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  1. Not quite sure what xVision does, but I think I prefer the set that includes xVision. TTM
  2. After re-reading the app instructions, slowly, managed all of that. Thanks TTM
  3. Definetly a touch of the lilac at this stage, but probably correctable. I have just D/L & reading the installation instructions, I am not sure if i should leave Active Sky XP in place or not.? xVision from above posts above seems to be 'leavable', but his instructions are a tad scorched earth as regards running other apps. In particular: Take out: "Any other plug-ins simulating weather visual conditions" - so that's ASXP gone? I struggle with all the overlapping & interactions of these tweaking apps. TTM PS - I missed the Simmarket email listing the features & apparently it holds hands with ASXP ok. But - Activation is not going well. - Do you uninstall the previous version 1st? - Where do you click to get their activation system going? Thanks
  4. Short hop across to KVUO, Pearson Field, from Portland International. TTM
  5. Really! I'll have to scout the area. Thanks Iain. TTM
  6. Larry's work is always superb. Payware quality plus.. A welcome addition to PNW water airports & routes. TTM
  7. Superb set & lighting in the hills. TE GB North?? TTM
  8. Maybe I should read the manual TTM
  9. Noorduyn Norseman somewhere. Shot was taken awhile ago & I forget where. Possibly PNW. The sky is by Active Sky XP & so far I have only got dark brooding clouds using it. Anyone able to get other cloud formations/ colorings, with ASXP? TTM
  10. Excellent Iain. They have a water color painting feel to them. TTM
  11. Nice set. Horizon & cloud colors are looking good. TTM
  12. Stampe leaving one of the new John Barner Global Airport Freeware package additions, out of KGNT, (Grants-Milan Municipal), New Mexico. He made some nice refinements to the stock airfield. KGNT located at 6,500' meant the Stampe took awhile to leave the ground. TTM (P3D v4.3)
  13. Nice set Stewart. I took the Twotter into Saba the other day & you only get in there if you can reverse pitch the props. Very short runway. TTM
  14. Wing42 Vega on its way from Sequim Valley to Swanson. TTM (P3D v4.3)
  15. She flew solo across the Atlantic in one, & Wiley Post flew around the world twice in one, apparently. TTM
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