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  1. Nice shots, Filou. I was going to make some joke along the lines of "have you got yourself a tyre franchise?" but the more I look at that last shot the more I like it. And the penultimate one is really great. I don't know if Benny Hill had ever made it to French TV, but if he did, you'll know what I mean if I say these shots are 'weally rubbery' (and if you've never seen Benny Hill, I know Martyn will get it)
  2. Wonderful stuff Adam. Love the colour tone as well.
  3. Bit of a stunner, that one, Iain. Very nice and definitely a keeper.
  4. I believe Version 1 went by the original name of Papyrus. Earlier technologies such as the early Apple "Stone Tablet" are not considered as part of the same family. (this schtick could go on for ever <grin>)
  5. Beautiful shots Dario. That plane and that scenery - it just doesn't get much better really, does it?
  6. Might be best to wait for the upcoming Paper Hotfix 3. I hear the resolution increase is massive.
  7. To add: I've just checked in X-Plane and it looks the same, so I guess these are correct? Not the way I remember it though so if any devs spot something here that I need to do I'd be interested. Ta
  8. Nice one Ryan. The Realair Legacy has been my default aircraft in P3d forever, and I already had a freeware (and very nice) Legacy in XP but I spotted this on the .Org site when it first showed up. Had to get a copy and I concur - it's wonderful. Gorgeous (sp? that doesn't look right) colours and surfaces, I've been using the orange skin and it really does shine, and it handles beautifully (and this from a man who doesn't have a clue about flying properly). I did a trip from KSNA to KSAN along the coast road, saved it as a replay, and have just sat watching it replay several times. The SoCal scenery and that plane is a wonderful combination. I share your bias! I always thought this aircraft has the same sort of appeal as the Spitfire or the P51 - a sort of symmetry that's just "right".
  9. Are these buildings correct? There's a block of buildings around the city and central London that look like they've wandered in from an ****soft product. Definitely a different form of modelling from the surrounding stuff or the docklands buildings. I don't remember the centre looking like this originally, but then I've not flown around here in P3D for a long time as I could never get any sort of performance in v4. Now I've got v5 on a new machine I can fly here, but it doesn't look right. No other products in place on my PC that cover this area, unless the Aerosoft/Simwings Heathrow includes central London, for some strange reason.
  10. Just want to add to the general chorus of wowness here. I'd pretty much stopped using v4 due to the inability to run it anywhere near the levels of detail I like. I'd ordered a new machine anyway, primarily in anticipation of FS 2020, when LM pushed v5 out with its DX12 upgrade. I've now got that installed and everything reinstalled on it, plus the win 2004 update, and today I put the new Nvidia driver on. And yes, the results are incredible. These pics give you an idea of the level of complexity I can get now. 4k screenies, if you can blow them up do so because this is all about detail. I really do have all the sliders maxed out and pretty much everything turned on (apart from speedtrees, of course). This used to be a slow sideshow for me, now I'm hitting 15-20 fps over the very worst bits of the city and mostly hitting my target rate of 30. And that's at this level of detail and with the camera drawn back to this focal length. In the last picture, the aircraft is over Hoddesdon (if you know the area) and I've annotated a couple of locations and their distance from the aircraft. Not perfect though. I do still get occasional stutters and pauses in scenarios like this. I'm experimenting with affinity masks to see if that helps, but I'm not really sure of any improvement yet. If anyone has got any advice on that I'm all ears. But yes, for me v5 is a real winner. V4 is functionally dead on my machine and will be removed once I'm sure I've saved all I need from it. (And this isn't even my favourite sim! The same sort of flight in X-Plane really is like sliding on a greased tray across a butter lake (but not as messy <grin>))
  11. Actually, one of the things I really like about XP is the easy way to save a flight as a situation that can be replayed. This way I can actually take the time to stay in the cockpit for the whole flight, save it, and then come back and mess around changing views, taking screenshots etc via the replay. Best of both worlds! I guess there may be a way to do the same thing in P3D but it's a doddle in XP, and it's great to be able to revisit a flight if it has been a really good one. And they don't seem to take up too much space either (but then I do have several spare TB of HD if I need it)
  12. Hi Dario, wasn't aware of this, thanks. Just had a quick look and I'll probably pass, I suspect. The realism I'm into is the realism outside, rather than the flying experience - I have whatever realism settings are available in whatever sim turned way down - I can wobble and shudder well enough without help from reality. My ideal mode of transport would probably be a mind-controlled flying Laz-E-Boy, so I could just cruise or hover and gawp at everything all around me. Not to say that I don't have a huge hangar, and I do keep buying aircraft, even several that I'll probably never manage to get off the ground properly, but I'm a ctrl-e guy at heart. I'll go and take a look through the video for XP Realistic though. You never know . .
  13. Great shots. And, I think, my favourite place to be, sim-wise. I've just managed to get a new PC configured and finally have a workable (for me) P3D system again. Maxed out sliders and decent frame rates and no (very few, anyway) stutters. But after weeks of messing with P3D I went back to XP and SoCal HD and remembered "Ahh, this is what I want it to be like". I had a pretty good west coast environment with Forkboy's stuff and a bunch of other add-ons, but as ever, Orbx trumped them with TE. Cain't be beat!
  14. No worries Jack. I guess we have different philosophies re the aircraft - I'm slowly getting interested in what all those buttons do but mostly I just want to get up in the air and look out the window (or more likely take an outside view anyway), but I can appreciate your take on it. And if those birds won't fly in v5 then it ain't for you. Me, I'm still mourning the loss of the working flying saucer from FSX <grin> Happy flying!
  15. Anything in particular, Jack? Is it just those two (AS, PMDG)? I've spent the last month or so setting up a new pc, win10 and all my sims again and I've found P3Dv5 to be fairly amenable generally. Load times suck big time, but apparently LM are aware of that and plan to rectify it, and it has a few foibles regards visuals on occasion, but it is so much faster than v4. I'd given up on P3D as my v4 seemed to get slower and slower as the scenery got better and better. I never could get TrueEarth GB to run acceptably (to my taste, anyway - I don't see the point of having really good quality scenery if I have to dial the sliders right back to be able to fly over it). But even on my old PC, v5 gave me my P3D back. I've installed scenery going back to P3Dv2 levels, even FSX in a couple of occasions, without problems (and without using the old migration tool approach anymore - I've discovered the joys of xml files), and any aircraft I could load and run in v4 seems to have installed into v5 ok. But then admittedly I don't go for the PMDG type of thing - although my Captain Sim and Aerosoft Pro stuff seems ok (even if I can't fly them any better in v5 than I could in v4). I don't miss PTA or any of the sky/cloud/weather stuff I had in the past, although I'll no doubt grab the upgraded versions of all that stuff as it arrives - v5 looks pretty good out of the box to me. All of which has been a surprise added bonus really. I got a new PC in anticipation of FS2020 later in the year/millenium, not particularly for P3D which still sits behind XP in my personal choice list. But if there is anything in particular you're stuck with I'll be happy to help if I can.
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