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  1. Pete I have searched but can't find the 'tree fix' description. Could you kindly repost which add on & the setting to enable the fix? Thanks TTM
  2. In case I get dropped off your Xmas Card List, or refused a ride in the 2020 Corvette you have on order - I thought I should offer some practical assistance ilo bald criticism I use a freeware program to crop & tweak shots, if required. Its IrfanView, from IrfanView.com I open it & go to File/Open which opens file manager & I find the image I want to work on. I open the image & if I think it looks too dark I go to top row menu - 'Image' Then way down the Image drop down menu is 'Auto-adjust Color' I click on that & the image changes, [usually lightens up]. If I don't like the change I hit a back arrow to get to original. If I like the new image I save it. 1st shot below is not color adjusted. 2nd is, per method i described. If you can wrestle Irfanview on to your PC you perhaps could try putting 1 of the last 3 shots above into Irfanview, do "Auto-adjust colors' & see if you are happier with the result. I don't use it all that often & use it more in P3D than XP. Another option could be to have a lok at some older shots you have taken [assuming they are saved], say in last couple of days , ones you were happy with, & see how they look now in whatever you use to view them. Good luck. TTM I
  3. Since you asked, I'll be picky, hopefully in a useful way Some of them look good & some of them look a bit off to me Jack. What time of the day were they shot? #1 is showing ground blurr or flatness that i would expect more in SD. [ie, i would expect HD to be sharper at that distance] #5 & 6 seem to be running a slight dark blue tint, but i can't talk i have lilac at times. The last one has odd ground blurriness under the trees to the right, but i have noticed this in many publicity shots, I suspect its an LR issue. Most are pretty good, but the odd one looks to be a bit 'dark', ie, need a bit of sunlight in there? [eg, last 3 shots] Have you tweaked any add ons recently? TTM
  4. A flight starting at Klamath Falls, Or, & heading more or less due North on the Eastern side of the Cascade Range. As I get around Oregon I continue to be amazed at the variety of the topography & how real it looks in TE Oregon SD. The new Beechcraft D18S developed contrails en route. Anyone know if I can get rid of them, if they are a tick box in an add on? I am running Ultra Weather XP & xVision. I find the contrails distracting TTM (TE Oregon SD)
  5. Thanks I haven't done any post processing yet - will have a look at that. TTM
  6. AeroWorx DC-3 flying South West from Madras, Oregon, at various times of the day & in varying weather. TTM (TE Oregon SD)
  7. Pic below taken after xVision Shader change. Before the change the tarmac & surrounding ground would have been bleached, almost white. The change made was to go into xVision/Shaders/ Lighting, & untick the 'Sunlight Adjustment' box. TTM
  8. TE Oregon SD. 3 views at 2,100' over The Dalles area, on the Columbia River. Obviously a substantial hydro scheme there. Trains moving around too. TTM
  9. If only it also required mandatory occupation by the owner, without social media access. TTM
  10. I think I have got an answer to the bleaching. I am now starting white aircraft on the tarmac in the morning & they don't blend in with the background because all colors are bleached. I will post the xVision setting change later today. TTM
  11. DHC2 Beaver in a bare metal livery on its way from Baker City, Oregon, to KSEA. For some reason I can't fathom, about 30 minutes into the flight contrails started coming off the leading edge of the wings. TTM
  12. I suspect its in xVision. Checking out some earlier shader set ups. TTM
  13. I am getting quite a bit of haze . This was later in the afternoon. Not quite sure where the haze is coming from. I have Mist turned off in Ultra Weather. Frankly, after the most recent XP11 update I have lost my scarlett sunset & I get haze on the horizon & 10am shots at an airfield are heavily bleached out. So I am navigating those factors at the moment. Any idea where the bleaching could be coming from?? TTM
  14. I looked for the cosw John on approach. Thanks for link. TTM
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