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  1. Hello, I am sure that it was asked before, but please forgive me for asking again. I own AFS2 through steam and I also have every Orbx scenery bought and installed. But I don't know how to show these addons on Orbx central. In my Orbx central, my P3D and XP11 products are shown. But I couldn't figure out how to see my steam addons in the Orbx central. You kind help will be much appreciated. Orbx central is v4.1.22
  2. Hello. Until now, this scenery has not appeared on steam. Will it be sold as a dlc over steam, like previous products? Many thanks.
  3. I don't know if i'm at the correct forum to ask: will eagle county be available on steam as well, like the previous orbx releases? or will it be available only from orbx direct?
  4. Santa Barbara was announced on Airdailyx. Other pending projects that we know of are the ones in the preview thread: OpenLC NA, FTX North Germany, Narvik, Dubrovnik and Nanaimo. http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2016/6/11/orbx-santa-barbara-announced
  5. Hello, my vote goes to #39. Looking so real. Regards, Tuna Bilgi
  6. As said in a post above, it does not seem physically possible, at the present time of our understanding of classical physics and quantum physics. quantum physics and quantum mechanics are still advancing day by day. there are still many many things to be found and discovered. we are discovering new dimensions everyday, hard for us to understand in our own world designed in three dimensions. there is a cool website which explains up to tenth dimension. i find it really educative and full of new ideas. still, it is difficult to understand and imagine for a person like me coming from a scie
  7. My vote goes to Turkey. Home to different textures, seasons, plantations and variable geography, Turkey has a lot to offer for IFR and VFR flights. Ordu-Giresun Airport (LTCB), which was opened a couple of days ago lies on an artificial island reclaimed from the sea, one of the rare examples of its kind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordu-Giresun_Airport. There are many airports across the country, all with different approaches and elevations. There is, for example, Zonguldak Çaycuma Airport (LTAS) with an approach between the hilly terrain just like the one you'll see at Paro,
  8. Wow, what a colour. Did you make any editing like photoshop etc?
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