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  1. Nice shots, Martyn, and I'm very much enjoying my vicarious world tour.
  2. Ah, I thought it was a typo and was enjoying some wonderful mental images of Dolly Parton frolicking under the bridge. A bunch of fish is not the same, you know <grin> (nice shots from your ever fascinating tour, too)
  3. Did you used to write for Frankie Howerd, or maybe the entire Carry On team, in a previous existence Martyn? I think we should be told <grin> (Alternatively - "spoken like a true assembler programmer", although that might be a bit too geekish) And this got me thinking - do you think 'plane years are like dog years? Is this a really geriatric beast? That aside, I'm enjoying the various pix from your trip. They're almost enough to make me want to actually go and see some of these places in real life. (Almost - and then I remember the hassle of RL airports and am re-confirmed in my desire to remain comfy in my cave)
  4. Heartwarming stuff, Don. She looks like a great big bundle of sloppy lurrrve! I hope you all have many more happy years together.
  5. Any more like this and I'm going to short-circuit my keyboard with all the drooling.
  6. A truly wonderful set of shots, Martin. Don't know how big your monitor is, but if it's suitably tall as well as wide it must be a real buzz sitting in front of it on flights like that.
  7. Sorry to hear that, Dario, but like Pete and Martyn said - you may be able to recover a lot of it if the drive(s) survive(s). Fingers crossed.
  8. Lovely set of shots, Jack, and I really like #8 - magic!
  9. By the look of the landscape I'd have to say "it's a fair crop, Guv" (good to have you back, Martyn)
  10. Damn fine shot, Martyn. (I know, I know)
  11. The great Samedan elf massacre. (sorry about that. My self censorship chip seems to be corrupted)
  12. Is that good or bad? Either way, great shot Martyn
  13. . . . on the way the paper bag was on my knee, man, I had a dreadful flight . . . nice shots and nice reference Jack!
  14. I saw the title and thought that's odd, Knightsbridge doesn't have an airport.
  15. Yayyy! that's the spirit! I think my settings must be too bright actually, Jack. This was a midnight flight <grin> Cheers, Iain. I'd forgotten what a great bit of scenery this is. Ah, that's better. I've missed these little gems (and nice catch with that last one). Hope the trip is still going well / you're recovering nicely at home now (delete as applicable). Cheers Adam.
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