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  1. Hi guys, so I was having BSOD's all the time yesterday (video driver issue it seems), then my FSX went crazy (couldn't load a flight) and I had a sort of repair made to FSX. Now it works, but I'm not sure what to do with Orbx global products (as the other ones have their folders active). I made a "verify files" for global and it downloaded about 3 gb of data. Same for trees and buildings (verify, I mean). Because I suspect those files were overwritten by the repair, weren't they? Thank you Federico
  2. See? I was sure you'd have found a solution Thanks a lot Cheers Fede
  3. Excellent work, looking forward for this one! Just a question, though: I have the PNG raw grit package from Pacific Island Sim., and it has three airports that are contained in this package of yours (TAP,WTP and Fane). I'm sure you'll make them work together, but I have to ask: will they be compatible? The other package has another 37 strips besides those, so I hope I don't have to uninstall it... Thanks Fede
  4. Hi Richard, thanks for taking time to reply. Yes, it's possible as you say, in fact I was surprised when it happened. If I hadn't checked before, I'd have thought it had to be the usual elevation fix on/off being wrong, but this time it had to be correct! One thing I'll try, when it happens again (hopefully not, but I'm afraid it will), I'll try reloading the scenery to see if it's able to fix itself. Thanks for now Cheers Fede
  5. Hi all, it happenes from time to time to encounter this sort of error, where the runway was invisible below the terrain, or similar. Now, today was a strange one. Before commiting the flight (EDDM-GCXO) I made sure that at GCXO everything was fine. And it was, in fact. Sort of plateu, but that's ok. So I went and started the flight. Loaded my MD11 and off I went. When I was approaching GCXO I started to see something was wrong. Again, thw airport aprons and terminals were visible, the runway was below the ground! Argh! I was able to land anyway, as I sank through the ground, but I wonder why
  6. Ciao Paolo, I think I solved my problem. I tried flying in Germany, France, etc, and everything was fine. So I went into the scenery library and deactivated every scenery (even simple .bgl's) I had active in the area, and voilet, problem solved. At least it seems so, it was to late to test it fully, but a quick trial showed no issues at all. Maybe you can try something similar. Ciao Fede
  7. Hi all, I have a problem of freezing sim and blurring textures when flying over Europe. I installed OpenLC EU many weeks ago, but as I'm not using FS often, I've never tried it...I use to fly in other ORBX regions (such as NAM or AU or NZ...) and with Global/Vector and never have an issue. Last night, I made the move, and thought, okay, let's fly in EU. One of the worst experience ever! Sim kept on freezing, and when it doesn't freeze it blurs..a lot! Defragmentations are regular (I use Perfect disk). I suspect LC has something to do with it, hasn't it? ORBX full regions are running just smoo
  8. Disregard, I found this Ed's post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/95950-unhandled-exception-on-global-config/which solved the problem. Cheers
  9. Hi Richard, I have the same issue. I tried reinstalling Vector (there is no unsinstall, isn't it?) but I still have the problem. Just to add, I don't know if it's ok or not, I have FSX only installed, and the selection box is greyed out. I assume it's ok, but wanted to clarify. I tried launching the AEC from FTX central v2 as well, but to no avail. Thanks Fede
  10. Hi Neil, thanks that worked. Keeping those files gave me those issues. Removed them, and I could work on it Cheers Fede
  11. Hi Neil, thanks for that! Anyway, I found a quick fix. I was trying to add a rectangle flattening. Turned out there must be something wrong when I do it. So I just added a flatten poly around the runways, and that worked flawless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I put a .bgl scenery file in a library above FTX's, shouldn't it be ok without deleting the originals? I hate messing up with files, moving them and so, basically I try to use FSX to manipulate the priority. It has always worked for me, but maybe I was just lucky... Cheers Fede
  12. Hi guys, I was trying to modify an airport located in NRM area, CFK6 precisely, but I ran into some trouble. There are two runways, both grass, slightly sloped. To make them concrete, I had to flatten the area. Well, turns out I can't do that. If I modify the elevation, or flatten, just the runways will change elevation, but they are phisically either sunk or floating. There's no way I can flatten the terrain. I already tried modifying an off site airport, and I could do that, but not this time. It looks like there is some kind of conflict with FTX. I get no error messages nor crashes, it jus
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