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  1. I found the snow mounds and turned off those two files. Thanks for the tip, Jon.There's still vehicular traffic on a part of Taxiway B. Stew
  2. Then I'll have to check again if I have those snow mounds. Using a runway that doesn't require Taxiway B is maybe why I haven't seen them up close. Stew
  3. I'm not really inclined to turn those settings down that low. Will look forward to whatever FSimStudio's has to say.
  4. Yes, I am using Vector. And the last time I looked, I didn't have the snow mounds, even those two files are still "on". Strange that Jon is experiencing this. Stew
  5. Hello, guys. Just to let you know I'm seeing the same thing. Also, I don't have the two above-mentioned files turned off. Will be interested in finding out any solution, but it's not a game-breaker. Stew
  6. Just to let everyone know Tongass Fjords was successfully installed this morning and afternoon, and everything looks fine. Hoping to catch some of the AI specific to this region--already spotted a DHC-2 Beaver with floats. But there are many others. Stew
  7. Looking over Poppet's instructions for installing Tongass Fjords, it certainly looks like a re-install is needed. My upgrade to P3Dv4.5 hf3 (a complete one, that is), resulted in a default terrain.cfg (of course), so no Tongass Fjords entries were there. Thanks for the tip, and I'll slog through the re-installation. Since I've done it before, it shouldn't be too bad. Stew
  8. Hi, Mike. Thanks for the tip. I may have to reinstall Tongass Fjords, but will check. Stew Edit to add: I'm going to do a re-install, since with the recent upgrade to P3Dv4.5, the terrain.cfg was completely new, with no Tongass Fjord entries.
  9. @gregmorin Greg, Can you point me to right discussion at the RTMM forums? I looked around but was unable to find what might be a solution. The problem is definitely with the Tongass Fjords entries. When I disable them in the scenery.cfg, there is water where there is supposed to be. Also, the borderline where the land anomaly begins is exactly on the border where the PFJ region ends, that is, the western-most boundary of PFJ which buts up against the eastern boundary of Tongass Fjords. Stew
  10. Thanks, Greg. Yes, I do. Guess I'll check RTMM first. Stew
  11. Hi, Doug. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try both and see what happens. The terrain problem I encountered involved solid land being where water should be. This was around the border between PFJ and SAK. Will post any results--I can't help but think the problem is a result of the upgrade to v4.5 hf3, but why that would be so, I don't have a clue. Stew
  12. Hi, Doug. Thank you. Any opinion on when this function should be carried out? It sounds like it's a cure for a problematic scenery.cfg or the Add-ons.cfg. or the terrain.cfg. And will it possibly cure the terrain anomalies I mentioned in my post? Or is that the proper use of "Verify Files"? Stew
  13. Can someone remind me what this does and when one should do it? I'm noticing some terrain anomalies up in Alaska (PFJ or SAK) since upgrading P3D4.5 to version Thanks. Stew
  14. Yes, sir, they do, but some adjustments are necessary. Refer to the compatibility forum for the information:
  15. Dean, May I ask where you are spawning your aircraft when you start at KRDD? If you spawn at the parking ramp, you will not see any buildings, it's true. If you spawn at the terminal, the buildings will appear. An interesting anomaly since the days of FSX and carried over into P3D.
  16. My pleasure, Rob. It was a point of some concern way back when, and I believe attempts were made to figure out what was causing the error, but with no success. If one lands at KRDD and parks the plane on the ramp, then save the flight, I believe the buildings show up when you load up the flight again later. Since you like to fly out of KRDD, I would try that. Stew
  17. Rob, Where did you direct your airplane to spawn at? If it was in the parking lot/GA parking area, that error has been around since FSX, I believe. If you spawn at the terminal, all the buildings show up.
  18. I couldn't agree more. For the last several months, when time allows, I've been visiting the towered freeware airports in Canada and the US. There are quite a few little jewels out there if one cares to look for them. Next on the agenda will be the non-towered airports, which will take quite a bit longer to visit all of them. Stew
  19. I think it's important to mention that the TE series of products ignore the seasons and show only a summertime view, if I'm not mistaken.
  20. If I may: The problem is simply this--the simulator, given a choice, will always select photoscenery over land class scenery. Placement of the scenery entries as you are suggesting will do no good. The simulator will select the photoscenery every time.
  21. I can't speak to the former "REX4, etc.", but using PTA I have found no problems conflicting with either P3D4.5 or Orbx.
  22. Hello. I'm afraid, then, that @Nick Cooper will have to weigh in here. I don't own TE SoCal, so I'm no help, sorry! Stew
  23. The product page says you will need NA SoCal, not NorCal. You might be able to make do with just the Global Base, but the airport may not blend in very well with the surrounding terrain.
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