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  1. Thanks, The fire engine is part of the traffic of S43, the Chevy SUV is from Bahrometrix.de, the Girl on the bike is an avatar, also from Bahrometrix.de. Henk
  2. I think you will see this when Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) is enabled. Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) -Off- Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) -On-
  3. Rule 2. You can submit edits whatever you like. Does this mean that we can use a program like Luminar, like this screenshot of WA79 with Luminar sky augmented object? Henk
  4. I hope so too, that they will be coming back soon! Henk
  5. Last week I took pictures of the sky over my hometown and used them with Luminar 4 in screenshots of Rotterdam Europoort (AFS2). Henk
  6. Enhanced sky over WA79 ……. Henk
  7. Maybe Sacha Normann can help with this? See thread "True Earth -" Great Britain - Known Issues and how to fix them ".
  8. Are these ground textures normal for TE GB South - Southampton docks - Portsmouth? They look so white.
  9. Thank you so much for the tip about Laminar 4. Bought the program and here is my first attempt. Henk
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