrambling through long grass down the side of the Compton Abbas airfield & getting airborne just before a hedge. Fairly twitchy on the controls, I need to find a manual TTM About to depart Compton Abbas. Copious smoke. Airborne after coming down the slope to the right of the bare field. Regaining composure.
  2. Nhadrian C152II on its way from Prineville, OR, to Lynden, WA. TTM
  3. Came across modifications to the stock Carenado C152II, by 'Nhadrian'. In hot rod terminology I would think it could be termed a 'RestoMod', as what he has done is very very extensive. His work is freeware, the Carenado C152II is not. I have only scratched the surface of his tweaks, but just going by the sound files alone he has done an excellent job. TTM Smoking along. The Olympic Mountains - a photographers dream at dusk.
  4. Went looking for snow. Flew from Denver to Pueblo, CO. By the time I got to Pueblo I had caught up with it. Tricky arrival. TTM (P3D v4.5) South of Denver. Pueblo is down there somewhere.
  5. I was working through the Avro liveries & thought this one might catch your eye TTM
  6. After a somewhat disastrous night time approach, I went back in daylight. Very interesting airport & surroundings. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  7. Great set Jack. Haven't seen an Albatross for awhile. You have the knack of picking shot angles that show Catalina at its best. TTM
  8. Picked up Asturias, (LEAS), in the sale & for a shakedown flight set up a 10 mile approach from the North West. At dusk. Which was a mistake as I was too close to the coastline & by the time I had sighted Asturias I was fiddling with airspeed & flaps & ended up stalling at the runway approach perimeter. Quite a large cliff there - need to allow for that. Saved by the 'Pause' button. Very interesting approach & next time I will go back in day time TTM (P3D v4.5) On the way in. Active Sky Real Weather Following the coast. The moonlight helps. Lights for Asturias way off in the distance. Approach looks ok, but I was flying from Spot Behind & misjudged the throttling back, & by the time I throttled up & the engines responded, I was --- Here!. Pause button & time to ponder.
  9. Picked up this freeware Spad where I found the Sopwith Camel. In the 1st shot it looks like its going like a bat out of hell. Character aircraft. TTM
  10. Piper J3 Cub Tundra over TE GB. TTM Leaving Fairoaks. Heading North. I like the way the light cuts through clouds in XP. Out of the clouds in the Midlands. Appears to be a quarry down there.
  11. LR C172SP, [with Propstrike tweak], on its way from Grants Pass, OR, to Colville, WA. Using my old "Khaki On' set of xVision shaders. The clouds have changed. Not sure how that occurred. TTM
  12. Trying out Adam's latest xVision shader file over TE GB South. I also have XP Ultra Weather loaded & it may have been getting in among the setting. TTM London, 9am. Hazier than my usual shader. London 4pm. Much cleaner with the sideways light. The sun. Fairly amorphous. Sunset.
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