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  1. It is the Flag of the Département Savoie, the administrative subregion Courchevel is located in.
  2. "first foray"? So there might be other altiports like Méribel, Alpe d´Huez or Megève on the menu?
  3. Yessss, my most anticipated addon for a long time (since OLC Asia is still far away). A must-buy for any GA flyer.
  4. Hmm... Central did not warn me of anything during the install. I uninstalled AU SP4 and AU Holgermesh afterwards.
  5. A perfect job. I can only hope BuildingsHD will be close to this, at least the skyscrapers.
  6. Just wow! The best night lighting I ever saw in P3D.
  7. Holy smokes, I've been to Melbourne ten years ago and yet don't remember the CBD this crowded. Either it was because I was struggling with the left hand traffic too much or because you had construction boom down there.
  8. That will be a typical third day buy, since I expect the servers to go down in flames the first two days.
  9. Indeed the unloading procedure only mitigates the VAS problem in P3D v3. E.g. if you're flying over Orcas Island you'll have Vancouver and Seattle inside your bubble. If you have the local OrbX cluster of airports loaded as well you'll be in trouble and no unload procedure will save you. The only possibility to solve this problem is to have a 64bit platform (and lots of RAM).
  10. Hmmm... works for me perfectly. I just bought and installed KSUN successfully.
  11. The problem is that FSX (and P3D v1+2) loads everything within 60 nm of the aircraft into the RAM, but it does not unload it when that part of scenery has left that bubble. So if you have a long flight overflying a lot of detailed payware scenery or photo areas your memory will fill up and ultimately run out of adresses. It was solved in P3D v3 when the guys at LM recoded the memory handling by inserting the much needed unloading procedure.
  12. It's not so much about the bgl or texture files but about the other acompanying files: effects for sceneries or gauges and effects for aircraft. These kind of files had to end up in the respective folders of P3D with the old method which could cause problems with overwriting each other. Of course you could avoid this by using own subfolders but not every developer did make use of this. With the XML method you can keep these files out of the P3D folders for good.
  13. Yes, you missed the Roadmap 2019 and the announcement that all TE will be for P3D4 and XP11.
  14. Two addendums... FTTJ, N'Djamena, Tchad, by Skydesigners (french air base) HTKJ, Kilimanjaro, Tansania, by Aerosoft
  15. Wonderful work, Graham. Sounds like it will come right in time for Australia v2. I'm really looking forward to both works.
  16. Living at the foothills of the Alps I'm still amazed how dry the Rockies can be... A very good place for my flights inside CRM.
  17. RIP Neil, thanks a thousand for your tremendous work.
  18. Years ago, when it was possible, people had put their whole OrbX shopping lists into their signatures, and on these you could easily see that NRM and CRM were by far the least popular regions of the OrbX catalogue. I guess that was the reason why SRM had fallen off the to-do-list back then. Also, as Falcon wrote, deserts aren't really suitable for LC.
  19. Robin (Godzone) is currently working on Christchurch, while Flightbeam is onto Wellington and Auckland.
  20. I really appreciate the work that goes into the surroundings as I love to explore with avatar, vehicles and boats as well. I can't wait to do a stroll through UCSB's campus and a wild ride through the Santa Ynez mountains.
  21. Just to make things clear for those who haven't read the first 5 posts: this thread was about identifying a flag which turned out to be the flag of the sister city of Santa Barbara. This implies that Misha is back on his Santa Barbara project which had already been announced two years ago. See https://archives.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2016/6/11/orbx-santa-barbara-announced
  22. Sverige, here I come. I have just acquired the right V-tailed transport to fly to Falun in style.
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