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  1. You should have done! Putting an eggbeater down on Olympus would have made for a very good one!
  2. It's amazing how even the base products can really lift an area from default into being something reminiscent of the real thing. I was there.....almost
  3. Thank you, it’s a cracking add on, great fun and perfect for the scenery of this new sim.
  4. Testing the Optica over London. Perfect sightseeing platform!
  5. This scenery really is one of the gems of flight simming.
  6. Hi Nick, Pilot Plus have kindly looked into this and come back with the below. Taking a look at your images, it appears that the skinned meshes (as animated) on certain Orbx library characters are experiencing issues specifically in P3D V5. I note these same issues do not occur in P3D V4.4, so I guess the way animations are rendered may have slightly altered.For EGTB, we leveraged the Orbx library of people to give the place more life - which would make sense as the Orbx library objects appear to have the same problem at their Southampton. I can try to take a look later this week to check for any obvious issues with the underlying mesh - However, as we did not animate or rig these objects we have little understanding of what could have changed to cause these issues unfortunately.
  7. Hi Nick, No I must admit, as I was seeing this at Southampton and also the odd figure at Conington I thought this was more an Orbx issue? Are those figures that are faulting coming from them?
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