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  1. would you mind to share your settings Ian
  2. I’m having this issue when buying on the marketplace looks like it tried to open my live account and then it drops an error I can’t even see the window to insert my credentials IMG_8518.MP4
  3. Guys I found the solution for this problem I ran lorby addon organizer, i did a back up/restore scenery cfg settings the i ran central, verify files and sync simulator and it solved my problem its now showing everything back I verified and sync simulator one by one not all add ons at the same time so lorby to restore everything Orbx/very files/sync sim open prepar3d close it repeat same steps for each Orbx add on
  4. tried that already, not working still default textures
  5. hello, i was able to follow the instalation procedure by copying the library folders to the new prepar3d library it was working fine until i accidentally press the “delete generated files” icon now i cant see any product and even reinstalling the client dindt do the trick, neither formatting the drive i created for p3d V5 ive uninstalled , formatted and nothing happened and i dont know why by doing this if i do a install from scratch the sim still remain with the same display settings as it was any suggestions?
  6. Hello, i was able to migrate the libraries to an external folder over P3d V4 in central, now i have the folders as shown in the instructions but the only product i couldnt migrate is GLOBAL ive downloaded the whole product from central to P3dV5 and ive choosen to install it over the P3d V5 libraries folder but im not really sure if its working i cant really see a difference on textures TREES BUILDINGS SOUTH AMERICA MESH SOUTH AMERICA LC the seem to be working fine
  7. After many years away from the flightsim community and being busy flying in real life I decided to build a new system , I'm really impressed on how prepar3d is looking specially with ORBX and REX, I wanted to do a short flight on the A2A 182 and I must admit that this is my favourite GA aircraft now These shots were taken using ORBX (global, south america mesh, vector, REX, AS, A2A 182, and photoreal scenery of my hometown) Hope you like the pictures
  8. thank you Heiko, yes I downloaded the shade update it really is an incredible add on! Im still amazed about my i7 2600k @ 4.1ghz cant run FSX at max yet!
  9. Heiko I would like to know wich are those two tweaks that you are using for FSX I was trying to find the post where you named them I would really like to know as I have a new computer similar to yours and my performance sucks! thank you in advance
  10. Hi Orbx team, I bought the FTX NA PFj 2 days I was able to download the product from the FSS webpage and my credit card has been charged but when I try to see my serial key the order says LOCKED! I got an open ticket wich I didnt make but I got an email with it saying this: A request for support has been created and assigned ticket #939345. A repre= sentative will follow-up with you as soon as possible. I would like to know if you guys can give to me my serial number or otherwise I would like a refound Thank you!
  11. Wich mods? its still crashing for you? I did a reinstall of it without any panel or aircraft mod just default as it comes and its still crashing every 20min or so
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