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  1. Superb conversion & shots! & concurrently PMDG announce the DC-6 for MSFS. Radials are on the way! TTM
  2. Thank you OD & other Gentlemen. Indeed, they have liveries & aircraft not found elsewhere & their FDE's on the 727 are superb. They feel very realistic in the Logitech stick, smooth, slow roll to left etc etc, as opposed to a few MSFS aircraft that have twitch syndrome on the stick. The DC-8 smokers are interesting. I got one going & HJG suppy smoke effects files that pour it out. They also have a wealth of knowledge on why/how the DC-8 smokes. I have copied an excerpt from an HJG forum, by Tony Madge. Finally the shot below is from when I got the smoke going ove
  3. Another HJG composition, this time a 1984 Ansett Air Freight aircraft based on the B727-200F ADV NTL/VHF JT8D-15. The livery is by Erik Ingram. If you want more detail on the component creators, that can be found in the HJG website. The shots are out of Melbourne using only Orbx FSX Global & HD Trees. So far, every HJG aircraft I have flow has been a pleasure to fly. TTM (FSX)
  4. Again out of Bozeman, & with the same FSX component provenance as the Kitty Hawk B727, but this time the livery is by Peter Liddell. The aircraft at one time was operated by Kelowna Flightcraft. It's CN/LN reference is 20839/1031 & it was broken up in Hamilton, Ontario, in June 2016 TTM (FSX)
  5. If you have FSX & take the trouble to work your way into the extensive Historic Jetliners Group. (HJG), [see here for link: https://simviation.com/hjg/main.htm ], Download offerings, you will be rewarded with some rare aircraft & liveries, & aircraft that fly very very smoothly. (Whoever wrote the FDE for this aircraft knows what they are doing) You download a Base File then download the appropriate Panel & Sound files & also liveries that pertain to the aircraft. Such is the diversity of aircraft engine variants for the 727 that I found it easiest to pick a liver
  6. Excellent compositions & choose of aircraft. Uninstall the Mesh & do shot #4 again so we can get a Before & After comparison. I wonder what the Mesh does for low rolling hills such as in Central Otago? TTM
  7. I wonder if you could slow the Default/New cycle down & hold each shot on for maybe 3 seconds ilo of what appears on my laptop to be less than a second per display? Or better still, use the 'swipe right' & hold" method as at the current speed I can't appreciate the subtleties between Default & New. TTM
  8. It occurred that a direct PM to Nick would probably be the fastest way to get an answer. But your assiduous monitoring of the forums was just as effective. Thank you Nick. TTM
  9. Well, there's hope for me yet! Well done, all 4 of you! TTM
  10. I recently reinstalled FSX, to my C drive, & Orbx Central picked it up straight away. Due to space limitations I have relocated FSX to a plug in SSD. (Which also carries XP11 & Orbx Central finds that without issue) After moving FSX, Orbx Central no longer shows it in my drop down list of Sims. (I suspect it is looking for it on the C drive) Is there a way for me to point Orbx Central to the new location of FSX? Thanks you TTM
  11. Dare I say it looks better in XP than MSFS? Must be the light & colors, but the aircraft 'sit' looks just right too. TTM
  12. I just put FSX back so I could run a few old tin can smoking noise makers & you pull XP11 out. Damn that looks good! Whose Spit? TTM
  13. Thank you Gentlemen. FSX is bare bones at the moment & will probably stay that way as practically everything I have in FSX I have in P3D. What was pleasing is that Orbx Central picked up the reloaded FSX straight away & I used it to update the Orbx Libraries & install Vernonia. With its utility, Central is essential & IMHO, the cornerstone of the Orbx system. TTM
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