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  1. Ah, I'm totally out of the news loop. Great to know one of my favorite airports is getting even better.
  2. Safe and healthy is the important thing. The rest can be worked out. Glad you are all ok. Stay that way.
  3. I place all my non-orbx airport scenery at the top of the list, so it sits on top of Global, Vector, LC. I would try moving it to the top and see if that helps. Captain Z
  4. Hey FTXflyer, If you're not using a payware version of KSAN, it's a known (bug, problem, etc.) that the default RWY 9 ILS frequency in FSX is different from the charts. I'm not sure if it was corrected when P3D was assembled. Also, any 3rd party version of KSAN that uses the default ILS would suffer the same problem. The solutions would be buying a 3rd party KSAN with proper AFCAD, getting a freeware update of the AFCAD with the updated ILS, or update the .BGL yourself, to correct the improper frequency. Hope this helps, Captain Z
  5. I looked over some of the different prepaid card options, and most of them had the (just short of) $5 per month fee. AMEX was the only one I found offering a basic prepaid card for $1 per month. For anyone looking into prepaid cards, I would make sure to check out American Express, and see if it has the options you want.
  6. I assume it has already been said or done, but in the FTXCentral options, make sure "Use the ORBX CDN" is checked. DL speeds were horrible for me, then I checked that option, and they were much better.
  7. I agree with tuisong, that there is not much to be done about matching the textures. As far as cloud shadows go, try check marking different shadow options in the options menu. Parts of the airport could be considered other than the expected, such as the runway or grass being a simobject, or other. Or just check off that everything should receive shadows, and see if cloud shadows appear on the airport. If so, then uncheck one thing at a time until they disappear, then you'll know which settings affect it.
  8. Merry Christmas, fellow simmers, from New Orleans........... Laissez les bons temps rouler.
  9. My favorite twin at the moment is the Realair T Duke, and you are lucky to have it, as it is no longer available. After it, the only other twins I use right now are the Milviz C310R and Milviz B55. They are nicely done.
  10. I can't even get the update to start, it just sticks on "checking account info" deal. Glad it's not just me, not that I wish for others to have problems.....just wanted to know it wasn't on my end.
  11. After reading Hanks post above, It made me wonder.....if people who already have everything installed are downloading backups, does that mean they're using the separate zip file backup downloads ? If so, is there a way to only limit those to one a day, but allow people hitting the "Install" button to get their products installed in the sim minus the restriction ? EDIT: To expand on this, and my original suggestion of people sending in photos of their FTXC3 showing products not installed.....FTXC3 obviously knows what products are installed and not installed in our sims, as it clearly shows it in the interface. Is it possible to update FTXC3 to only impose the limit when it shows the product is installed, but allow no daily restriction when installing a product that it detects is not installed ?
  12. I made in in-depth post a few posts before this one, with a possible solution. But, to answer this post.... -I didn't want to do a clean install, but P3D v2 had no upgrade path to P3D v3, so a clean install was my only choice. -I did so, because P3D v3 made many improvements over v2, and is the new standard for P3D. -It was posted that the previous wrapper backups I had would no longer work after I made the move to FTXC 3, and that if I didn't move, I would no longer receive updates. So it made sense to delete files that would not work, and only take up space. -No. Save for Global, which I just installed last night in my newly purchased and installed P3D v3. -I did not think so. My questions about the new ORBX direct system were asked and answered, and I believed the new system was a good thing. But, now that the new system will cause me to have to wait months to be able to use my ORBX products, I am disappointed at the moment. EDIT- I wanted to add, things may backfire. By sending an email to all ORBX customers telling them about the DL restriction, people who weren't even bothering to DL stuff may suddenly start to do so facing the time it will take to get all their products. I hope it's not so, as I understand you are trying to fix a problem that happened, but it may go from a bunch a of people DLing a lot of stuff, to everyone DLing their "one-a-day" daily download.
  13. Sigh....lol. I said in previous posts on this forum I had planned to coincide the move to FTX 3 with my move to P3D v3. I figured if I had to reinstall everything anyways with P3D v3, it was a good move. I waited a few days, to give the kinks in a newly released system to be worked out. There are always bugs, and I knew ORBX would deal with them in a fast and professional manner. All the FYI posts about the new system clearly stated that once I moved to ORBX Direct, my old wrapper stuff would no longer work, so I got rid of it. I've always trusted ORBX, and they always deliver. A day ago, I figured the release bugs were worked out, and I could get things rolling. I installed my fresh copy of P3D v3, and downloaded the latest ORBX libraries and Global Base. Today I was going to knock out Vector, LC eu and LC NA. Apparently, that won't be the case........ I understand that something unexpected happen. I also understand that business hates to see less profit. But it was constantly reiterated that the old wrapper system was no longer needed, that when we made the move to Direct, all our old wrapper files would no longer work. I'm certain I'm not the only person who no longer has them, so unfortunately, the reactivation of the FSS wrapper server won't help much, unless all of the ORBX library will also be available to download from FSS again. Even then, I know it would be waste of time to download all the ORBX products again in a temporary wrapper form. So, now I am faced with the fact that it will take months to get my new sim going with all my ORBX products, and it's a bit disappointing. I'm afraid my pain isn't any less because I am a "minority". I've been looking forward to my new sim and the new FTX Direct since it was announced, and this hits hard. Again, I understand business and money. Am I currently disappointed ? Yes. Am I stark raving mad, and think the world is ending ? Certainly not. I'm hoping a system can be employed to help those of us that orchestrated moves to a new sim or full reinstallations with the release of ORBX Direct and FTX 3. *My suggestion for a possible solution* Perhaps we can be given an email address to send screenshots of our FTXC 3, showing all the products are not installed. I would not want to post those shots in the forums, as they would show personal email, and other account info. But the photos would clearly show what's installed and not, and would take no extra work in implementing a system, besides giving an email, and having someone review the photos clearly showing the account and all the products not installed. If we set FTXC 3 to only show products owned, it should also reduce the number of screenshots needed. This is my suggestion at a possible solution to help those of us faced with it taking months to get our sim up and running with all the ORBX products we payed to use. EDIT- I wanted to amend the "extra work" statement, in that I understand it would take some extra work to adjust the system to allow the people who have proven they have nothing installed the ability to download more than one product per day. So currently, I am sad, disappointed, etc......But hopefully we can figure out a way to fix this mess that has happened, and reduce the pain for those of us who trusted in the new system, and moved to new sims or started full reinstalls, while discarding the old wrapper files we were told would no longer work anyways. ORBX has always done right by us, from what I've seen. I'm sure that will continue.
  14. So, I read through all the threads first, noting the music problem Stillwater had.......then I watched the video. Not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't Star Wars The video was awesome. Beautiful scenery. Reminded me of when I flew a glider over Hawaii in........wow.....'89........sigh.........anyways, great video. Not sure why, but I kept hearing the theme from magnum p.i. in my head while watching....lol.
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