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  1. Hello, Stew. FTX PNW has over 400 upgraded airports in the region, all for only the cost of FTX PNW, which is on sale now. If you are planning a flight up the coast, be sure to plan a stopover at KAST Astoria. It's one of my favorites and is a good jumping off point for flights into Washington or Eastern Oregon. See this: https://orbxdirect.com/product/pnw Cheers! The other Stew
  2. I gave up on photoreal scenery when I realized the seasonal changes with landclass products contributed more to the immersion. The deficiencies of landclass don't matter that much to me and are not that noticeable if I don't focus on them. I'm more interested in the flying the airplane than gawking at how perfectly photoreal scenery reproduces the Netherlands, especially if I don't even know what the Netherland looks like in real life--I wouldn't know the difference, if you know what I mean, and it doesn't matter if I don't know the difference. It's a simulation, after all. It doesn't take much for me to suspend disbelief, knowing it's a simulation in the first place. Anyway, thanks for your perspective. I used to have a lot of photoreal scenery of the western US, but not anymore. It takes up to much disc space and takes too long to load into the sim.
  3. The seasons not changing don't bother you? I don't expect to see summer scenery when it's Spring or Fall, or even Winter.
  4. To each his own, but you'll be missing out on a lot of Orbx releases in the future and be restricted to flying only in NL and England for the time being. For me, that's not a lot of variety, when the whole of North and South America and Europe are still available in Land Class.
  5. Stewart Hobson

    active SODE Jetways

    Why are you shouting? Show some respect.
  6. There's time limit on editing a post. About an hour, I think....
  7. Chunk, When you've finally got it installed (I installed only the Client module), check out Rob Ainscough's remarks and observations over at Avsim: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/545920-p3d-v44-and-settings-and-video-samples-from-beta/ Most interesting if you want to see some of the more substantial improvements, always subject to one's rig's capabilities, of course. Stew
  8. Good question. However, I have not experienced this problem, and can't tell you why it would happen--more than 1 hour loading time is not reasonable, by any means.
  9. Stewart Hobson

    Orbx and PBR

    Hi, Holger. Thanks for the information. I'm holding off on any new installation until SimStarter NG is ready for 4.4, which should be soon. Stew
  10. This goes without saying, of course. Thanks again for your input. Active photo scenery is not an issue for me--I don't have any, and probably won't until or if photoscenery for PNW comes out. At that point, I'll have to make some changes to my rig if I decide to go the PS route.
  11. Thanks for your reply. If what you say is correct, then LM has changed the way its simulator loads and uses scenery. In the past, for example, if you were flying on the east coast of the US, no scenery from the west coast would be loaded until the aircraft came within the LOD radius set up within the sim. I have always thought this was still the case. Also, I use SimStarter NG to manage my scenery, so I'm always confident the sim won't use scenery I'm not going to fly into or over. I would be interested if Holger can weigh in here and clarify the issue. It was he who informed us/me that the sim, whether FSX or P3D, only loaded up scenery that was within the sim's LOD radius, even though that scenery was active in the scenery.cfg file.
  12. Stewart Hobson

    Orbx and PBR

    Holger, Does one see these improvements with only the Client installed, or do we have to install the "full boat"?
  13. You'll need at least a 1080ti with its 11(?) GB of video RAM to get any use out of setting the "TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10". That's my understanding, at least. I have a 1080 FTW and I've settled for "9" instead of "10".
  14. If you are flying over Europe, no US regions or airports will be active. They may be loaded into the sim, but they will not be active. You are flying over Europe, after all!
  15. Stewart Hobson

    Rotten Tomatoes!

    Thanks for your impressions of the Do228, Adam. I'll keep this bird in mind for a possible future purchase.