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  1. Lovely shots, Scott. Great clouds, as ever, and I really like the capture of the 'plane in the middle shot.
  2. Always thought you must be a man of taste, Nick! I had a thing for these old Mercs for a long time. I had four models over the years, this was a beaut but cost a fortune at MOT time. Like all the others, it eventually died of rust. Apparently they never used underseal, believe it or not. I got this one off eBay for the princely sum of £1750, and got about 5 years out of it. Nowadays I pootle around in a more modern (but still 10 years old) Honda. This was a 420SEL, grey leather and all the whizz-bangs inside. Purred and then roared, all the time like sitting in a Laz-Z-Boy (is that how you spell it?) - wonderful, and I do miss it.
  3. I absolutely hated History at school. An endless set of "read this chapter and memorise those dates" type lessons from the most boring man in the world (apart from the German teacher, as I remember) who would set us a text and then apparently do a crossword or something similar until the lesson was over. Nowadays I can't get enough of it. Mostly from the late 19th century on, because that's when I feel the modern world started, in the sense that we're all still suffering from the after effects of the end of empires and WWI. And yes, it's not about the events themselves, but the ever fascinating and scary delusions that people suffer from and then inflict on others. There are many noble individuals on this big blue pebble, and always have been, but there are an awful lot of total ****holes too, and they generally seem to be the ones who end up running things (mostly because no sane person would really want to, I guess). Sorry about that. I'll get back under my bridge now.
  4. A whole year's worth of screenshot comp winners there Adam. Great stuff.
  5. Hey guys, good to see you both. Have a great time!
  6. That . . . is rather wonderful!
  7. Hi John, and here's just my two penn'orth on this aspect. I have both XP and P3D, and pretty much all the ORBX products for both. Personally, I struggled with the P3D version of GB South, in that I could not get anything like the same level of detail I'm used to without it turning into a slide show. I did just about getting it running acceptably in most of the area covered away from London, but I had to move most of my scenery sliders quite a bit back from my usual. XP is not a problem for me, in that regard. Basically, I no longer fly much in P3D and TE GB, which is a shame as I really like the new EGLC with its PBR coat. My PC spec is in my sig, and you can see that I've got the most monstrous video card, but I'm also running at 4k display res. It still doesn't resolve the issue for me with P3D, and that's because I need a more modern CPU to get the smoothness I want. So I don't know what your spec is, and what your normal setup is like, but do be aware that TrueEarth and P3D is a combination that needs some serious muscle if you want to get the best of it. XP is probably more friendly in that sense. And the "washed out" look of XP is what you tend to get with the bare-bones product, but it's easily improved with various cheap or free add-ons like those you mention, and there's a wealth of advice here in the forum about that. Not doing the "my sim's better than yours" thing here. I still love a lot of things about P3D and will continue to use it and buy stuff for it, but I probably won't buy the other TE GB products for it, and that will be the first ORBX products I've not bought. Maybe if there's a P3Dv5 that re-architects the way it does stuff I might get re-enthused, but for now, the primary future for me is in X-Plane. As for the storage required, I'd just say that I don't use SSD for the big chunks of scenery with XP and it doesn't cause me any problems. Large hard drives aren't that expensive these days - I have a total of 20 Tb of hard drive and 4.5 Tb of SSD on my system. P3Dv4 and all its scenery is pretty much all on SSD, but otherwise the bulk of my scenery (True Earth for XP and lots of ortho stuff) is all quite functional from hard drive. Others may have different opinions, no doubt, and as ever, YMMV!
  8. Thanks Bob, I'll have a play with that.
  9. Hey! you made it! Well done. Gonna try the AC Cobra there?
  10. Folks, my settings are Brightness 0.6, Bloom 0.8, Saturation 0.9 It's how I like it. I take any of those numbers up much more and it just feels washed out to me. My monitor is not particularly bright, but that setup works for me.
  11. Great shots, Bob. I really like the water in the first couple, is that a particular LUA script or anything?
  12. Ah, I'd wondered about that myself. I'm a Brit and our flag is sort of omni-directional, but that sort of didn't look right in that I expect to see the stars on the left side of any representation but then the flag was obviously blown to the left so it jarred a bit for me.
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