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  1. I note from the below thread that I missed and had received an answer that this is not going to happen unfortunately.
  2. Hi, so it sounds like over time your external viewpoint is creeping closer to the aircraft until the point where you are seeing under the skin? Just a thought but if this is the case do you have any key's or more significantly any axis mapped to your chaseplane camera movements? I had issues before where an old gamepad, that had the up/down axis mapped to a stick, had lost it's calibration and was always inputting a very slight up movement into the sim. Drove me nuts!
  3. Having spent many hours in the past at EGTB I have to ask, is it coming to P3Dv4? Wycombe, Cranfield and Blackbushe have always beem on my ‘if only someone would do.....’ list!
  4. Hi Nick, Ah ok, thanks for taking a look, I’ve never seen this uniformity and repetition with Orbx installed anywhere else so thought there might be an issue as it does remind me of what scenery looked like without Orbx installed.
  5. I have never seen this before with ORBX but I am getting some pretty awful repeating scenery tiles. Is this normal for this area or is there something going on with my scenery files? I have Global Base and Vector operating in this area I would imagine. About 20NM out of Bangkok and same issue, different texture tiles Some miles back just out of Danang the scenery looked great...
  6. Giving the TrueEarth scenery another test flight.
  7. That is the A2A Simulations Accusim Spitfire with a repaint by Bladerunner900.
  8. This scenery is truly stunning. Can't get over how it has captured the real landscape!
  9. Thanks Marcus, appreciate you taking a look. Behaves the same for me too. Found a similar thing in one of the valleys on the opposite side of the bay behind the town though not quite as pronounced.
  10. Just downloaded this scenery and bravo Orbx! You have done a great job! Testing using a flight from RAF Lossiemouth to the Cairngorm National Park.
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