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  1. This is looking so impressive, so much that I dread one of these moments <grin> -
  2. That is one amazing shot Iain. It is the first time I've ever seen a shot of that plane and thought it looked good. I know I'm in a minority about this but I think it's one ugly beast, but this shot is almost enough to make me like it. And love that sky and those clouds - gorgeous.
  3. glancing through here, saw this and "Elite" popped into my head. Not sure if that's true or not but it rings a very faint bell (more of a thud, really)
  4. Hi Don, I've been assuming it's to use as disposable tissues for sneezing and the like. Unless people are *ing themselves in anticipatory terror!
  5. Hi Ben, will do. Is there any particular thing to completely uninstall this? I have taken this step in the past when I was having problems with updates previously. On those occasions, I was having problems with incomplete/frozen updates that turned out to be down to back-level software on my Win7 system. I'm now on Win10, so that is sorted, but I do remember that uninstalling Central previously did leave all sorts of stuff sitting around in appdata or similar, so is there a comprehensive list of where Central dumps its stuff so that I can manually ensure all is removed before reinstalling?
  6. Cheers Ben. For me, it seems to happen every time there's an update. A long way from being a problem, I was just curious as to whether it is expected or not. Maybe a dev will reply at some point.
  7. Thanks for that, Ben. It does answer one of my questions.
  8. Just upgraded to 4.1. Have to say I'm impressed (and this from a confirmed early disliker). Couple of things - It seems like the discovery map, on my system at least, has one good instance with all the airports showing, but as I drag left or right I get a new instance of the planet with no airports showing. Eventually I can drag back to the correct planet, but there do seem to be parallel universes with no Orbx scenery (which is probably true in real life anyway, I guess) And secondly, is it correct that every time Central updates itself it forgets my login and password? Not a major thing but it would be nice if it remembered me. But generally - congrats! It's coming together nicely. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  9. Head west out of KEYW and you've got these final few patches of land. And again, the colours and atmosphere here are truly stunning. If I could just do the old "Beam me up, Scotty" thing I'd be there in a heartbeat. In the absence of MSFS 2095 (which is when I believe that feature is due to be implemented), this'll work for me. just a short hop, almost back already
  10. After landing in the Hughes, I switched to the Bell 412. Because I can!
  11. Just a quick trip to the beach in the Hughes 500 Can't imagine the beach is ever actually that empty, but hey, works for me.
  12. Artificial Stupidity at work in the keys. At least, I assume this wouldn't work for real. Caught me by surprise - I was out for a gentle spot of sightseeing. Although . . . is there a USS Hemingway?
  13. Second part of the flight, approaching KMTH and a quick circle over the Key before landing I believe this is called the Overseas Highway. Can't imagine why. Could be a bit scary in rough weather, I imagine. Nice day for it today though I can't really imagine what it would be like to live on these Keys. I don't know whether it would feel totally blissful or totally scary. It looks like one good storm, or even one relatively mild storm surge, and the whole lot would become snorkel territory. And then off the southern shore you've got this! Talk about splendid isolation! Mind you, you'd be able to crank the stereo up without disturbing anyone (except the gulls, maybe) Wasn't my tidiest landing, so I won't show you how far off the line I went At some point I'll carry on up towards the mainland. I'll see if any of that is worth posting. And once again, thanks to all at Orbx who worked on this - it is by far and away the best scenery I've seen so far. Anywhere.
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