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  1. Fascinating set from your personal aircraft. I did note the color coordination between the Karitane Yellow shades of brown in the rocks & the accent browns on the sides of the aircraft. Nice touch TTM
  2. PMDG DC-6B in a Jankees Portuguese Airforce livery in the vicinity of Orbx MSFS Tivat & taking advantage of its 8,000'+ runway length. TTM (MSFS)
  3. Nice compositions Iain. 2nd shot shows a view of the C170 not often glimpsed. In that shot, on the ground below the aircraft, at the bottom of the shot, are some tire track patterns that reflect a systematic activity, such as stock feed out, or hay making perhaps? Could PP enlighten us as to what they are from? TTM
  4. Nice selection of shots & an appropriate aircraft. TTM
  5. Appreciate you taking the time to update us on Bromma & your circumstances. As you will no doubt be aware, there is a substantial fan base waiting for your master piece & we look forward to its completion, coupled with your health intact. TTM
  6. Brisbane, Sumburgh - They keep rolling out. Any indication of where Bromma is these days? ie, still in development, or in Beta testing? Thanks TTM
  7. Nicely curated set. The 'cube' building reminds me of re-purposed shipping containers. TTM
  8. Nice composition. Which sim? TTM
  9. Despite looking as if it has been covered in short pile carpet, the Dorand AR1 A2 is a fascinating aircraft to fly. A few shots from Sogndal. TTM (MSFS) The infamous pilotless biplane. Andreas has provided the essentials at Sogndal - wood, a concrete mixer, a Waste Management trash bin, & of course, a Port-A-Loo. (I don't know what they are called in Norway) Please note the excellent color coordination between the Dorand & the lighting array servicing hut. Dawn approach. The Dorand floats in nicely when you cut the motor.
  10. Congratulations Gentlemen. Nice work & use of light. TTM
  11. Well, words of encouragement to Marcus. I've just noticed someone, [not Orbx or an Orbx Partner], has dropped Popham for MSFS. One of my favorites in the Orbx airfields P3D stable. I sincerely hope I don't wake up one morning to find someone other than Orbx has released Bromma!
  12. Freeware C172 Amphibian clad in what looks like weathered bare aluminium, leaving Sogndal for Arlanda, in foggy conditions. TTM (MSFS) Starting up. Looks like there is some rain mixed in with the fog. Departing & about to pull the landing gear up. The stance of the front gear reminds me of new born calf legs as the calves try to take their first steps. Skinny & thrust forward. Gear up & flaps up. Trucking along.
  13. I constructed a 25 minute flight into Sogndal from an airport located to the North West. The flight traversed fjords & mountains, & I used SoFly UK Light Snow for weather. Navigating with a GPS & using an AP I thought I would find Sogndal quite easily. Not so. I decided to abandon the magenta line about 10 miles out & follow the a fjord coastline in to Sogndal, assuming Sogndal was nestled on the edge of the fjord. It isn't, in fact its cut onto a plateau about a mile back from the fjord coast line. So I overshot, turned around & made a rather steep approach & went ice skating on the runway. I was surprised to find a Caudron waiting for me. Once again Andreas has come up with a nifty airport in a spectacular setting. So, If you want a compact airport in stunning scenery, with tricky approaches from both ends, this is it! TTM (MSFS) Dropping down into a fjord near Sogndal. I thought the airport was somewhere further along the shore line on the left. Abandoned the shore line & turned back, now setting up a rather steep approach. You can see how ENSG is situated up from & inland of, the fjord. Not in a good situation - short & off to the side. Slid graciously sideways for awhile. Surprise, a Caudron! Nice to see immediate environs of the Sogndal terminal have under surface heating to clear the snow.
  14. Took a freeware tail dragger from Oamaru to Westport. Straight line flight crossing the Southern Alps & passing to the East of Hokitika. Due to various screen freezing issues prior to the flight, I had dropped the Graphics setting down from High to Medium. Still think the mountains look pretty good when using Orbx NZ Mesh & Medium graphics. TTM (MSFS)
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