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  1. So it is! Sorry I cannot help. Is it possible to post a screenshot of the problem, perhaps to help others diagnose the problem?
  2. Hello! To the best of my knowledge, and referring to the product description for the airport, the product does not appear to feature dynamic lighting.
  3. What I and several other users of this airport have done is spawn on the runway and then use "slew" to move the airplane to where you want to spawn next time, then save the scenario. Any fixes that have been attempted in the past have been defeated by P3D in not recognizing the "old" parking spaces which were available in FSX.
  4. FTX Central is not supported anymore. Any problems Orbx Central had in the past have all been cleared up. Furthermore, many current sceneries offered by Orbx require Orbx Central to be the installation application. If there problems with Orbx Central not arranging your scenery library to your satisfaction, there are remedies that have been suggested by both Nick and Doug which are effective. See this thread:
  5. Would someone be kind enough to identify the plane in the new TE Florida ad please, and which company released the sim version? Thanks. Stew
  6. 1 TB would do it easily. They're not expensive.
  7. No problem, mate. Welcome, again, and enjoy the ride.!
  8. Shouldn't that last item in your scenery library in your screenshot be "checked"?
  9. Macrium Reflect is freeware, Kathy. I use it for weekly backups, but have never had to use it reinstall the entire sim. I suspect it's possible, and I believe there's is a "Restore" function in the software which would allow this. Others may have better suggestions. Cheers!
  10. I think you would need to use the ADE program, Airport Design Editor.
  11. For starters, I would suggest you use Orbx Central from now on, since FTX Central is no longer supported. Then Nick, Doug, et. al., can work from there.
  12. Of course it is. Seasons don't matter that very much on the West Coast, so the TE series for the West Coast are worth a try during the spring and summer, I think. Whether TE series is something you might want is entirely up to you. I'd like to see how it looks before I give a definite "yay" or "nay". Of course, flying during the fall or winter months is a different story, so yes, it's still reasonably "real" during those months, especially if you like the snow.
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