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  1. I'm with TTM on this. A year ago I'd have been excited. I have almost everything Orbx has produced (for some reason not entirely clear to me, I don't get turned on by Scandinavia - sorry folks out there) but I haven't touched P3D since MSFS came out. I'll probably still buy this, just to see how it looks, but I don't expect to be overwhelmed by it. That's the nature of LC for me now.
  2. OK, thanks for the info. As a matter of interest, are your partnership deals exclusive, or do the likes of Gaya, DD etc still continue to sell elsewhere?
  3. Hi, not sure if this is a question for Orbx or DD, but here goes. I was quick off the mark to buy this yesterday from SimMarket, before I'd heard you were partnering up with them. Any way I can get this switched to my Orbx account? No biggie, but would be nice to have it managed along with my other Orbx stuff.
  4. All of the above, and then some. Quite remarkable stuff Filou.
  5. Great shots John. Love that shot down the ski-slope-run-thingy, I wonder if anyone has made a flyable tea-tray yet? The weather and lighting in MSFS are ridiculously good, and these shots make me glad I'm sitting in my nice warm bunker.
  6. Blimey! Stephen King at LOWI - where next, LRTM maybe? (nice shot!)
  7. My first trip to Dundee in MSFS. Man, I love this sim! Thought I'd play with the wind a bit and see how the water looked very impressive water but I was getting blown around too much so I went back to what it was before. I have enough trouble landing in a straight line as it is, thank you Oops. That was embarassing, too busy thinking about the wind! Thought it
  8. Cheers Taph, and I agree - it seems to be particularly fine in this light Thanks John Cheers Landon, and glad to hear we've still got some commonality in the lingo! Cheers Pete. Enjoying it a bit less today as I'm going through a reinstall courtesy of a random act of MS madness (it wouldn't start, removed itself from my store account after I'd reluctantly uninstalled it, and made me spend about an hour on a chat session before I was able to get a good link to start a re-install) Thanks Iain Hi John, and thanks. Don't kn
  9. Really enjoying MSFS, for me it's by far the best thing out there now. Not been posting much here as a lot of my flying is in non-Orbx areas but here's a bunch around KSJC. Never been to the airport in RL, my trips out there were always via KSFO, but drove around the area a lot. Got fond but vague memories of a park/reserve area on the edge of the town somewhere, and one of these days I'll try and identify it and go see it with the drone cam, but in the meantime - I do like a nice balcony or a verandah (or porch, as I guess it might be out there)
  10. Wonderful things, attics. All sorts of treasures hidden away there.
  11. Very, very nice, Pete. Very crisp and the colours are wonderful - a great looking combination of effects.
  12. Lovely stuff! The Pitts and this scenery are made for each other, and this was a grand flight! The sim really needs a replay mode so you can do this sort of flight and then get to see it from all angles.
  13. Great shots, Scott. Love the 'out-the-window' shots in particular.
  14. Lovely looking aircraft, although I have to say I prefer the look of the original (without the stretched upper deck). Flown many, many times on them, but unfortunately always in cattle class, so my personal memories aren't that great. Sad to see them go though, they've always felt like they had more personality than the likes of the 777, 787 etc. And, boy, was she impressive when she first came along. With the 747 and Concorde, it was fins and chrome all over again, but in the sky!
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