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  1. Almost "seems" like Intel's i9 10900k 5.3 GHz boost single core speed is slower than AMD's 5950X 4.9 GHz boost once AMD's 19% IPC uplift is considered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6BOIr7sN20&ab_channel=JayzTwoCents
  2. It will be interesting what Q1 of 2021 brings. At 6:10 of the video he certainly paints a bleak picture.
  3. The Nvidia RTX3000 series cards are almost a no-brainer for new system builds running MSFS2020, but the CPU (Intel vs AMD) remains the big question. Right now, the i9 10900k seems to be the one to go with, but when/if MSFS goes full multicore capable then perhaps AMD will have the advantage. Doug Sawatzky from the Orbx team is a big proponent of the AMD CPUs (7nm lithography) . I wonder what his take would be on this latest news from AMD ?
  4. Ok, so wrt MSFS2020, I figured I finally got all my hardware issues ironed out once I learned about Nvidia's RTX3000 series cards which would pair nicely with an i9 10900k (after all MSFS still is centric to one core, ... for now). Who can argue with single core boost clock speed of up to 5.3GHz ? Only drawback was the dated chip architecture (still not 7nm). Now AMD is closing the single core performance gap with the Ryzen5000 series. https://www.techpowerup.com/273133/amd-launches-amd-ryzen-5000-series-desktop-processors-the-fastest-gaming-cpus-in-the-world Not o
  5. Hi Jack, He, he .... yes, for sure, I mean ...., you know, ... the pumpkin is very well drawn ...... almost life-like. Your comment kinda reminds me of the 'ol saying : "Life's a Witch ...... and then you fly !" ...... Remember this Orbx airstrip ? Have a great day !
  6. Thanks, Jack for this Imgur code trick . Scary to not be able to quite figure out witch one of the codes to use anymore, my mind is still a bit foggy, but I think your approach definitely warrants a STAR..
  7. Great shots, Andy ! IMHO, and it's been said many times, ..... porting over is just not going to improve MSFS in any way. My only wish would be to see my RealAir birds one day, fully functional in the sim, .... for purely sentimental reasons.
  8. " Ladies and gentlemen, ... this is your captain speaking. Welcome to Innsbruck. Local time is 1:43PM. Temperature is a pleasant 21' C. Please ensure your seatbelt remains securely fastened until we arrive at the terminal. If Innsbruck is home ....... welcome home ! If it's a holiday, .... please enjoy your stay. " Good Luck, Everyone !
  9. I think the MSFS team were thinking of you when they added all the 'slider controls' for the various visual parameters in the sim. All of our new computer 'rocketships' will nonetheless be at the mercy of bandwidth which adds more costs for those who wish to stream everything in all it's glory.
  10. Great shots, Adam ! ..... and no 'tweaking' required. BTW, I'm trying to wrap my head around this MSFS scenery protocol - live streaming vs cached scenery and how exactly would it work with Orbx addons ? In your pics above, is everything shown just Orbx ? or is the Orbx scenery surrounded by default MSFS scenery ? Is any of this scenery streamed or cached ? Haven't heard much about using MSFS cached scenery and beginning to feel like the 'streamed scenery' may be a stumbling block for users with low bandwidth. Perhaps we can fly in MSFS without streaming and only using Orbx add
  11. Great shots, Jack ! Lots of eye candy.
  12. MSFS2020 uses Blackshark.ai with Microsoft's Azure Cloud - based platform to create a magnificent and unbelievably accurate 3D world. I can see addon airports with more detailed buildings, roads, traffic, people etc. fitting into the overall picture, but ..... Does this mean no more TrueEarth regions ? (If, 'no' ..... then how would TE Regions 'fit' in the sim without being a bit redundant ? )
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