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  1. That makes 2 of us. I uninstalled v4 so I don't have simconnect.xml.
  2. Where exactly is the option to enable advanced layering? I don’t see anything in the present build of both Orbx central or Lorby.
  3. Found a solution to my problem. I was having an issue with the migration of FTX Whales. One I was able to fix the migration issue everything seemed to work again. Hope this helps someone.
  4. Has anyone found a fix for this issue. For some reason I just started having the same. Scenery.cfg is active and I’ve checked vector install. Crazy
  5. The happiest of Birthday's Scott!! Have a great day! All the best, Keith
  6. Mind if I ask what settings you're using?
  7. I could not see the scenery inside FSX either. I would have to manually add them, but I'm sure I shouldn't have to do that, right?
  8. After installing my last Orbx region I switched FTX Central from Oceania to Global and all my scenery entries in my scenery.cfg literally disappeared. I opened the "Library Insertion Points" tool and without moving anything I hit save and they all came back. Weird. That seems to be the case for all my Orbx scenery, but It doesn't work for the others (AKA Aerosoft, FSDT, etc.).
  9. Yeah I still have it but it's not installed. I did a clean install of Windows 7 , so once I'm done installing FSX with all the add-ons i'll be installing P3D v3
  10. I also seem to have had this problem with other scenery, like FSDT and Aerosoft, but Orbx is what I'm installing now and that's where I'm having the issue.
  11. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this. I can't find a solution to this anywhere. Everyone I see either can't find their scenery.cfg file or have entries to scenery that's not installed and get errors. My problem is this. I installed Global, Vectors, OPENLC, then Regions. As soon as I get to a point were everything seems to be going good with the installs I see entries missing in my scenery,cfg file. For example, I install Pacific Northwest. It shows installed in FTX Central, but when I look at the entries in the scenery.cfg file, all I see is the scenery I installed before that, no
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