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  1. Back to 1S2, in the M20R. TTM (MSFS/Med)
  2. Interesting selection of great shots. I particularly like the cable shadows in shot #2 on the impaled mushroom structure. TTM
  3. I found it easy to fly. Suggest you ease back some of your MSFS Graphics settings. Put Terrain LOD about 80 if it is above that. If you get it going & are using Autopilot, you may find the Avionics shut down after awhile, however on other Forums the finger is being pointed at MSFS for this bug. TTM
  4. Uh oh!!! I assumed you were using a Joystick too. If you have a spare USB port & can manage to get hold of a joystick, even 2nd hand, I strongly recommend you add the joystick. We can guide you through the set up, but man, keyboard & mouse is a heroic approach somewhat doomed to failure as regards landings. You need the subtlety of control inputs from a joystick to make the landings. TTM
  5. Carlos I have dampened down the control sensitivity of all the aircraft I fly. I will try & find my notes on the tweaking tomorrow. It is not horrendous, & I find it makes the landings easier as I am not over controlling the R/A/E TTM
  6. Not an airfield I visit often, but I took the Majestic Dash-8 Q400 in at dusk. Using the 'Start at 4,000', 10 miles out' approach, I found the engines dead. Did manage to get them fired up, but I was not set up properly & overflew. I was surprised at how well the Q400 glided while I wrestled the engines. TTM (P3D v4.5)
  7. I wasn't going to post these but I can't fly due to Microsoft Gaming Services hogging my PC, so here is a selection of the Port-A-Loos scattered around Wycombe. I'm not sure which one is the Executive Washroom. I also noticed a large number of rubbish 'skips', [large open rubbish containers that can be transported on the back of trucks}. So I wonder if someone from Pilot Plus could advise whether the skips are 'decoration' for the airfield, or whether there actually is some sort of rubbish/waste metal? operation based at Wycombe? TTM (MSFS/Med) 2 PL's here
  8. After wrestling my way into Microsoft Marketplace & having the 1st two attempts at purchasing the Carenado M20R bounced out, I did a bit of research & found that a 'fix' was to NOT start MSFS in Administrator mode. Once installed, I did a quick flight out of Wycombe & then closed MSFS down. I then went to start MSFS again to figure out the M20 AP & other controls only to find that Microsoft Gaming Services has taken over my PC for a download that so far has taken 3 hours! TTM (MSFS/Med)
  9. Great work - lots of character. Stunned by the number of Port-A-Loos. I think I counted 7! TTM
  10. Rex Sky Force Settings: Sky: Dawn: Set 20 Day: Set 30 Dusk: Set 02 TTM
  11. If your using P3D & want the Dusk name, let me know & I'll look it up. There are something like 20 or so to choose from Cheers TTM
  12. Having seen Adambars' Wycombe shots I decided to take the plunge, & don't regret it. The Pilot Plus rendition of EGTB is an excellent eclectic output with details tucked away all over the place. & its busy - at one stage there were 4 vehicles circulating on the tarmac. It is well suited to GA operations. The shots are a mixture of time of day, & season arrangements. Medium Graphics settings & no visual enhancements, such as Luminar. WYSIWYG TTM (MSFS/Med)
  13. Thanks Dario & the other gentlemen with kind remarks. I got some pink into the sky by using a Rex Sky Force Dusk setting. No AS or ASC. In fact the 2018 RSF was knackered & I had to delete it & reinstall an updated version. I paid more attention to the settings I chose this time. Now I am curious to see if their weather engine works. TTM
  14. Excellent set. It's actually a Pilot Plus product, retailed via Orbx. They looked to have done a nice job. TTM
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