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  1. Thanks, Nick. I had no plans to migrate the files, nor running the AEC tool. Instead, I thought I would use a symbolic link and locate my Orbx folder on another drive and ignore migrating altogether. I'm aware of your advice regarding using a symbolic link, but my setup is much simpler than yours--I have only one simulator installed, P3D, and have no plans to install X-Plane, at least in the near future.
  2. No it wasn't, to my knowledge. My question was more to do with current status of those airports already corrected by the AEC tool, and if those corrections might somehow be affected by installing and running the new Orbx Central. If not, I will proceed to install OC. From Jack's post it appears that the AEC tool might be working correctly, so that's good news, in case any new airports need correction.
  3. Does installing the new Orbx Central affect our Airport Elevation Corrections, both those which were done automatically and those the user accomplished manually, both using FTX Central's AEC tool?
  4. My I ask where I might find LYPG for sale someplace? Or what developer has released it? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes, fellers! It's much appreciated!
  6. Migrate item by item? No thanks! There must be an easier way, otherwise what's the point? Might as well use Nick's link about using a symbolic link and be done with it. No item by item transfer needed, just move one's Orbx folder over to the new drive and set up the symbolic link per his instructions. I thought the new Orbx Central would have done that for us. Guess not.
  7. Hi, Derek. I don't use FSUIPC at all, since I use only a joystick and throttle--no yoke, no pedals, cuz there's no room at my computer desk. The throttle/joystick combination has plenty of buttons and switches to use for programming aircraft systems and the like.
  8. Correct, sir. That's how I remember it now. That's of no use anymore with P3Dv4.
  9. Of what use is the unregistered version to non-PMDG simmers, may I ask, in P3Dv4? I had it installed for FSX, but not so far for P3D. Can't even remember why I had it installed for FSX, for that matter, it's been that long ago!
  10. Thank you. I think I'll go with a combination of both UTLive and Orbx AI, as long as the computer can handle the workload. Outside PNW and those areas of Canada where the Orbx NA AI is active, it's a moot point of course, since only UTLive AI will be active.
  11. The US Northeast or Southeast, it seems to me, be would be logical candidates for Orbx Regions, ala PNW, PFJ, etc. In the meantime, I'm satisfied with LC North America when it comes to flying in North America/US/Canada.
  12. May I ask, by doing this, does this eliminate any of the Orbx AI traffic, for example the Orbx NA AI traffic, or is the Orbx stuff called independent of what the sim traffic sliders are set at? I've often wondered how the Orbx AI is affected by the in-sim AI traffic settings, but never bothered to ask.
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