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  1. I have just installed the latest version of FTX Central and that seems to pick it up are you on the older version ? I am guessing you maybe ?
  2. I have exactly same problem as you buddy, just waiting on a response as well hopefully we will get a reply soon
  3. Thanks guys - least im not alone with this , you all seem as crazy as me !! Happy Flying ! Dom
  4. lol glad you guys have a sense of humour , Very impressed with the whole Tapini Bush Strips pack must say its great fun !
  5. Well first Attempt at landing at Tapini PNG , heres not how to land
  6. Just a Few from my early morning misty flight in the Beautiful Duke Turbine , departing Sywell direct to Luton Airport
  7. Thanks Guys , nice to feel appreciated , and yes BradB I really shouldn't be a stranger, all the best !
  8. Havent posted any screenshots in a while , well took the mustang for a Dawn ride from Elstree in UK back to Duxford Air Museum Hope you enjoy...
  9. Yup there lovely !! Cant beat the classic airliners !! my favourites especially the comet as well ! Thanks for the comment Cheers Dave !! I did send you a PM as well good to see a local on the forums
  10. Thankyou!! ha ha yea I know exactly what you mean when you say that !!!! why spend money on Travelling when you can spend your money on Orbx Add ons and see the world from your own home lol
  11. Thanks Chaps ! always nice to get a compliment and yes Brad you cant beat the old Classic Airliners
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