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  1. I must say the same can be said for North America--the USA and Canada. There are hundreds of freeware airports available from Orbx, stretching from far western Alaska and the Aleutians eastward across Canada all the way to Newfoundland Island; and from the west coast of California eastward all the way to the Florida Keys and to the Northeast along the Maine-Nova Scotia border. This does not include the many payware airports Orbx offers for these same regions. Plenty of flying opportunities galore, and one doesn't need multi-terrabytes of storage to do it.
  2. Hello! Neither region, NCA or CRM cover Reno. OLC NA does a good job with that area of Nevada, imo. Cheers!
  3. John, A2A is your friend. Look 'em up. https://a2asimulations.com/
  4. That's used in the US too, though I think it's somewhat dated.
  5. I would suggest that possibly an upgrade to P3Dv4 would improve matters a bit for you. The shading and textures in v4 are far superior to any that were displayed in earlier versions of P3D. Or FSX, for that matter.
  6. I like that last "nice bit of kit on her." Think I'll incorporate that into my own lexicon.
  7. And what GA aircraft are you planning to fly to make this flight? Non-stop........
  8. I don't have this problem using SimStarter. It allows free manipulation of all scenery layers, no matter the installation method.
  9. Yes, I would expect so. Either product seems to accomplish what the OP wishes to do.
  10. I would suggest you invest in SimStarter NG, or similar product. SimStarter allows you to do exactly what you have done, except to keep all sceneries on a single drive, then set up separate profiles for your various regions, similar what you have done, and then load only the region you wish to fly in, leaving the others unselected and therefore unloaded into the sim. I believe Jack is correct, too, although I'm not totally certain. Using SimStarter is the best solution, imo, to do what you wish to do.
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