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  1. TigerTigerM

    Sun Valley to Idaho Falls, real time weather

    It is JM. Good vintage touring aircraft. TTM
  2. TigerTigerM

    Just a few.

    Good eclectic mix. TTM
  3. TigerTigerM

    Iceland to Faroe Islands

    Quality Wings Avro RJ70 on its way from Reykjavik to Vagar. TTM
  4. Snowy, but made it. TTM Leaving Sun Valley. Better weather ahead. Idaho Falls.
  5. TigerTigerM

    Idaho Falls

    One of the airports I have picked up in the sale is Idaho Falls - a handy flight trip companion to KSUN. This is a GAS Davis D1 having an initial look around. TTM
  6. TigerTigerM

    My beolved Dakota

    Very nice. TTM
  7. TigerTigerM

    Boise to KSUN in Autumn

    I don't think it was COTM Jack. I checked a map & the park appears to be East of KSUN, whereas I was out to the West. TTM
  8. TigerTigerM

    Boise to KSUN in Autumn

    Ah! I learnt something. Thank you. TTM
  9. TigerTigerM

    Boise to KSUN in Autumn

    GAS Stearman from out the back of Boise to KSUN, in a dog leg flight to avoid the mountains. TTM Autumn colors in Boise. Biplane pilots have ice in their veins, to match the cockpit temperature. This is South South West of Boise. Are those indentations meteorite strikes, old volcanoes? And can someone tell me what the circular patterns are? I see them a lot in the midwest when flying KLAX to KEWR. View from the back seat on the way in to KSUN. Approach lights are to left of passenger's head. How to clear the perimeter fence with inches to spare. KSUN has a long runway. These are buildings up one end. Took off to explore the surroundings. This is headed Mag 333 degrees from the runway.
  10. TigerTigerM

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    Looking very good. Cars top notch. Where is the McLaren? TTM
  11. TigerTigerM

    Friedan to Boise

    Enjoying investigating this area. Flew Boise to KSUN autopilot & misjudged mountain height, collected one at 8,100'. Lesson learned. TTM
  12. TigerTigerM

    KSUN in the Snow

    Arriving at KSUN in some snow. Daytime, real world weather. I'll have a look at Autumn next. TTM Low pass over terminal to marvel at chaps in tee shirts in Winter! (Next to the truck, bottom of screen) Headed back out to turn & land. Snow has started again as off set approach is underway. Skidded off runway. I think this is ice. Not the deep fluffy snow of Kiruna, but it has some texture. Taxiing in to look for a good coffee.
  13. TigerTigerM

    Friedan to Boise

    Excellent set Jack. Very crisp images. TTM
  14. TigerTigerM

    Bush Pacer

    Nice use of light & shadow. Well done. TTM
  15. TigerTigerM

    KSUN at Dusk

    A few shots around KSUN at dusk during a short look around. Interesting airport & looks to be a great jumping off place to explore Central & Southern Idaho. TTM