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  1. Everts Air Cargo JF Curtiss C46 heading for Calgary from Spokane. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
  2. Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk1B arriving at England's South coast at dusk. TTM
  3. Found this Hurricane Mk 1 BoB in the hangar. There are several variants. Not sure where I got it, possibly freeware, one of the manuals refers to 'ND' Flies nicely & the engine roar is raw, if you will excuse the alliteration. Flown out of Damyns Hall. TTM
  4. Great set Jack. Who's aircraft & repaint?? TTM
  5. C-47 on its way to Paris from Leeds-Bradford. TTM
  6. CS L-1011 on a low approach into Southampton International, in Winter. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
  7. If there isn't a Port-a-loo handy. TTM
  8. When there is a paint kit, will you be considering some liveries for this aircraft? TTM
  9. Did you tweak some stuff as it appears paint kit not out yet. Or did you get hold of it? TTM
  10. Well you have lost me there. A bonfire at the end of the Des Moines runway would have been handy. TTM
  11. JF F4U-1 'Birdcage' Corsair headed out of KMSP for Des Moines, in snowy conditions. Des Moines airfield was fogged in & very hard to find. TTM (P3D v4.5.13)
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