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  1. I use a 4k 32 LG"...….Best views I've ever seen with both FSX and latest P3d.....Also about everything ORBX sells.
  2. We ain't seen nuthin yet..! Wait until the 46 terabyte rendering of the traffic light at the corner of 4th and main in Jacksonville, Florida is released. It will download in .0004 seconds because it is compatible with Quantum Mechanics theory which postulates that at the Quantum level time does not really exist.
  3. I'm doing about the same. It's pretty much routine......the software always creeps ahead of the hardware. That reality will stay as is as long as it sells. Like with cars....do we really need 850 hp engines, computerized braking systems, heated seats.....etc.? You're probably just like me.....having lived in the 1930s.....you look around each day and get the feeling you've been transported to some kind of fantasy world. And to me....it ain't a pretty world.
  4. Savvy air traffic controllers do that all the time. It's a practical solution to overcrowding of the traffic . There are plenty of airplanes,and loads of potential passengers. The biggest problem I noted in my flying career was the shortage of mountains caused by the irrational placement and movements of the tectonic plates. Hope this helps explain the situation you're up against.
  5. Totally disagree....more eggs are needed. Needed examples: A guillotine execution in the Paris scenery. A witch burning at Salem Rome burning with Nero in the background fiddling The "Jaws" shark ripping a rowboat and its occupant to pieces. Just a few of the exciting possibilities. Interesting stuff like that..... real life to amuse and stimulate the bored ORBX developers .
  6. Just imagine how much you would have hurt her if you'd been sober.
  7. See ! Now that's interesting stuff John. Nobody cares where you were.....but what happened when you were. I lived in Binh Thuy Vietnam during TET in 1967......but they missed me. In fact they missed me several times during 1967, either through poor aim or lousy manufacturing (Chinese) quality control on their 37mm AA rounds. Or (on occasion) both. Frankly, I'm not sure I ever hit anything either. So call it even.
  8. Yes, but notice that nobody has been required to post evictions and why they were evicted .
  9. Are you inferring that it will someday re-emerge?
  10. Reading this topic makes it clear to me what actually caused the British Empire to collapse. You talked yourselves into oblivion. You should all relax and have Brexit in bed.
  11. That's not a parachute, the seat cushion is just stuck on your underwear...…………….
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