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  1. Thank you, sir. I wanted to make sure my installation wasn't corrupted and that other folks are seeing the same thing. It just struck me strange that I was perhaps looking at default terrain. I can wait for any fixes that might be coming.
  2. There appear to be two kinds of terrain in the screenshot on the way to Marrakech. Coordinates: LAT N33* 3.0s', LON W7* 32.20' You can see the repeating textures clearly on the left hand side of the pic. Is this to be expected at this location?
  3. I have this program and have wondered if this might be a solution to the long load times referenced in this thread. To my recollection, I've never had to wait for more than a few minutes for a scenario to load up, and I have all Orbx regions and airports, not to mention other developers' airports, installed using the add-on.xml method.
  4. Thank you, Nick. I haven't noticed any problems with the other Open LC products installed in the P3D root folder, so I went ahead and installed Open LC Africa similarly. I'll be on the lookout for any problems, but don't anticipate any.
  5. I don't think so. REX 4 provides improved textures, and to my knowledge doesn't cause elevation errors. I'm thinking bigmatt44, although he hasn't said so, merely uninstalled the products and reinstalled them into the main library.
  6. Previous advice, perhaps in order to forestall certain display anomalies, texture morphing, etc., has recommended installing the Open LC products into the P3D root folder, which I have done. I assume this advice still holds true for Open LC Africa?
  7. Thank you for the update, troye. I will make the change to the label you mentioned and repost. Stew
  8. I would say you either haven't installed the Orbx Libraries or Object Flow, or both.
  9. To me, and I could be wrong, this error has nothing to do with Orbx from the looks of it. The error would appear to be how P3D is interacting with Orbx stuff in some bizarre way. Since most, if not all, folks who own Orbx products almost never encounter this error, it's a tough nut to crack. There seem to be solutions, but they evidently require a careful troubleshooting procedure. Best of luck.
  10. Are you comfortable with searching the web for this "g2d.dll" error? There are many references from Google search for solutions, which seem, in many cases, to be individualized to each user.
  11. Surely, we can get 2000 Orbx subscribers/customers to pitch in?
  12. I've added labels for the 7 poi locations should anyone like to dl them. See the attached. Cheers! Stew OLC_AF_poi.kmz
  13. Hello, Garry. I think the easy answer is that the Orbx NA GA package only shows up in the Pacific Northwest, i.e., Oregon, Washington, and those areas of Canada also included in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore, you won't see any of that GA out on the East Coast, or anywhere else in Eastern Canada or the US South and Midwest. Hope this helps until perhaps @Nick Cooper and/or @Doug Sawatzky can offer some more advice.
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