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  1. If I may: The problem is simply this--the simulator, given a choice, will always select photoscenery over land class scenery. Placement of the scenery entries as you are suggesting will do no good. The simulator will select the photoscenery every time.
  2. I can't speak to the former "REX4, etc.", but using PTA I have found no problems conflicting with either P3D4.5 or Orbx.
  3. Hello. I'm afraid, then, that @Nick Cooper will have to weigh in here. I don't own TE SoCal, so I'm no help, sorry! Stew
  4. The product page says you will need NA SoCal, not NorCal. You might be able to make do with just the Global Base, but the airport may not blend in very well with the surrounding terrain.
  5. John, I would hold off on buying the Twin Comanche. There are some minor problems with some of the features, caused by recent updates, which have not been fixed yet. You might check the Milviz website for details.
  6. Check "yes" when prompted by the pop-up window?
  7. Hello, Nick. I'm sure that's the case. However, with 8 GB, at least you can try for better settings than you can get with only 4 GB.
  8. The OP might want to consider a new video card with at least 8GB or more. 4GB these days is asking for trouble.
  9. Allow me also to extend best birthday wishes to you, Landon. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  10. Try it and see, maybe? It's probably up to individual taste.
  11. Thanks, fellers! I do appreciate the kind thoughts.
  12. Since this thread has already been tagged as "resolved", it would be best to start another thread with a different title, so that Nick or Doug or someone else will be more likely to see it.
  13. Perhaps because you did a fresh install of P3Dv5. Why would Object Flow be installed automatically following a fresh install of P3D?
  14. Happy Birthday, Jack, and many happy returns!
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