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  1. Well mine has ended up described as " an I/O device error # 0xc00000e9. Have spent the day pulling the PC apart, but I suspect it is a faulty Op. sys & now I have to find the discs. Can't Fctn + F8 Safe mode or anything remotely helpful. Ponder time. TTM
  2. I'll tack on another problem Lawrence. On my Flight Sim PC I have a lock screen saver. I start the PC, the screen, [a picture], comes up, I hit enter & the login password panel comes up, put in the password, hit Enter & I'm good to go. Worked last night, this morning when I hit enter, the date on the lock screen picture 'bounced', & no password panel came up. Have not been able to get into Safe Mode yet either. Win7. Was anything updated overnight? TTM
  3. Thanks! You've just saved me a reinstall TTM
  4. PMDG DC-6 undergoing a livery change en route from Anchorage to Kenai. The Buffalo livery is fictional. TTM At this point I discovered the R/E/A were locked. I hit the WeFly AP & it kicked in & took it all the way to Kenai. At which point I had to abort the flight. Does this aircraft have a primary control lock??
  5. I have his blessing Buffalo are very pro exposure. Looking in the hangar to see if I have DC-4 or DC-6 in a Buffalo livery. TTM
  6. Left the Isle of Mann on a 120 degree heading. Not sure what this West Coast Cental England estuary is. TTM
  7. Very useful resources, thanks. A lot of stuff going on in the background. TTM
  8. I wondered if it was fixed. Thanks What do you recommend as a good freeware or payware glider that can work ridge lift & thermals? TTM
  9. I think I took off in the wrong View. Had I been in shift 6 i would have been in behind the glider & been able to judge its relative height with respect to the tow plane. However I was in cockpit view & pretty soon after releasing the brakes the nose popped up & it wasn't until I got the nose bavk down that I could see I was nearly vertically above the tow plane , which was still taking off! Getting back in line - ever seen water skiers zoom sideways back & forth behind the back of the boat? The glider controls on the tow line required more finese than I had in that flight. TTM BTW - how do i raise & lower a glider "undercarriage:, if one is in use??
  10. LR ASK 21 circling after an eventful aero tow out of Lasham. Have not been invited back. Tow pilot has retired. TTM
  11. Nice set. Have to have a look at the soaring site. 20 years since I had the R/C Sailplanes out. Enjoyed the soaring. TTM
  12. Into Homer from Kenai. TTM
  13. Taking a Porter from Harvey Field to Half Moon Bay & at 15,500' when the diuretic kicked in. Spied a golf course way below & tried Beta mode , per - eased throttle until at 80 kia, full flap then pull prop lever all the way back to feather. & gently nose down. Porter comfortably held 80 to 100 kia all the way down, never any sense of losing control. Nice feature. TTM
  14. Very nice set Iain. What do you use for your clouds & which program is giving you those realistic cloud ground shadows? (Ref shots 1 & 2) TTM
  15. Ok Greg I need another crack at this. I've had a look at the Porter User Manual & am finding the throttle quadrant is a bit foreign to me, I am used to working the mixture from 85% on t/off down to 45 - 65% on cruise. On the Porter its left alone? "Going into Beta", - I'm not sure if its the prop lever or throttle that gets moved around - P.6 says: "When operating in the beta mode, the propeller pitch angle is controlled by power lever movement between the lift detent and the point where constant speed operation becomes effective." I can't figure the underlined text above, out. Is the 'power lever" the prop lever or the Throttle?? Could you kindly post quasi 'top down' screen shots of the throttle quadrant with the Prop/Throttle/Mix levers 'pre Beta", then "in Beta" mode? Thanks TTM
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