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  1. Hi Nick, I found a post regarding this at MAIW. Turns out it's a corrupt 'EGUL_IMAGE.bgl' file in their scenery folder. I am currently waiting for admin to approve my forums registration so I can access the corrected file. Hopefully this will fix things. Thank-you, for your help in steering me in the right direction, Milan .......
  2. Hi Nick, Yes. I disabled EGUL (RAF Lakenheath from MAIW) in the FSX Scenery library and anomaly is indeed gone ... all back to normal. Does this mean the MAIW scenery is somehow not compatible ? I mean it's nice scenery, but seeing this red patch near it from the air takes away from any enjoyment whatsoever. Milan .....
  3. Hi, I have Orbx Global, Vector, Trees HD, and Open LC Europe only running in this region. No additional Orbx products in this area. I have EGUL (RAF Lakenheath from MAIW) as the only addon scenery in this area. All third party scenery installed above 'Addon Scenery' in FSX Scenery Library, Orbx is all below. Today, first trial flight from EGUL in the region, and noticed this black and red 'tile' near EGSF airport in this area of the U.K. I have the latest Orbx Central version, .. all Orbxlibs and scenery is up to date there as well. Thank-you, Milan .......
  4. Great shot, Jack ! KMRY is one of my faves, even though it's in Northern California, and I can't sing about it. But, ......you know, what they say about Southern California ? ...... If not, .... you need to get on board a west bound seven-forty-seven, don't even think about deciding what to do, ... Love this game !
  5. I got your link in the other post, already. Thank-you, Adam .
  6. Hi Adam, I most certainly will. Thank-you, for the link. I just recently DL'd the P-40, ....... then for some reason my P-51 got 'stuck' in a crashed state. The hangar could not fix anything. I re-installed the latest AccuSim core update, it fixed the problem and also updated the P-40 from v1.0 to latest model. Very nice of A2A to offer this beauty to us at no cost.
  7. Great set, once again, Adam ! That P-40 in the second shot ........sure is a beauty ! Is that repaint available somewhere ?
  8. Great shots, Adam ! Where on Earth did you get that beautiful paint for the P-40 ? I can't seem to locate it anywhere ?
  9. Very nice landscape colors and unusual livery !
  10. A nice capture, indeed !
  11. Great shots ! I love those angles and light effects in these !
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