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  1. Hey! good to see you brought your big-headed friend back with you, Martyn!
  2. Not quite finished yet, but complete 4.5 install plus clean up, combined with hardware upgrades, beginning to feel good. Here's a few approaching the rather splendid new Melbourne. Maxed sliders plus some .cfg fiddling to give maximum scenery distances and still getting fairly smooth fights at between 20 - 30 fps (target of 30). These are all 4k, and worth looking at enlarged if you can - the level of detail in the new AU is wonderful! This last one's a bit 'fish-eye', with the fov maxed out, and wouldn't be how I'd want to fly for long, but it does show how much you can get on a screen these days! Thanks ORBX, for AU2 and now I'm ready for TE Washington!
  3. Sorry to hear your news, John. I hope the combination of the pills and the joystick eases things enough to let you feel better soon. Edited to add - nice pix as well!
  4. Hey Martyn! welcome back and I look forward to the return of some serious punning here - it's been way too serious of late!
  5. A couple of questions for you, Ben. I understand the push to move stuff out of the core P3D folders, but I have a couple of concerns about the use of XML definitions rather than the scenery.cfg entries. My own scenery layout has over 600 layers in scenery.cfg (including all the ORBX products but not including the default scenery). To manage this lot, I currently use the Scenery Config Editor to organise everything into regional groups. This allows me to firstly ensure that I have got everything in the correct order, and secondly disable large chunks of unnecessary scenery when using the sim. I currently modify products that install their "scenery" and/or "texture" definitions to allow me to continue to do this. I do so by amending the addon.xml to leave any "effects/scripts/sounds" etc definitions but remove any scenery definitions and code them in scenery.cfg so that I can fit them in to my scheme. The main reason for doing this is the ability to only selectively enable required scenery, as I'm given to understand that this still effects load times. So firstly, I guess, I should ask if this scenery loading is indeed still a factor. It feels like it is on my system, but I haven't done any terribly precisely measured tests so maybe I will do that. And then as far as the new Central goes, I'm guessing the use of the add-on xml technique will not be optional? Personally, I'd like it to be so but I realise I may be ****ing into the wind with my distaste for the xml options (it might be more bearable if there were only a single place and method for coding the xml files, but there seem to be at least four different techniques I've found so far). I have just done a clean install of P3D 4.5+ followed by a "re-install" of all my scenery, and using the sort of techniques described elsewhere by Nick, the full set of ORBX products were back in place and usable in a few minutes. Given that methodology, and how well it works, I gotta say I don't really see the need to go the whole xml route. I can see that keeping clear of the default scenery and autogen and effectively concatenating in front of it instead is a good idea, but I shall be mildly upset to lose the sort of control I currently have with the existing methods. Anyway, it does all look very impressive, and there's a lot about it that I really like. My personal dislikes are not really anything to do with what you and ORBX are doing, more the way LM has kludged up the whole add-on thing. But I would be keen to know if the use of scenery.cfg is going to be allowed, optionally.
  6. Hi Nick, just curious as to where this is - I just went to look for it and don't see it in the profile settings options?
  7. Hi Renault, a member needs to have explicitly set up a signature in their profile, and included the details in plain text or as a "spoiler", which comes up as the "reveal hidden contents" box you see on some posts. If it ain't there, you can't view it!
  8. I realise I've been getting almost blase about the shots being posted about TEW, but these are truly special! Into the keepers file for most of these.
  9. Thanks for that, Nick. I believe the ORBX stuff is base around Pilot's 2010 mesh, so I'll check with them re their 2018 version to see if that's compatible (unless you know the answer to that?)
  10. Hi Doug, just spotted this question and answer and have a follow-up/confirmation question for you. I've been using Pilot's FS Global Ultimate (and then NG) for maybe 3 years now. I also have all the ORBX products installed. I believe that there are incompatabilities between the mesh used for the ORBX products and this generation of the Pilots mesh? For various reasons I have just started a fresh install of P3D (4.5 plus hotfix) and so far have reinstalled (from backups) all my ORBX stuff only. And once I'd finally got a bit of messing around out of the way I've noticed that lots of the weird scenery effects I had been getting in the past have now ceased. I used to get a lot of "re-drawing" of the scenery tiles as I would approach, a bit like somebody flicking/pulling a rug straight as I got near. Seeing your comment here makes me wonder if the additional mesh might be the issue? Trouble with a clean install is that you don't know which particular ****up you made in the past has now been corrected <grin>!
  11. Nice one, Renault! Shame that doesn't work in real life - you could leave a "screenshot" of yourself sat in front of the sim while you were off out making all sorts of mischief! (well, once you're mobile again, at least)
  12. Welcome home Renault - and hope the recovery goes well
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