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  1. You're in good company, Nick. Michaelangelo said the same thing to the Pope about the Sistine Chapel. ……...but he was, eventually, correct.
  2. You guys are talking about going over bridges.....it's sleeping under them that can cause problems.
  3. I think we are definitely starting to realize the fundamental issue here.... I have concluded after testing that since filling a 50 gallon drum with water using a coffee cup seems to take considerably longer than using a fire hose that we have at least figured it out.....now we must wait for the software gurus to work around the laws of physics and rid us of this annoyance. I'm going back to FS 9....…..
  4. Here in America we avoid bridges,since like a lot of other things, too many are falling apart.
  5. I'm not really aware of any definitive answer to your question. Basically they seem to be another way people can pass time trying to get higher framerates. It's reality world in the gaming world, I guess. mine look about the same at 24, 30, 60, 100, 150 and so forth. So I don't really worry much about them. I, like you, welcome the definitive answer .
  6. exactly...… FS2020 is being guessed to shreds everywhere. The operative word being "guessed". My rig runs P3Dv4 with a plie of ORBX software in a way I consider "as good as it gets" right now today. I'll buy the next generations as they are born and finish kindergarten.
  7. Start with the Global Base Pack.....you will be amazed at how good it is. Fly it around allover the place …... Everything else ORBX makes is fine.....but second to Base.....check it out. Then add at will.
  8. I sort of assumed that, but what do I know? We have so much crying here the visibility is normally 1/8 mile in dense noise.
  9. Why? Seems like we cry about everything else these days. No shortage of crying time here in the USA, anyway. Don't know about merry old England, though?
  10. There ya go !! These are S I M U L A T O R S !!!! They are not real.... They are harmless.... They are also G A M E S !!!! They also do not a life create...………...
  11. It will not be. For the same fundamental reasons that we build more cars every year despite the fact that we are already over run with them. It's a business....and the reason economies stay alive is by producing. So....simple economics dictate that to stay in business you make new cars even though the old ones are fine. In the 10th or 12th century there was no technological revolution to feed.....so they concentrated on using spears and rocks. You buy the latest hardware to fit the latest software.....whether you need the latest software or not. This concept is how we went from the spear to the discovery that tiny atoms melt whole civilizations if you're not careful. Our species disguises this often flawed idea under the term "progress"...…...or if you prefer "civilization". The spear of flight simming was sharpened by Microsoft years ago. So look out ………..
  12. If you invest in the rapidly developing software, it stands to reason that your hardware has to be kept at the level needed to run it. As has been happening for decades,the hardware will eventually catch up..... I don't think a guess is really necessary. You need both. Cheers!!!!!!!!!
  13. The ORBX software has already outrun the mid range hardware. This will not improve regardless of anything that can be done. My computer specs are listed below. Close to as good as what is available. P3DV4.5 runs wide open for me......smooth as can be. I've tried True Earth.....In my opinion it is the absolute most my rig can handle.... So I do not use it. When the better hardware comes along......I will. It will be interesting to see what the new Microsoft entry does to the game.
  14. Thanks ! fixed that These are terrific ship models...….really detailed.
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