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  1. Well, I did it! So far so good.

    Hi Jack, there's a long explanation from Elaine somewhere in the P3D forum here, but essentially it involves XML files and placing the scenery, simobjects, effects, sound and other folders in the "\My Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons" folder and then activating them within the sim via the menu. I'm ok with the concept of keeping stuff out of the core LM folders (I try and do that anyway) but the way they've done it removes real control of your scenery and hangar, in my opinion. You can't create scenery groups, changing the priority of individual sceneries is real clunky, and there's no real control of the hangar at all. Once you start to get to grips with how this whole thing hangs together, which is probably the case with most of the folk here in the forum, you probably have complex enough environments that you need to retain control over such things, and the "new" method rather cripples that (again, that's just my opinion - not looking for a war with anyone here).
  2. Well, I did it! So far so good.

    Welcome to Beta World, Jack! Surprisingly painless here, ain't it? I've not had any problems - I certainly haven't been methodically testing everywhere but anywhere I have been in Orbx world has been fine. And I'm with you on SCE. Still using it, mostly so I can keep track on all my scenery. I can't tell you how much I hate the "approved" LM way of installing add-ons with all that xml carp and the addon menu. It removes all real control, particularly of scenery, so I just won't let it on my system. If they ever enforce it absolutely that'll be the day I go no further with P3D. So all my scenery gets installed the old way (as do all my aircraft) and I rig things back to how I want them with SCE. No idea if using just single SCE defined areas actually reduces load times, but it feels like it. But it's not why I use it. P3D v4 is a giant leap forward in most ways, but like every single software supplier on the planet, they'll sometimes get an idea in their heads that doesn't get translated properly when coded, and for me, the add-on system is a total ****up. Still, end of rant. Happy flying Jack, enjoy hurling that beast around all those previously unavailable areas. I'm guessing a flight between Seattle and KSFO can't be far away <grin>
  3. Lovely set of shots! The light is wonderful throughout, the scenes are nicely chosen and the first one in particular is magnificent.
  4. Mean and Moody

    Great shots, Paul. I alternate between thinking the Phantom is a thing of beauty and one ugly beast, but she's certainly looking good here.
  5. Two from Frankfurt

    Very nice indeed, and add me to the fan club for number two (already grabbed for the gallery!)
  6. Trying out some newly acquired repaints around the Bay Area, when I saw something weird. You can probably guess what I'm about to do in this first shot - But it looks like some truck driver saw me coming and either panicked or lost his concentration So there you go folks, actions have consequences, even in simworld! In a Truck Sim somewhere, there may be a bunch of grieving pixels, and it's all my fault.
  7. Crossing 3 States: 3) Montana

    Another wonderful set of shots - shame about the weather (although it still makes great pix)
  8. Crossing 3 States: 2) Wyoming

    Very, very fine. Looking forward to Montana!
  9. Crossing 3 States: 1) Colorado

    Wonderful set of shots!
  10. Small photo album

    Pretty much sums it up!
  11. Bolivia

    Guess you may have gone by now, but bon voyage anyway, and a fine set of shots to leave us with.
  12. Heading south...

    Yep, welcome back Scott, and that is one fine way to come back! Gorgeous shot.
  13. Too much ORBX?

    I often sit outside in the garden with a cup of tea and look up at the sky and find myself thinking "hmm, those clouds are actually quite realistic"
  14. Off to Old Crow

    Wonderful shots, John. I particularly like that cockpit shot, somehow the interior of the Beaver seems to have been designed for that sort of weather - perfect colour matching!
  15. Beautiful shots from an informative flight, Definitely some places to explore there. Thank you!