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  1. I don't appear to have any foreshore water movement anywhere around Australia. (The white foam) If I fly out of PAKT toward Annette Island I have Foreshore waves, as with all countries outside of Australia? Has this been removed from AUv2, or should I uninstall AUv2 and reinstall? Kind Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  2. Jarrad, Thanks so much Ill do that and let Lawrence the developer know. Thanks for the Great Support. Kind Regards Brian
  3. Nick, Doug, Jarrad, and to Bruce a (Life Member) , The offending Scenery was only one: RAAF BASE GinGin. I will advise the Developer. Thank you Brian (BJ from OZ)
  4. Thanks Bruce, Yes, it was by pure accident that I realised it wasn’t Ozx, when I disabled everything, I thought I had done everything, except ORBX, I had forgot to disable Ozx. So I then enabled all scenery except for those I mentioned in the earlier post. So today, I should be able to find the offending scenery, then reinstall Ultimate Terrain and Marble Black. Its really a great feeling, when the hobby that is your life, is all up and running. Thanks for your support, we are a unique bunch. Kind Regards Brian
  5. Thanks Nick Will report back tomorrow, it isn't OZx, it`s either RAAF GinGin, PEARCE, or Modified Perth, or Lucy`s Trucks, or Envtex. Have to save a marriage, talk tomorrow. Kindest of Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  6. Thanks Nick and to your wonderful support team Doug, Jarrad, and to Bruce (Life Member) I'm sure you have read the whole history here. This is my lifeline to the outside world. I will let you know the culprit for anyone with future problems. THANK YOU ONE and ALL Kindest Regards BRIAN (BJ from OZ)
  7. Nick I owe you a beer or 10, whenever your down here in Gods country. About 260 choices? of which scenery corrupted ORBX, that's what I disabled? Brian
  8. NICK Everything has returned to NORMAL, NO floating building? Now I guess I enable one by one to see what is corrupt? Your a breath of fresh air, I thank you. What do I do next. Surely it couldn't be any of my RTMM MISTY MOORINGS, it would have to be Ozx, or something local that is not compatible with 4.5. Nick I'm up to whatever you think I should do???? WOW Regards Brian
  9. Nick, Jarrad, I just noticed all my entries in my terrain.cfg for Tongass x for Misty Moorings was missing? Don't know whether that would throw things out.(NO HAD NO BEARING) I have a lot of excess. orig, bu, old files in program data, can they be removed? Brian
  10. Doesn't appear to be anything in the ProgamData\Lockheed\Prepar3Dv4\Add-ons
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