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  1. Working Title CJ4 coming into Torp early morning, in inclement weather. Used RWF Live weather. Initially I overflew & had to turn around & come back. Nice combination, Torp is a great place to fly into & the WT CJ4 is a delightful aircraft to pilot. None of the shots were retouched, apart from some cropping. Bring on Bromma! TTM Arriving North of Torp, towards the Coast, thick low cloud below. Overflew Torp. On the way back, slowing down. The Coast is underneath now. Starting approach from the Southern end.
  2. After the update today I took the Asobo B58 out of EGLC, in Live Weather. Which meant I couldn't see anything!! TTM
  3. Didn't know one was in the works. Do you know what they are tweaking? TTM
  4. I can't match the Luminar skies, but this is SoFly Bold Clouds at dusk, as the 737 arrives at Kos. TTM
  5. Stunning set. I note you ignored the 737 tumult & whipped out your credit card. Flies b-y well for $20! TTM
  6. Ryanair clad 737 Max leaving LFKB, late morning. TTM
  7. Hang in there Iain. Absolute stunner of a sunrise! Take it easy & take your meds. TTM
  8. I use the Pause button at the top right of the keyboard, which, I think, is Active Pause. I enjoy watching the yachts sail on while the aircraft is frozen. Have yet to work out how to board a yacht & go sailing. I think Pete, that that is probably within the skill set of someone who can stuff a semi empty hangar with items. BTW, where's my pony? TTM
  9. Yes Pete We are aware of that. But I am referring to a yacht moving, not the light shade viewed from a prone position on your lounge floor TTM
  10. Seafront Simulations Channel Island boat release has a Leopard 45 catamaran in one of its promo shots. An Upvote for anyone who can ID where it is for me. I want to see it sail in some decent wind TTM
  11. FYI, there is a complete do-over of the Channel Islands that should not be too hard to find, but the author is a bit nervous that the 2/11/21 UK update may obliterate his efforts. One to watch to see what happens. I trust the MSFS update won't sink the Seafront boats as they are looking pretty good. TTM
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