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  1. My attitude is that the visuals I see with the latest P3D coupled with existing ORBX products are for all intents and purposes as real as it gets right now. When Microsoft finally gets their newest out there I'm certain there will be the customary disasters associated with it. Unless they get better than real after said disasters I could care less and am happy with the improvements to come with ORBX. To suggest that the hobby now stand frozen in place waiting for Microsoft gives me a welcome chuckle.
  2. Grump ! You're not going to trick me into a squabble with you. We all live in peace here in America.
  3. True !! However I think we need a personal squabbles area. (death threats excluded of course) Personal squabbles are happening all over the world, we need to stay current with ORBX squabbles.
  4. My recent travels through internet fairyland reveal that these are not new problems, and seem to revolve around win10 updates. My control panel worked fine until the last couple of updates. Sooooooo…….It is actually not necessary, so I just don't use it and have used the p3d hotfix lighting capabilities, which work fine. Not a killer problem, just annoying ….. thanks
  5. Not an ORBX problem, but I'm wondering whether anyone else among nividia cards is having problems with the Nividia control panel lately? Mine still comes up fine but if you try to change settings it just closes and shuts down. I've tried everything to no avail...…. ?????
  6. You have something against indoor plumbing ????
  7. Looks like it's made of mahogany lumber.....what did it weigh????
  8. Interesting discussion....…. Kind of like UFOs.....Everyone talks about them, but nobody actually has one.
  9. The problem with Whitehead was that there is no photo record of his flight. The controversy has gone on for years.....but many,including me,believe he beat Orville and Wilbur by several months. Interesting story,you should Google up Gus and see.....if you haven't already.
  10. I assume you mean FSDT (Dream Team). I checked the site and forum and noticed some negative responses involving ORBX Vector , ( nothing like what you have). You might want to check the FSDT site forum and see what you can find there..
  11. Not on my sims in the last few years.
  12. A secret box !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! devastating.....who is inside ??
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