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  1. Hi Nick, I did all as you said, and still no answer to my support ticket.
  2. Hi John, I am pretty well just trying to make FSX interesting for the time being, on a 12 year old machine. (I have a W10 laptop for everything else and use this desktop just for the sim). I have never owned any Orbx Australia prior to this point and figured it's time to go out and explore the land down under. I was planning a totally new sim rig last spring and then the pandemic hit and my 'go to' computer shop had to temporarily close down as per gov't regulations etc. Now things are finally starting to re-open, but computer hardware inventory is scarce. Was told it
  3. On March 17th, I replied once again to support ticket. Patiently waiting.
  4. I too will be going the AMD CPU route (FOMO) with my next new build for MSFS - especially with DX12 and multi-core utilization rumored to come soon. AMD is a great choice for future proofing your system.
  5. Will do. Thank-you, very much for your help and guidance here. My 12 year old system was to be replaced before the pandemic hit, now it finally looks like this will happen this year, as things slowly will get back to normal. Can't wait, lol ! Cheers, Milan .......
  6. Hi Nick, Unfortunately no joy with a newly created FSX config file. Sim crashes at start with same errors and popup as described in my first post above. The trigger is YBCG addon airport and/or CityScene Gold Coast installed. Both give the g3d.dll error. (Event log same as described above.) Without these 2 scenery packs all is OK. Flew the 2hr 15min trek from YBCS Cairns by Gerald Marshall to the AU V2 of YBCG without problems. With these 2 installed, the sim freezes and crashes as soon as get within 10mi or so of the Gold Coast region (probably the same time this scen
  7. I have Ultimate Traffic 2 running in my FSX Deluxe Edition with SP1&2. It uses it's own GA and airlines sliders, not those in FSX. 1) Does your AU AI traffic use FSX sliders to control traffic density ? or is it just simply on or off ? I know some of the Hawaiian scenery I have contain AI traffic files and traffic is on or off based on the traffic file name state (.off) in the scenery, provided FSX traffic sliders are at least 1% for both GA and airlines. 2) Is your AI traffic compatible with UT2 ? 3) I assume your AI traffic is installed via Orbx
  8. Hi Nick, Just checking in today, as I will be away from my sim desktop computer for the weekend. I will do this follow-up with the config file on Monday and let you know how things work out then. Thank-you, Milan .......
  9. Hi Nick, Yes, I see the ' 3D.DLL fix attempt installed ok' line in FSUIPC log file (latest copy attached below). I'm always running FSX without Direct X 10 Preview checked. So I assume it is then Direct X 9 which is 'on'. I have not tried a fresh copy of fsx.config file yet. My current fsx.config copy is attached below. Should I copy this config to desktop as backup, delete the one inside FSX and let it rebuild after re-launching FSX ? Mods my current config file contains are only a few, though : WideViewAspect=True ForceFullScreenVSyn
  10. Hi Nick, Same result all the time. FSX will not load YBCG with either YBCG or CityScene Gold Coast active in the scenery library - just get the pop-up and closes right down. I have the uiautomationcore.dll installed, the highmemfix tweak, and the free version of FSUIPC as well. I had a look at Event Viewer in Windows - all of these crashes point to g3d.dll module (eg of one shown below). I found several posts regarding this error type. I am not an expert in this, but some threads seem to indicate this type of error occurs when FSX encounters just too many te
  11. Hi Nick, Sorry, I misunderstood. No. I am using FSX Deluxe Edition (boxed) with SP1&2 installed (no Acceleration). Running on Windows 7 system as in my signature. Everything is on C drive. All Orbx is installed automatically by Central. Thank-you, Milan ....
  12. Hi, YBCG is version 1.0.1 (release date June.2.2018) CityScene Gold Coast is version 1.0.0 (release date Feb.25.2018) AU v2 is version 2.1.3 I think some sort of 'stumbling block' occurs when FSX is asked to load YBCG. I have uninstalled both YBCG and CityScene Gold Coast using Central so I can use this area in the AU v2 scenery version, for now. I'd like to use this scenery, obviously, but if no solution exists, perhaps I can get refund ? I can provide the purchase particulars, if it comes to that point. Just don't know how to do this
  13. Hi Nick, I unticked all of my Addon Scenery in FSX, leaving only the FSX default and Orbx stuff active. I chose YBCG under 'Free Flight', got spinning blue wheel for a few seconds, then the same pop-up 'Microsoft Flight Sim stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly etc......' Any other airport works fine, loads up no problem (eg. Orbx Cairns, Murray Island ...). I just noticed there is now a thread in the FSX Steam Edition Support forum where I think someone is experiencing same issue with YBCG as me. I have
  14. Hi Nick, Here is the latest copy ...... Scenery.CFG Only freeware for Australia (as mentioned above) I have is some Ant's Airports where I had to make some compatibility changes for AU v2 as outlined here ....... AUv2 fix.txt Ant's is the only scenery I have for Australia which is technically 'not Orbx'. Thank-you, Milan .....
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