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  1. Thank you thank you thank you Guys
  2. Shower for everyone Funny pic tho the 1st one looks like a drunk guy, need a bottle in hand
  3. Hehe, even avoided it while leaving :). Thanks for comment
  4. Landing there was easier than expected
  5. Hi, Thanks all Caleb, Im at KEGE
  6. You got me dude xDDD Its the Q400, flight to Denver
  7. Thanks all Who want to guess the plane? and so the destination? pretty easy
  8. Please; Don't.....waike me up Can we see In sim pics so we can compare with those you showed?
  9. Thank you both for kind words Cloud formation thanks to SkyForce3D
  10. Thanks the arrival at Harstad was scenic, an amazing approach to do
  11. Thanks If you mean wich 737 I used: "Juan Sebastian Elcano" (Texture by FSBlakestStar (an Artist with capital A) a friend of mine)
  12. Thanks hard to make ugly pics with ORBX
  13. Hi Richard, I use FSX Steam (but I plan getting P3D v4 one day) Laptops, Ive been thinking about MSI GT72, but Im used to have 2 (large) monitors and I just can't "live" without the second one? Thank yoou for advices I will get a new rig when possible and get TrueEarth (wish to see France, the is the one Im most interrested in to be honnest) Regards, Marc
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