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  1. Thanks, Pete, for your 'downsampling' thread link. I will check this out next, now that I have the card reasonably well set-up. My fps is slightly better vs what it was with my ATI card, as far as I can remember, .. especially at KSEA.
  2. I turned 31 in October of the the year these guys wrote this tune ..........
  3. I just downloaded version and seems to be working fine, ... now playing with settings ... and beginning to see noticeable improvements in graphics. Thank-you, everyone, for your guidance.
  4. Does it matter which version of Nvidia Profile Inspector I use ? Latest version is, I believe ?
  5. Thank-you, very much, Nick, for the prompt reply. I have never had Nvidia cards in any previous sim computer, so 'tweaking' these and the software used is all brand new to me. I just knew there has to be a more involved program than Nvidia Control Panel, which for the most part just lets you turn filters 'on' or 'off'. I will check out your settings profile and see how things work out even though I don't run FSX in Preview Direct X 10 mode. Milan.
  6. Hi Guys, My ATI Radeon HD 7970 bit the dust after 9 years of faithful service. Today, I opted to install Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti as a 'temporary replacement measure' until a new system is built (planning early 2020 now - waiting to see what will happen between P3DV5, XP12, and MFS2020 re offerings/specs etc.... before finalizing everything). Hopefully early 2020 will bring a clearer picture of where the state of sim will be heading. To my disappointment, my sim (FSX currently) is running with screen tearing, jagged-edged aircraft wings, lots of shimmering textures everywhere, etc. - a total, cartoonish mess... My old ATI card had Catalyst Control Centre with a slew of settings for AA, Anisotropic filtering, V-Sync, etc. My new GeForce card seems to have only 'Nvidia Settings' which is bare bones and very, very limited. I thought I was upgrading somewhat by choosing the 1660 Ti card, and at the very least was expecting better graphics than what I am getting. I would very much appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction to set-up this new card properly. I have heard of Nvidia Inspector with it's truckload of settings, but having never used it before, I fear I will just make things worse, not knowing what settings will work best in FSX. I know Nvidia cards are very good, just have to find out how best to 'tune them', using what settings, and with what software. Thank-you, in advance, for any help. Milan......
  7. Glad to hear you're on the mend, Iain. Great news. Remember to always look after yourself first. Everything else can wait.
  8. Yes, indeed. The 64 bit pie has become very popular in the sim world and everyone wants a slice.
  9. Hi Jack, I feel this card is best with my CPU with minimal bottleneck and good price right now also. I can no longer update the CPU without involving a new MB, which then would become a new build, which I will do very soon regardless with many new updated hardware as well, lol ! So for the time being the GPU is the cheapest and easiest fix. Lots of speculation out there re whether or not MFS will be a subscription only sim - I guess we'll find out by the year end. Definitely interesting, (and very confusing) times ....... if you're shopping for a new sim. They all seem to have their own pluses and minuses.
  10. Great shots, Jack ! I never realized there is so much detail to see in this area. I like P3D for it's 'brightness' both outside and inside the VC - something which many competitors seem to lack in the daylight hours. My ATI 7970 finally died, after 9 years of service. So stuck on the ground without anything to fly atm. Thinking of picking up a GeForce 1660Ti to tide me over for a few months until I find out what's going to happen with MFS 2020 which should tell me how to proceed with my new build, as I would only be interested in having one sim on it on a dedicated drive.
  11. The GB size reduction is definitely good news. My plans of a new build have temporarily been put on a short delay mainly wrt trying to sort out a dedicated sim only disk storage size which would be more future-proof, as well as performance and cost effective. I personally never saw anything wrong with the OpenLC approach.
  12. Great shot, Adam ! Yes, XP lighting is very nice, except the VC's of many AC seem a bit on the darkish side during the daytime hours, with gauges harder to see.
  13. I can see why so many are flocking to XP ! Great shots and atmosphere, Jack ! I just wonder if you can somehow make the VC's brighter in the daytime ? Maybe a VC light ?
  14. Nice ones, Dolf ! Great colors !
  15. Great shots, Adam ! I have never seen XP water textures look better. Usually looks like carpet with a regular repeating pattern. Must be some .org add-on, right ?
  16. I remember when CD's were all the rage. My CD library grew exponentially in just a few months ..... so much so I had to buy new furniture to store them all. Sound familiar ? Then along came computers and media players ..... you mean you can actually store 1000's of songs in mp3 format on a single computer disk ? Wow, progress is wonderful. I uploaded all of my favorite tunes to my computer, got rid of my CD's and the furniture library housing them. Yes, technology is wonderful. My wall unit has been replaced by a USB flash drive. Then came something called .... music streaming. You can have access to virtually any song, genre, artist .... and all it takes is a subscription ? No more keeping up with constant downloading of the latest tunes by the newest artists, and no worries about running out of storage space on the computer drive. Yes, a wonderful idea ! Instant access to everything . Now, ..... what's this ? MSFS 2020 ...... Someone has been patiently sitting on the sidelines, and taking notes for the past 14 or so years. Yes, the future looks bright (and interesting), indeed. Sure, there will be hiccups along the way and the MS way may not be for everyone, but, hey, .... I am beginning to like the sound of this new tune. BTW, I also , still own a record player and some precious 'vinyl' ..... for that 'nostalgia factor',... but CD's I honestly can live without. My opinion, and as always, YMMV.
  17. Competition is good. Sometimes, however, too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the cake.
  18. This just in ........ https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2019/07/10/intel-plans-to-end-amds-ryzen-rampage-13-hyper-threaded-processors-including-5-2ghz-10-core-beast/#60e8419b1f2a
  19. Thanks, Nick. I was beginning to wonder if putting an entire sim on a dedicated SSD was really of any great benefit. I would rather have more space (HDD), than spend the money on speed (SSD), if the only difference is a longer initial loading time (I can live with this). I read somewhere that a sim will load up scenery into memory just before you fly over it ('on the fly') ... and stutters can result sometimes - I presume then these stutters have nothing to do with whether the scenery is on an HDD or SSD, but more on the speed of the CPU and GPU ?
  20. Scenery streamed to the computer .......... Microsoft may be on to something here.
  21. I wish someone put up a post here somewhere on how to effectively manage large scenery files like this for X-Plane, for future-proofing. Can X-Plane be on a separate, dedicated SSD, and all addons (scenery, aircraft etc.) be on another, different, dedicated drive (SSD vsHDD?), will external drive work for addons ? I've never had X-Plane, and currently am planning my next comp system build (was thinking P3D, ... but XP is fast peaking my interest - so may go for XP now). Bottom line, I don't want to run out of space in couple months, and want to somehow be able to easily expand storage for addons without a total sim re-install on a new, bigger drive few months down the road.
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