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  1. Very nice! I think you need to change your tag Scott - you are definitely now "Cloud Guy" in my mind.
  2. Wow Scott! That last one just takes my breath away. The light, the clouds, and the composition are stunning.
  3. I've just been reading about the SR-71, and decided to have a play in TE GB in XP using the SR-71 there from RAF Mildenhall (where it was based for a while). Was rather disappointed as the airfield itself seemed very flat (ortho of buildings but no models) so thought I'd check it out in the P3D version. Still not a wonderful airfield, but it was interesting to see the effect of TE GB vs the older EU England LC version. Landclass first - and then the True Earth version The landclass version was better looking than I remembered it, but I was reminded of the one thing that I really, really like about TE and XP - the roads! They absolutely don't work for me in the LC environment.
  4. Wonderful! I've been spending a lot of time in the XP/ortho world in the US and have been amazed at how well that can work out, and I had been wondering whether or not I'd even need/want to go to TrueEarth for these areas. Should have guessed you guys would do the biz! Someone else here mentioned the un-spellable Seattle addons and how they'd play with this - looks to me like they won't be necessary - this looks even better than them anyway. Truly impressive. Thank you!
  5. Got 'em all. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff. It's an OCD thing <grin> To be honest, I'm tending more and more towards XP these days. I see the Iain's pix when a new release comes along and think "wow - gotta get that!" and I'll usually buy it straight on release (and no, I'm not some rich b******d but I don't spend money on anything else apart from books). Increasingly though, I'm finding myself not enjoying the (P3D) products as much as I used to as I'm becoming greatly enamoured of the ortho environment in XP, plus it's a whole lot smoother in action. Can't see me turning completely away from P3D though. Too much investment and a hangar the size of Greenland.
  6. Very, very nice, Mark. Inspirational as ever, and off into my "keepers" folder they go!
  7. I guess you're working on re-configuring the lighting in the ward? Try not to fuse anything! All the best, and I hope you're soon up and running again 100%
  8. Tough call this month, really tough. #13 for me though
  9. Wonderful set of shots, Mark, truly stunning. And I'm encouraged by your results with your xVision experiments. I did grab a copy of a previous preset you posted here, but it was a bit too bluish for my own personal tastes, and I get a little bit of that here too. But I totally love the tone of the greens, the overall sharpness and the way the shadows are falling. Once I've got a couple of other things sorted out I plan to have a bit of a play with xVision for myself and see if I can get something I'm comfortable with. I'm beginning to think I might need different settings for my two different favourite environments - TE GB being one set of tones, and my California/South West US xOrtho environment being another altogether. Most of these pix though are going into my keepers gallery!
  10. Missed my chance to vote for the last couple of months, but I'm in this time. Heading up the central valley in So-Cal, scaring the oranges.
  11. Ah, but some try. When I was in the book biz I heard of a guy that had his first edition Tolkiens cremated with him. I guess the "I, me, mine" urge is the very last bit of the brain to die. And Jack, not meaning to divert your thread. Nice pix again and you've fired off a whole lot of interesting things here. Lots to investigate!
  12. Welcome to XP Jack! A whole new world to enjoy. Next time you're heading out of your favourite airport, head down the estuary to EGMC (Southend) and you can fly over a really rather splendid recreation of the town of my yoof - Sarfend! Home of the world's longest recreational pier, and the world's first ever amusement park (I believe) in the Kursaal. I'm guessing JV's advice on controls was possibly the same as this, but one thing that helped me along was to map all my controls the same (or as near as possible) across all three sims (P3D, XP and AFS2), and then to try and remember to adjust the other two sims' setups whenever I discover something new I want to add to a particular sim's options. Anyway - nice set of pix, and plenty of fun ahead!
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