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  1. (Sorry, finger trouble with previous post) Not that I suspect it matters, but I really think this is a pretty lousy piece of work. I can't see anything particularly representative of either the company name or its ethos or its nature/products. As has already been mentioned, Orbx is a valuable and well known name in this marketplace, but this is - I don't even know what it's attempting to be - cute? stylish? in tune with the cosmos? I'm guessing, and it really is a guess only after staring at the wretched thing for quite a while, that this is some sort of attempt to indicate an "X"
  2. I'd have to say no, IMO. FIrst couple of trips around the area I was quite underwhelmed, but it's not expensive and ymmv, as they say.
  3. Sorry to hear the bad news Iain, but glad to hear it's going to be under control. Here's to a more chilled-out future, and we all hope things go well for you. And although I don't do "dawn", that's a great picture!
  4. @adogdoor, I just checked and my boats and ships setttings are both at 75%
  5. Hi John, it's from a new partner - Seafront Simulations My thoughts exactly! Not that I'm aware of. I didn't change anything but I can't remember what my setting for such traffic are in MSFS and it takes an age to load up so I'll look and then post again Hey Iain, you're back in harness! Hope all's back to normal for you and that you're ok again now.
  6. Nice shots and another nice conversion, Bernd. That C54 cockpit sure comes in handy - it really looks the business in there, very nice! (I've put it into the An-124 but I'm trying to get the C-17 cockpit fixed up a bit better as I think that would be a better fit for that plane - not giving up yet)
  7. @TigerTigerM, I just had a look at the promo vid for this and it seems they do also supply the odd container ship/cruise ship, so who know whose container ship that actually is - it might be from the Seafront package or Henrik's stuff (and I don't care enough to go back and try the same flight with Henrik's stuff turned off <grin>)
  8. This is the Seafront freeware package via Orbx Central. I do also have Henrik's AI package running, but as far as I know that's only the big ships out in the channel. Sorry about that Bernd! The Bulldog would look good (hint hint)
  9. Looks like fun. I'll have to see what the payware packages cost and look like, given the availablility of a well know freeware AI ships package, but this is for a different type of vessel I guess and I suspect there's no real confict here. And as you can see, there is no conflict in the sim, either. A few shots around Guernsey with several of HN's ships filling out the Channel traffic in the background (and one in close shot). Looks pretty impressive to me, and will be even more so once proper wake effects are implemented in the sim - you can't really tell from these shots but a lo
  10. Well, I know some people get excited about a birthday, but really Iain, that's taking it a bit too far - heart rate 180? Were you anticipating the mother of all surprise parties or something? Glad to hear it's all settling back down again, and hope you're back home and fully restored again tomorrow - Mr Rollo will be expecting his proper level of service resumed!
  11. Absolutely. Even on its own, GFE seems to insist on setting MSFS to what it thinks are the 'optimal' settings, and the thing is either brain-dead or paranoid. Why it should decide 'low' is a good setting for textures on a system with a Titan RTX beats me.
  12. Good to hear, Iain. I wonder what heavy memories other folks here might have from those days. I think I saw Hawkwind in 1970 at some all-nighter somewhere, but the memory is a little vague on the matter, for some reason.
  13. Nice shot, and so can we infer from the title, Iain, that 'Emmsie' is related to 'Lemmy'?
  14. You know me, Iain, discrete as ever. Maybe, until someone does a yellow repaint for it <grin> I rather like it, certainly. Bit of debate over on avsim about it, plenty of for and against as usual, and I wouldn't disagree that it's a bit expensive for what it is and the sim it's for, but the only other decent one of these I've had only really works in FSX (and didn't port over at all well) Nah, didn't see anyone at all, they were all running for cover!
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