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  1. Thank you - really amazing how relaxed it all looks from the cockpit. Another good one Hawk Training Flight: a low level Hawk training flight across England's Lake District.
  2. Is this perhaps because Global Base is replacing the default sim textures and so isn’t an “add-on” like all the other Orbx products?
  3. You’re not alone. I previously have contacted many web and print publishers to ask that their outputs be calibrated against colour-blindness. Sadly, not every publisher is sympathetic although some have reacted very quickly with complete understanding. To be fair, I haven’t contacted Orbx about Central’s colour palette because I’ve read others doing that. It is a problem though and it’s frustrating that colour-blindness is not considered by so many publishers.
  4. Yes. Some of the colours in some software apps are difficult to read when one is colour blind. I’d love all software to be user-tested by colour blind users but it doesn’t always happen. I’m not sure what Orbx does so won’t criticise but I have to look hard at a couple of the new layouts in Central. I also have a couple of aircraft I can’t use because I can’t read the navigation unit’s text. Some developers and publishers have responded really well to my past representations - others not so. I’ve never raised it with Orbx though because, until Central, it was always fine.
  5. Careful chaps! It will put all your “off” bgl files back into your folders. I verified a few weeks back and wished I hadn’t - took me hours to reset all my “offs”.
  6. Or you can use fsxmap.com on your Google account, put any comment you like in every add-on airport and then you’ll see clearly which airports you added alongside every other world airport. Fsxmap has other info too - great application.
  7. I had an elevation problem with Compton Abbas before finding the solution on a previous forum post. It made me realise just how helpful and informative this forum and its participants are on so many occasions so I just wanted to say “thanks”. You are all a great collective source of help and it’s very much appreciated. Long may we continue to share our knowledge and passion for flight simming.
  8. Hmm - some local setting on your setup must be causing you problems. Barcelona Cityscape is doable in my FSX. I’ve tried it a few times now and although it takes forever to load, once loaded, it flies like every other ORBX scenery: smoothly and clearly. I do restrict my active scenery add-ons to the continent I’m about to fly but I also run in DX10 mode at 2048 texture and 6.5 miles LOD radius with 3rd party weather textures, weather engine, precipitation effects and TrackIR so there’s a lot going on. It’s never gone below 900 memory whilst flying RealAir Legacy or Duke 2. Stick with it - it’s worth the effort IMO.
  9. I don’t have any interest in building internals, much preferring parking and apron features. As long as the developer gives options to configure internals on or off then that would please everyone surely. Just a thought.
  10. Derek, you can read the posting without installing Facebook: I don’t use FB either but I can see the site. They talk about a production delay of two months due to final design changes. Like you, I’m interested to see the final result at these prices. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks Colin A great film to watch: Aviation - a lifelong passion. NASA and space - a lifelong innovation and learning experience. SOCAL - the BEST family holiday we ever had. Big Sur and everything else nearby - 3 weeks of “wow!”. You’ve made my day - thanks.
  12. ... and good on you for admitting it! Made me smile, for sure. Thanks.
  13. Great discussion. Of course, it's all subjective so it will never conclude. Still, interesting reading. Thanks. And a screenshot isn't a screenshot if it's post processed: then it becomes something other than that which was captured. If it's post-processed then it may enhance the image but the author should declare so - in my opinion.
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