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  1. San Jose Airport 5f2fc11f46f1b Hi Guys, I notice when going into Orbx Direct and looking at the various airports available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, it states "zero bytes when installed". The actual download however may be 2gb or 3gb in size. How does this work? Normally the full 2gb or 3gb is saved to disk. Kindest regards Colin
  2. Hi Nick, I can't find anything relating to the loading times at 7S3. Could you possibly provide me with a link to the specific page? Kindest regards Colin
  3. Hi Doug / Nick, Problem solved. As well as OG39 (Central Rockies), I was also having an issue with S45 (Pacific Northwest) showing duplicate runways and aprons as well as elevation problems at 7S3 (Pacific Northwest). 10 days ago I decided to purchase TrueEarth Oregon and have installed it into a separate library on another drive outside of my P3Dv4 drive. This is where my problems started because I now had Pacific Northwest and Central Rockies installed that were now conflicting with TrueEarth Oregon. Having realised this, I started P3Dv4 and on the initial
  4. Hi Guys, I have a problem with 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark in as much as if I am already flying and then choose another airport to fly from i.e. 7S3, it takes 15 minutes to load. It is stuck on "loading terrain data 35%" for 15 minutes before finally loading. I can't quite understand the time delay here as the 7S3 directory is only 372mb in size. Can somebody please assist me in sorting this problem? I also have an elevation at this airport. Kindest regards Colin
  5. Hi Guys, Order Number 5f13fff6d0505 I have a problem with duplicate runways and aprons at S45 Siletz Bay (see attached screen print). I have experienced such issues before and they usually relate to conflicting .BGL files. In this instance I do not have any other .BGL files relating to S45. Can somebody please assist me in sorting out this problem? Kindest regards Colin
  6. Hi Doug, I did as you and Nick have suggested and reconfigured the 5 OrbxVector entries in the scenery.cfg file (please see attached screen print). Unfortunately this did not correct the problem. I also tried changing my Orbx_OG39_APX_alt.BGL to .OFF in Prepar3Dv4\scenery\world\scenery and this made no difference. I also went into the Vector Configuration Tool and tried enabling OG39 and disabling it again and this made no difference. Please see the attached screen prints showing the flying fence. I'm also sure that when taking off from OG39 you should not a
  7. Hi Nick, I removed Traffic Global from my scenery.cfg and then ran P3Dv4. Unfortunately it made no difference. I do have a scenery.cfg which was created by Orbx Central. I edited this file by removing everything not related to Washington / Oregon airports. This made no difference either. As I have explained to you in the past, I have multiple scenery.cfg files for the simple reason that it takes over 1 hour to load P3Dv4 with all of my Orbx titles. I have attached the scenery.cfg file that was created by Orbx Central, but please bear in mind that
  8. Hi Doug, Please find attached, the 3 files you requested. For your information, my TrueEarth Oregon is stored in an Orbx library on my C: drive (i.e. C:\Orbx\p3dv4). I don't know if this has something to do with the elevation problem. I'm also experiencing elevation problems at 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark. When I'm ready to take off at the end of the runway, my Cessna is already 10 feet off the ground approximately (screen shot attached). I am also running multiple Scenery.cfg files for all of my Orbx sceneries. Kindest regards Coli
  9. Hi Doug, Yes, mesh resolution is set to 5m. Kindest regards Colin
  10. Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Screenshot: Attached Issue: Elevation Problem Order Number: 5f0eadf800935 Hi Guys, Aircraft is already approximately 10 feet off the ground before taking off. I recently purchased TrueEarth Oregon but this problem is the same in Pacific North West also. I have tried going into Global Vector and running the auto configuration option and manually also but this had no effect. I have gone into the Scenery\World|Scenery and renamed the 7S3.bgl file to .OFF but this made no differ
  11. Order Number 5f0eadf800935 Operating system: Windows 7 64 bit Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Screenshot: Attached Issue: Elevation Problem Hi Guys, I recently purchased TrueEarth Oregon but my elevation problem also exists with Central Rocky Mountains. Please see attached screen prints. I have tried Global Vector Elevation Corrections both manually and the auto configuration option but without success. I have also tried renaming the OG39 .bgl file to OG39.OFF in Scenery\World\Scenery directory but this didn't work either.
  12. Hi Nick, Yes , problem solved. This is what happens when you get someone like me running multiple scenery.cfg files. While I was installing TrueEarth Northern California I did notice that the installer had created a library also, I just forgot all about that when making a new scenery.cfg file. Fortunately I do keep a scenery.cfg with everything in it, so all I had to do was copy the TrueEarth Northern California library Area to my new scenery.cfg file and then renumber it. This renumbering of the scenery.cfg file Areas is a bit of a faff. I don't suppose you know if there is a piec
  13. Order ID: 5ee79971e42fd Hi Guys, Having purchased and flown around TrueEarth Northern California, I am wondering why I am not able to see the Golden Gate Bridge, only vehicles crossing where the bridge should be (please see attached screen prints). I am running P3Dv4.5.14.34698. I have 32gb of DDR3 memory and a Gigabyte Auros GeForce GTX 1080 Ti which has 11gb vram. I have also tried setting Scenery complexity: to Very Dense but that did not resolve the issue. Has anybody got any idea what the problem could be? Kindest regards Co
  14. Hi Nick, Thank you very much for your very prompt reply. You're an absolute genius as always. The problem is now resolved. Kindest regards Colin
  15. Order ID: 5ee79971e42fd Hi Guys, I have tried to load P3Dv4.5 after having purchased a few more Orbx products and while it is loading, a box pops up saying "Path Not Found" (see the attached file). I have never had this problem before. The Orbx products that I purchased are Rijeka Airport LDRI, TrueEarth Washington and TrueEarth Northern California. Has anybody got any idea why this box should now be popping up onto the screen? Kindest regards Colin
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