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  1. Great shots Ikbenik! Looks like we have the same taste in transport. I've got a nice Sea Fury for P3D but I'll have to go find that one as well now - a fine looking plane. I notice you've got a driver in your Cobra - is that a "press 'n' for driver" kind of thing? I couldn't see anything in the blurb about a driver when I put the Cobra on my system.
  2. Great set of shots, Gerold, and I really love #3
  3. I find this a bit of a pig to drive, many "save flight"s required, but as long as the roads are pretty straight (so Freeways are ok) it can be fun! Looking forward to the day I can drive from Seattle to San Diego in True Earth!
  4. Hi Jack, Not entirely sure. This set was taken under a fairly overcast sky, so they are quite dull naturally, but yes, I guess my colour taste tends towards the darker pallete. I find bright skies and brightly lit greenery a bit fake for my taste - it seems to bring out the "manufactured" quality of some of the scenery. The big monitor on my sim pc is a little brighter than the one on my main PC, but not amazingly so, and when I'm flying in the sim it all feels "right" in terms of the colours. So I guess it's just one of those "different strokes for different folks" kind of things. Hey, who knows, maybe this is the first external manifestation of my yet undiagnosed physopathic breakdown - move over Munch, room for one more on that bridge?
  5. Was heading toward Vandenberg AFB, for reasons I won't bore you with, and spotted what looked like an attack of the "random office block syndrome" over towards the coastline. Went to take a look-see and found a bunch of rocket launch sites. Off to Google Earth and Wiki and found out about the missile test program at Vandenberg and the launch sites at Point Arguello. Wasn't aware of any of this so a big thank you to Orbx for going to the trouble to include this all in So-Cal. Not just fun - educational too!
  6. Cheers Dolf, I think I might take this beast to Vegas next! Thanks Wain, as to the "great flying" bit, we'll see how that goes if I ever try to actually land this thing.
  7. Thanks Iain Indeed, but they never did get it to the point of "and one radiatin' ", which is probably a blessing. Cheers Gerold, I'm with you on the first point but definitely not the second. Got all my realism settings way down to off, and lots of hitting the 'pause' key to nip outside and check I'm not dipping a wing or anything else in the water. And if this was a Carenado or something similar with actual working controls I wouldn't even contemplate it! Well, ok, I might have a go, but . . . Cheers Pat (?), and I quite liked that one as well - it makes the jets look like floats! Cheers Jack, and nah! mid afternoon maybe - you know my taste in colour tone (come over to the Dark Side, Jack!) And I would so love to have a really fancy copy of this airplane, and especially for X-Plane, but this is why I'll probably be keeping P3D way past any real interest in it. I have way too big a hangar ful of stuff for it that I just can't get for XP. Like you, I spend most of my time in XP now, but every now and then I get the urge to play with something like the B-36 or some other oddity. Mind you, I do have a jetpack for XP that I'm trying to get to grips with. Not sure they even noticed actually <grin> Never seen one for real OnD, at least I don't remember there being one at the SAS museum in Omaha, which is about the only such musem I've visited in the US. Mind you, I was obsessing about the B-58 at that time so I could well have (unbelievably) not even noticed a B-36 while I was drooling over the Hustler.
  8. This is not possible with the current version of Orbx Central. But we will re-introduce this functionality in an update soon. Whoo-hoo! If this is really going to happen it will be great news. I've never understood the obsession to utilise the add-on xml technique, particularly for scenery that doesn't do anything hugely complicated. It is totally possible to install such stuff outside the sim root directory anyway and still use scenery.cfg techniques to manage it, so I don't know why LM has such a bee in its bonnet about stopping this being done. It's not so much using XML, it's the way LM decided to implement it that makes it a pain. So big thanks to you for this amendment.
  9. Thought I'd take a few moments out from moaning about Orbx Central and actually go flying. Bought a couple of nice books recently about Convair and the B-36 so . . . Set off from Vandenberg AFB and thought I'd go scare some hippies (hey, I can say that, I was one (sort of)) hmmm . . . I think I can, I know I can . . . She actually went through quite easily. And way over speed at that. I so like that you can do this sort of thing in the sim!
  10. As a teenie I remember we used the phrase "half a dollar" for the old UK "half-crown". That was two shillings and sixpence (12.5 of today's P) and got its name because the USD was worth about five shillings in the UK then (4 USD to one GB Pound). Now that's a rate I'd like to go back to
  11. Hi John, does this mean we'll be able to rename ORBX directories ourselves to fit any naming scheme we might like to adopt? I'd love that but I'd be surprised if you allowed it.
  12. Stunning. As real as it gets.
  13. Well, I just looked at these on my big 4k screen and to my surprise I think I prefer the zl16 with the sharpening. Didn't expect that, but there you go. So I guess that'll do for me.
  14. Just to add another response. I also would like to see lower altitude comparisons. The examples give at the head of the topic look ok to me (without getting out my magnifier) but I'll have to have a look on my big monitor to really say for sure. But in general I don't have a space problem, and would rather go for max quality than min space. I've got plenty of drive space available and I don't feel SSD is necessary for this scenery - ordinary HD is fine and 8tb drives are relatively cheap. I would probably go for any higher res options if offered, and will probably keep the existing TE WA if possible. But kudos to ORBX for tackling an issue that obviously does affect lots of folks.
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