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  1. Two new addons in the Rocky Mountains. At Simreviews.com we will review them both. Enjoy a flight with the Realair Duke from Aspen to Telluride:
  2. Using ORBX Global, Vector and freeware Zell am See I did a flight from Innsbruck to Zell am See. enjoy!
  3. I can't get enough of this Tapini scenery. join me in my search for the runway center line at Ononge...
  4. Nice. Did you try the Tapini ILS? Approaching from the other side follow te goat track on the mountain side.
  5. Did I just crash on a flower? ORBX produces some very strong flowers :-) https://youtu.be/YddE2hNGMwU Rene
  6. Using the cherokee as a bush plane at Tapini: https://youtu.be/yz8DHQe6S2s Rene
  7. Thanks FlexFlier. It was my second flight in this plane. Always learning ;-)
  8. @Perk you are right. That plane should be available in P3D v3.
  9. Enjoy the video: http://youtu.be/12jjiCHbybU Rene
  10. Enjoy a heavy cross wind landing in the Lancair Legacy at ORBX Meigs field. https://youtu.be/qOeW48iefXM Rene
  11. I tried to download the Vector 1.20 update for about 20 times now. Every time the download stops or the file is corrupted. I tried to use a download manager, but that doesn't work as well. I downloaded several files from ORBX and it always worked. Can you get me a working download link?
  12. It happens at every airport after loading a flightplan.
  13. I've installed all patches and updates. Used the program to correct airport elevation and downloaded (and installed) the latest lib's. UT2 works fine when there is no flightplan loaded. This problem only occures when a flight plan is loaded.
  14. Order nr. FSS0312010 Since I've installed FTX Global there is a problem with AI traffic. When I'm at an airport some planes flip over and dissappaer. When I load an FSX flightplan all AI airplanes are in the ground and not on the ground (see image). FSX generates an error message for the GPS engine. Without flightplan loaded, planes are on the ground and some flip over and dissappear I use Ultimate Traffic 2. Never had this problem before. Installing FTX Vector and correcting airport altitudes did not help. Image: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=5C649A4D4BBBCB2%211612 René
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