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  1. Hi all, so sory for my stupid question ......I read here about upgrade for LOWI on P3D v4. I have V4 and Lowi but dont shown on FTX central for P3D v4. On FTX central for P3D v3.5 no problem. Thanks a lot for your info. Jan
  2. I found IT :-) Thanks for your kick :-) yu are the best ....Thanks a lot Honza
  3. Hallo, Ok ....Please keep patience I'm going looking I found in section ENGINE - Fuel - Fill All..... OK But I don't found OIL ?
  4. Dear, my dady was buy a new simulator P3D and he need some aircraft and addons. The choice was clear :-) ORBX..... But he have your aircraft Vans RV-4................Do not laugh now :-) he doesn't start the engine. There is some step-by-step instructions how to get started? Thanks a lot and so sorry for my stupid question Otherwise I have to apprise landscapes and airports .... they are breathtaking Honza
  5. I can ask you about help......i can delete picture from our topic but i dont delete because this topic move from another topic and now below missing buton edit for deleting my picture. so sory for my stupid question Thanks a lot Honza
  6. I'll probably cry ..... or buy a 777 super but 777 not for P3D .......
  7. .....yes I know . But I mean some ADDON for my softwere )
  8. Hi , I want to ask you for help ...... One unnamed forum immediately stopped my question. Therefore, I want to ask for help. What software to buy for real movment aircraft (winflex) shaking wings and airplane on clouds for example.... I have Airbus A320/A321,Airbus A318/A319 and ORBX: Base ,Vectol,OpenLC,Englad,Australia and some Airports Thanks you so much Honza
  9. Hi guys, I can ask you about PC. I have PC whit i7 3,12Mhz,16Gb RAM-DDR3,and Nvidia GTX 660ti ....and Win 7 ultimate whit FSX + FTX global+FTX vector+FTX Open LC+ FTX england....now i bought Mega Airport Heathrow + Frankfurt/main from Aerosof ( and my Game is start scarify the game does not run smoothly. Do you have some solution what should I upgrade? Please don't tel me everything )..... Its problem whit graphics Card? I don't know because I start from other airport the game runs smoothly. Thanks a lot for your help Honza CZ
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