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  1. Hi Nick, Pilot Plus have kindly looked into this and come back with the below. Taking a look at your images, it appears that the skinned meshes (as animated) on certain Orbx library characters are experiencing issues specifically in P3D V5. I note these same issues do not occur in P3D V4.4, so I guess the way animations are rendered may have slightly altered.For EGTB, we leveraged the Orbx library of people to give the place more life - which would make sense as the Orbx library objects appear to have the same problem at their Southampton. I can try to take a look later
  2. Hi Nick, No I must admit, as I was seeing this at Southampton and also the odd figure at Conington I thought this was more an Orbx issue? Are those figures that are faulting coming from them?
  3. Not seen this one before. Happens at most angles and effects some people but not all. Eg the chaps in hi viz vests on the apron at Southampton are fine but some of the characters around the bus stop have part missing. The same characters at Wycombe Air Park exhibit same issue. At EGSF Conington I even had one static person that had no texture and was just completely black. So far to try and fix it I have verified files for Wycombe Air Park and both the Orbx Libraries and the TEGB libraries. I use Chaseplane for my views. Any pointers much appreciated!
  4. thank you guys! Glad you enjoyed it! Keep at it Conor and one day you will be there!
  5. One of those flights where it wouldn't be the same without True Earth GB!
  6. Thanks all, it's a perfect picturesque grass strip for flying these old girls. Goodwood to Compton Abbas is one of my favourite little hops. Two wonderful Orbx grass strip airfields.
  7. That's hilarious! Must have been amazing when you first discovered it! One of the incredible features of the scenery in this sim is that you are seeing the real world (as it was of course.)
  8. Just to confirm this is not the additional EGLC add on, this is the EGLC as it would appear in TEGB. Been a while since I have flown into EGLC in V5 and things do not seem to be as I remember. There is very little in the way of terminal buildings and the ATC VCR floats in the air with no supporting structure beneath it. So far I have tried to fix by verifying files on the TEGB libraries + Orbx libraries + TEGB South but to no avail. Any guidance much appreciated. Not seen this anywhere else in my travels.
  9. ...and a Happy New Year to you too sir. thanks for your help.
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