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  1. Thanks so much all for your kind comments. Orbx really have created something beautiful in this area.
  2. Off for a spot of Nessie hunting and scenery gawping. Still amazes me I am able to show my sons the exact spot we pitched our tent when we camped up here. Cracking scenery.
  3. Part one of a series centred around flying the A2A Spitfire and based at Goodwood, home of the Boultbee Flight Academy who use the Orbx scenery, and a Mk IX version of the A2A Accu-sim piece, in their own full cockpit simulator that is used to train real world Spitfire pilots.
  4. Looks like he hasn't got an answer. Would you know if there is a way of replacing this specific texture Nick?
  5. This is a trailer for an upcoming series but features the wonderful Orbx Chichester which is a very faithful recreation of the real thing. Also set in TEGB for P3D
  6. This Innsbruck scenery is so beautiful. I might just have to relocate!
  7. Bumping again. Would be great to get some feedback on this please as at the moment my only alternative seems to be to uninstall Orbx HD Buildings If I want certain airports to look something approaching appropriate. Even if there is just a way of replacing this particular texture then I would be happy with that.
  8. Thank you so much sir! I am glad you enjoyed it and very envious at you going touring and camping there. What an amazing adventure that is going to be!
  9. Thought it was about time I gave this scenery a proper tour. Old Faithful didn't disappoint!
  10. Just bumping this in case anyone has any ideas? Even if it is just how I can isolate this texture from being called up. Seems to effect a lot of airports.
  11. Thanks John, much appreciated and great to hear you enjoyed it. The Orbx scenery works so well running the Mach Loop.
  12. Thought I would revisit the famous Mach Loop and see how it looks in True Earth. Very impressive.
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