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  1. #31...because it made me laugh, and I think we all recognize less extreme forms of that kind of "scenery" popping its ugly head up once in a while. Call if a vote for humor and humility...Laugh, cuz no one is perfect.
  2. Stripe's Disclaimer pretty much absolves them of any and all responsibility from anything... I'm considering getting a Secured CC specifically to buy ORBx stuff, because I'm not liking even typing my CC info on a site with Zero liability for Anything. But i'm not happy about it. So unhappy about it that I will wait and see if you guys resolve the PayPal dispute/issue...I can wait a few months to buy more scenery. Been finding some neat "other brand scenery" out in the Islands that are keeping me occupied while you all battle this out with Paypal.
  3. They say there are two kinds of sailors, those who have grounded the hull, and those that haven't yet...you could swap "Sailor" with "Simmer" and it would work as well. Great shots.
  4. You get a Bison out of Catalina Cave Man Style...Drive it over a cliff. It will sort itself out on the way down.
  5. Beautifully highlighting some of the aviation options this scenery provides. LOVE LOVE LOVE when ORBx products provide multiple airports, bush fields, float plane docks, helipads...Options! Thanks Ken and Tim, Catalina is stunning in it's variety...as are many of your sceneries...Tapini/PNG/AYPY being personal favorites. Cheers.
  6. I think that stuff started rolling in last evening while I was flying my Ultralight. It was getting a bit murky towards dusk. Glad I got in while the scenery window was still open!
  7. I am using FSX, DX-10 fixer, Active Sky Next, Rex Direct textures, and ORBx of course. I don't get those lovely P3D cloud shadows, and my frame rates are sometimes a bit challenged, but the sim is running smooth and looks terrific. Thanks for the kind comments folks, and looks like I inspired at least one person to hop into their ultralight...You are Welcome
  8. Can't say as I blame you for trying to "ruffle" that skirt in shot #1.
  9. Terrific vid. The local knowledge notes are priceless. Cheers. Coff.
  10. Someone said that a slow platform was best for scenery viewing...I agree. Aerosoft's Falcon Ultralight is a terrific way to see (and spit on) the scenery...(tried to hit one of the boats at the coast...much harder than it looks.)
  11. Looks like the Tempest used most of the runway getting out of there. Great shots.
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