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  1. lawrence aldrich

    I know i am gertting old because

    It's boring because anything interesting, like politics, sex, profanity and other common human activities are not permitted. Turn those on and teecee could be instantly released from the bondage of boredom and allowed to soar free in the thrilling skies of controversy.
  2. lawrence aldrich

    CPU, GPU and Motherboard - upgrade advice

    Most everyone likes to strive for computer performance perfection, which is fine.....but expensive. Truth be told, though, from the standpoint of aesthetics, there are a lot of small slider backoffs that can be done without much difference to the enjoyment of the sim. Tweaking for microbes of improvements to the visuals can be a trap. My hardware is good as is, and to my 84 year old eyes, so are the visuals produced with it. I happily own a bunch of ORBX products.....they are excellent in all respects, and I figure if something needs updating or repairing, they'll do it better than I can. Fewer headaches and less expensive.
  3. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    I did...exactly as specified...….failed. Solved problem...….bought steam......installed no problem.....fsx runs fine. Go figure. Thanks for the responses all.
  4. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    Thanks.....still no joy. Right now I've tried every blasted thing imaginable, including everything listed online and ….nothing. It seems as if (at least in Win10 latest) you have a copy of FSX that has at some point been previously installed and activated......you are out of luck. I even went to their phone activation number, which is, of course, a computer, and it refers you the fsx activation screen, which you can't get to since it never loaded. The computer says no screen no help.....please call later. Kind of like an old scifi spoof. George Orwell (1984 author) must be laughing in his grave...……………………..
  5. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    The way things are going, the next update may create another ice age.
  6. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    I'm just one of the "little people" They'll probably have me arrested for insolence and annoying behavior. Windows 10 rules...……...
  7. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    No go....program installed correctly per the windows 10 system...but resulting reinstall failed with same error code 1722. I think it is something in the latest updates to win10 that is causing this, because I have reinstalled fsx in earlier win10s with no problem. I can't back track either to earlier updates because this is a new install. I think I'll sue Microsoft..………….
  8. lawrence aldrich

    FSX reinstall

    Looking for the magic required to reinstall fsx on my new harddrive….keep getting error 1722 at the very end of install sequence. Anybody have this happen??
  9. True.....besides ,any good developer will be the first to tell you that "normal developer" is an oxymoron.
  10. On the other hand, happy customers breed successful companies and good profits.
  11. I think monitor resolution capability is the missing link here. Most don't have high res monitors. Correct me if I'm wrong..…………..
  12. lawrence aldrich

    Help for the new boy please

    Your updated hardware should run fsx pretty well.....you will run out of HD space pretty fast, if you add additional addons. If you can afford it....an intel I7 8700 k processor is the best I've had for both FSX and P3d. When I added a Nividia 1080 with 8GB running at 3300 I got another boost. My 1TB SSD so far so good...but other than ORBX I don't load up with any other addons. My personal two bit opinion is that addons seem to be behind a lot of the problems you see here, so I avoid them.
  13. lawrence aldrich

    Help for the new boy please

    A good way to start is to just run FSX at default, get familiar with it on your present hardware, boost a few sliders to see the reaction of your system, and the come to your own conclusions about future improvements. Default, by the way, means default....no addons, no ORBX yet. Find out what your hardware will do as it is, and make HARDWARE improvements before any software improvements. Right now....the scorecard says(state of the art) sim software 10, hardware about 6 or 7 overall....even on some of the fastest systems. It's like heroin....the more you use it the more you want it.
  14. lawrence aldrich

    Where have you lived?

    USA, Germany, Turkey, French Morocco, Vietnam , and temporarily almost everywhere else. USA includes New York, New Jersey, Florida, North and South Carolina, Texas and currently Georgia. Also lived through TET in Vietnam.....borderline living, actually.