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  1. How do you know Orbx revenues were down last year? Have you seen the books? I doubt it. Australia v2 is coming soon and after that Africa Open LC--nothing JV has said says otherwise.
  2. Go to the Avsim website to learn how to install it if you are planning an install into P3D.
  3. It must be your avatar, Jack. It's pretty cool!
  4. Sounds like she wants to get to know you, Jack.
  5. Half the planet? I'm in the US and have had no problems purchasing Orbx products with the current system of payment. Perhaps it's you who needs to fix the obvious?
  6. That's a vast overstatement, mate. I'm pretty sure I could fly a real-life C172, but an airliner? Nope. But congratulations on your experience in the simulator anyway. Sounds like fun!
  7. 67L Mesquite Airport is part of the NA-SA Freeware package, as it turns out.
  8. You mean, "There are many reasons to wait", don't you?
  9. Because it's coming out in stages and not all at once. FTX_PNW is available now, not later. The OP wants to see Mt. Rainier in PNW now, I assume, thus his question.
  10. Thank you, John. It should be clear to all Orbx customers that this has been the trend for quite some time, and we should be confident that this will continue. If your "thing" is VFR GA, then there will be products for you. If your "thing" is IFR airliners or TE products, there will be ample products to choose for you. There should be no reason for anyone to feel they are being left out.
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