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  1. Hi, if you set off your region product NA PNW in secenery biblio, ....result is? regards Thomas
  2. Hi al thank you Ikbenik (IchbinIch;) for you answer and further shots which underline the necessity of an update. We al hope for the necessary update in the near future because the high standard of Orbx products we are used to it is why we choose Orbx! cheers, Thomas
  3. Hi Ikbenik, thanks for your shots, but I cannot identify that your photos shows the corner from we are talking about. It is not the boulder city area, it is the outer las vegas region/border to 61 region. We do not talk about a lack of autogen within b61, we suppose that as freebird and others identify, that the 100 cm photoreal textures from 61b suppress the autogen at this corner at the border to the las vegas region. As identified from others as well as from my side, the supression occures only if 61b is on and no other sceneries ar on. Perhaps you can post a new photo similiar to the
  4. Hi QA, thank you for your answer. I tried out with your terrain section with no effect on this corner, as before no autogen! Hi Ikbenik, thank you. I have posted under your topic. perhaps you can give the answer under this topic too. regards, Thomas
  5. Hi, thank you for your answer! To avoid any missunderstanding. -Do you use Prepar 4.5 with Orbx OPLC SC Vector? -if 61b is selected (on) and any other adon scenery in this area is deselected (off) in the scenery biblio, can you verify the describe lack of autogen only at the border to las vegas - see picture/topic you quoted, yes or no? Thank you for your answer, kind regards, Thomas
  6. Hi, please can you check this corner after you deselect your rikooo scenery: regards, Thomas
  7. Hello, any news concerning a solution of the problem with this product? The product was described as fully compatible to NA SC and global but it seems it is not! To clarify: The lack exists without any las vegas scenery or airport installed, only if 61 b is installed! regards, Thomas
  8. Hi John, thank your very much for your answer and hints. For this moment I could helpf myself by reinstalling an old backup copy but I think the developpers must give a solution to use the scenery with TE as well as with the NA Region Modul. Kind regards, Thomas
  9. Hi John, thank you very much for your answer. Yes I can confirm: I do not have TE Oregon installed. Is it possible to roll back the update - in general that would be fine, in this case in particular it is necessary to use the scenery with the wonderful Orbx region modul. Is it possible to see/read anywhere what the updates (Orbx central suggests) do/changes/is intended for - in this case I could avoid those problems? kind regards, Thomas
  10. In the last time I more and more find little parts without outogen in my Orbx world. Perhaps after the last update for 05S via Orbx central I found lack of autogen in 05S Vernonia see picture. I have no other airport in this area, dont have any of the problematic non Orbx addons/ no extern autogen merger, I reinstalled the scenery as wall es the Orbx library and object flow, synchronised the simulator without any effect. Can anybody check this little corner and verify the lack of autogen? I use Prepar 4.5 last version, regards, Thomas
  11. Hello, any news concerning a solution of the problem with this product?
  12. Hi Ken, in the german forum the described lack of autogen is confirmed too, regardless with or without FlyTampa Las Vegas. It seems the Problem is caused by 61B. Hope of the feedback with a solution of the developers. regards Thomas
  13. Hi John, thank you for your answer. I hope Ken or one of the other developers provide us a solution! kind regards, Thomas
  14. Hello Ken, thank you for your answer! In looking for a solution I uninstalled a Fly Tampa Las Vegas version from 12/2019 (because of a mesh problem with 61B), but regardless dont get rid of the lack of outogen described above. Than I tried out to set offline step by step in scenery library as well al non Orbx add-ons (in this area I have only Fly Tampa las vegas ) as the Orbx modules OCL SCA Vector with no effect. Only if I set 61 B offline I get back the autogen in this area. Perhaps the high resolution ground textures of 61 B conflicts in this area/excludes the autogen partly? Perhaps a
  15. Hello, I use prepar 4.5 last version. With al Orbx modules on or off I dont get rid of this lack of autogen if 61 Boulder City is on. I found out, the boulder city scenery file "boulder_100cm_N.bgl" causes the problem. The picture below shows the problem- boulder city is above, las vegas below, it is located on the north-west border of the scenery to the las vegas city region. Fly Tampa Las vegas is not the problem. I use no other sceneries in this area. As I said I tried evertything with scneries/modules (incl. vector) on/off with no succes. kind regards Thomas
  16. Hello, Squamish is one of the orbx-pearls I think... I use Win10 Prepar3d V4.3. Today I found out that near by the sailboat marina a few buildings have no textures. About two hours I tried everything inside the simulator, resolution, density, reinstalled CYSE, the orbx - libraries, no success. Than I booted my second PC with Prepar V3 and found the same problem. So I suppose there is a lack of some textures inside the scenery. Two pictures ilustrate my problem. Hope some one can help. kind regards Thomas
  17. The Problem does not exist if the airplane is on ground. In this case everything Looks good - textures as shown on orbx page (not Nr27 on this photo, they use another ground texture for the Airport?), no flickering! Only at the specific altitude ca. 400- 1800 feet!!?? I tried out something with my graphic Card - nothing. Tried out something with the Terrain mesh - no influence. It is so bad because it is such a beautiful scenery.
  18. Hello, what can I do? I dont get rid of texture flickering at the parking positions of CYSE when flying above it ca. 1500feet. I have nearly als orbx sceneries in use, in this case, global, vector, pnw and CYSE. I tried everything with Elevation, UTX Canada off, priority in scenery cfg, reinstallation, Holgers tip concerning Terrain cfg - nothing influence. Now I compared the photo nr 27 (if you Count left to right) of the home page of orbx and the ground texture ist not the same in this photo as it ist in the first Video displayed beyond the photos (www.fullterrain.com/products/cyse). If I u
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