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  1. Some pretty good stuff there, Traveller…...thanks !
  2. OK.... But you are still assigning somebody else to positively evaluate a subjective experience. Cheers!!
  3. Well...as a suggested solution, one can always just buy one and check it out. Just saying.....
  4. It probably is....if you look closely, there is a French guy down there eating Escargot.
  5. They make the airplane realistic. I flew realistic airplanes for over 13,000 hours, and they would not have been realistic without me.
  6. You might try Orbiter Space Sim for some variety. I did about six months ago and wound up unable to even get to the Moon. Makes you happy to have to deal with only our comparatively tiny planet. I still get a headache even talking about Jupiter.
  7. Just finished installing....terrific ! No problems for me at all....it's idiot proof Maybe one problem. The onscreen still shots of displays look better than my sim. I'm thinking that over.
  8. Yes, definitely. Reminds me of my enlightening tour of Vietnam in 1967. It was either laugh or go insane. I wound up doing both...…...
  9. Why were you standing around looking at his car? He probably stopped to tell you to get busy doing something. I hope you hadn't deserted your unit..... !
  10. If you are 80 and beyond you are considered defunct and no longer relevant in any sense. Therefore birthdays are by default not relevant either. Neither is "happy." I have concluded that the key is to be relaxed at all times. Otherwise you die all tensed up and annoy the undertaker.
  11. Finally ! A useful post. One of the best here..
  12. There are a couple o freebee F-80s out there that are native FSX and work in P3dV4.5. just google a2a fsx f-80 . Only one that works , though. I won't advertise here. Same with the T-33. I ...nothing 64 bit. If you can find any freebees that state native, some will work. I have yet to experience any simulator aircraft that actually flies like a real one. I use freebees , being a cheapskate. It's my Scotch heritage, I guess.
  13. OK...…………. Piper PA-18, T-6G, B25, Grumman Sa-16 (air rescue) , C-47, C54, Martin 202, F-80A, T-33, F-100, Cessna Fac Grasshopper L20, Cessna Fac Skymaster (Vietnam) Retired from USAF in 1974 . Retired from Lockheed Martin in 2000. Current position is collecting checks from everybody. Happily...………
  14. Don't they still make seat pack chutes? I had some time in the original F-80 "Shooting Stars" in 1955. Seat packs all the way. First ride I settled in , cranked up the J-33 (original with disintegrating compressor buckets) and closed the canopy, which promptly hit the back of helmet and pinned me to the front windshield frame. The seat barely adjusted down enough so I could fly without bending forward. (much). You can't make these things up...………..
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