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  1. Ketchikan - Douglas DC-8-11

    Nice set Adam. Is this the Just Flight update that puts it into V4?? I hhave it on the PC somewhere in v3.4, but can't find it!! Too many aircraft! TTM
  2. DC-6 & Oxygen

    Actually, I had the black screen a couple of days back. Set up an 8 hour flight in South America & went off to the shops & other stuff. 4 hours later I find the black screen, but if I changed the view I got a momentary flash of the aircraft flying, for that view. Like .25 seconds. Head scratching ensued, but no light bulb. Figured it out next time when I was there when the curtain began to descend. Very well done effect. TTM
  3. MD-81

    Charter CLS MD-81 on it way from SACO, (Cordoba, Argentina), to SCFA, (Antofagasta, Chile) [P3D v3.4] TTM
  4. DC-6 & Oxygen

    PMDG DC-6 in Evert Air Fuel colors, [on loan from Alaska operations], flying between SPZO & SBEG in South America. I had the AP programmed to go to 17,000', but around 15,000' the screen image started to fade & I thought something was wrong with the monitor. Then I remembered the DC-6 is set up to mimic Pilot oxygen deprivation & once I found how to turn the oxygen on, I could see properly again. A nice touch. TTM
  5. The PagoPago's Corsair

    Nice set of shots. Is this the new Milviz one? I think that makes at least 3 manufacturers versions out now?? TTM
  6. Alabeo C195 pulled aside from the runways at KEWR, with engine issues. TTM
  7. ESSA Arlanda at night

    A couple of shots from checking out the upgraded Orbx ESSA Arlanda airport in Stockholm, with P3D v4 Dynamic Lighting turned on. FPS hit was negligible & I am impressed with the lighting effects and airport in general. I imagine that in foggy conditions it could be quite surreal at night. TTM
  8. C404 into Timaru

    Alabeo C404 Titan dropping into Timaru, en route to Nelson from Dunedin. All South Island, New Zealand locations. To illustrate the fidelity of the Orbx South Island product detail, if you look at the paddock directly under the C404 fuselage you should see a pattern of pale patches in the green grass. These are consistent with the marks left from feeding out hay to stock, usually in Winter or times of grass shortage. The hay is usually dropped off the back of a trailer towed by a tractor. You cut the bale twine, then kick swathes of the hay out the back of the trailer as the tractor drives around the paddock. I know, because I've done it. The sheep or cattle follow along behind & the hay left over tends to kill any growth underneath, hence the patches. TTM
  9. GAS BWB CK Float Plane at Ganges Water Drome, (CAX6), awaiting take off clearance, & then thundering across the water at 50 KIA. TTM
  10. C207 near Jena-Schongleina

    Reading some reviews, it can be a bit of a pig. Possibly under-powered. & C of G critical with extra long fuselage. Real world tale that in Walk Around, if Pilot could pull tail to the ground & the aircraft settled back on its wheel, it was 'balanced' I'm enjoying it & was only around $17 in sale. TTM
  11. Standing Ovation.

    Superb set & a good choice for GA transportation. TTM
  12. NZ

    Great set Dolf. Had Pilot's in FSX but I've held off in P3D because of size of files, possible fps impact. Do you have it World wide, or just selected Continents, (Oceania/Asia)? & have you noticed an FPS impact?? TTM
  13. C207 near Jena-Schongleina

    Alabeo C207 turning during approach to Orbx Jena-Schongleina. TTM
  14. C404 South Island, NZ

    Taking the Alabeo C404 Titan for a run from Auckland to Dunedin down the back road, ie, West Coast of the South Island. Had the 404 , then while upgrading SSD's managed to lose it. Happy to have it back in the hangar. TTM
  15. Getting the hang of study-level

    Excellent set of very close to photorealistic shots Jack. Very crisp, & shadings & colors look good. If I had that setup I don't think I would be tinkering with it much. The Delta is PMDG?? TTM