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  1. It's still in the air TTM
  2. DC-10-30 leaving Moscow for Lisbon. Soon ran into thunderstorms. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  3. Can you be more specific Jack? Is it smoother, colors look better etc? Need to be persuaded to go back TTM
  4. Another attempt at getting a DC-10-30 out of Scandinavian Mountains, to Vienna. Although the departure ran into a thunderstorm, the aircraft stayed out of the trees. I really like the conifers around this airport. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  5. Jack, re the bright blue - Perhaps have a look at your P3D lighting settings if you are using HDR [ticked] I was getting a fluorescent green until i pulled back the Saturation to around 1.07. Current v4.5 settings, (not considered the B all & End All by any means), are: Brightness: 1.26 Bloom: 0.05 Saturation: 1.07 TTM
  6. CLS DC-10-30 leaving Scandinavian Mountains for Vienna. It was a classic ill structured departure, ending in the conifers above the runway. Too much flap & too nose high = splat. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  7. Ah! But you will be nicely placed for MS2020!! TTM
  8. Looking good Jack. A 737 can get in & out of 4,005' runway?? TTM
  9. I was watching some YouTube videos of the A-7 when I saw the Pirate livery for the Hellenic Air Force 116th Fighter wing's single seater A-7E, [known as an A-7H], done out in an eye catching pirate livery. I thought perhaps it was a Privateer's aircraft but subsequently found it is a genuine Hellenic Air Force livery. The squadron is based at Araxos, Greece. The 2nd livery, (tiger tail) is from the same squadron & was painted for the Archangel air show in 2005. The aircraft have come out of the Razbam FSX A-7 Set 1 & the pirate livery is a separate download. Shots are from around Orbx Dubrovnik & Pula. TTM (P3D v4.5)
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