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  1. andy1252

    TE-UK P3D over London - inc UK2000 EGLC

    Very nice, Kevin. Good to see what can be done with that spec kit. Guess I'll be off to buy a lottery ticket next <grin>
  2. andy1252

    Around P3D 4.4 TEGB London

    Hi Jack, nice pix, and glad to have been of help. I didn't really do that much though, my settings are pretty much taken from what Michael (pmb) suggested. I think I only deviated a teensy bit from that so he should really get the credit.
  3. Hi Ben, and thanks for the info. FTC v4 sounds like it will be interesting. A couple of requests re that, now that you've kicked off the subject. First would be to allow separate library folders for for the different products (P3D, XP, AFS2). I, and I suspect I may not be alone, have these sims on different drives and media, i.e. my P3D and its Orbx stuff are on SSD but my AFS and XP are on a different HD and the Orbx stuff for XP (the full True Earth stuff at least) is on yet another HD. This is for reasons of capacity (no room on the SSD for all XP and the other non-P3D sims) and performance (XP doesn't seem to need SSD for scenery loading). And the second request would be for full documentation to be available, if not necessarily shipped automatically, on what FTXC is doing and where it's putting everything. I realise a lot of users will have much simpler setups and no desire to know what's going on but it would be nice to have info available for those that want (need?) it. The real bug-bear for me with the XML add-on technique is the fact that you have to start the sim before you can disable/enable the add-ons, unless you want to go messing with the XML files yourself. With the old style approach, using SCE you can simply turn on or off whole groups of scenery packages before you start the sim. I believe Lorby have some software that is supposed to do the same thing for XML-based addons, but I'm not sure I have faith in it because of the fact that LM seem to allow at least three different locations and techniques to provide the XML files that control these addons. Like I said originally, this is not a whinge about anything Orbx (or TD) is doing, more a general despair almost at the way LM has implemented this. I fully understand the need for a better mechanism to be able to install all the additional stuff that a modern add-on requires, and XML seems a perfectly fine way to do it, but LM seems to have gone about this in a really half-cocked manner. All they really needed to do was make all the system files/folders considered private (no third party files to be placed there) but provide a completely separate mirror folder structure under a single high level folder. So you could have, for example, \P3D\Add-ons\scenery \simobjects \sound and even \autogen \world etc, and ALL add-ons and components should be installed in here, and these folders are concatenated internally so that they are accessed first when files loaded in the sim. Replacing any system files would therefore never actually remove/delete/overwrite those files, they'd simply never be referenced. But they'd still be there for any fallback requirement. Developers could use a simple old-style approach to install products (scenery that just has bgls and textures, for instance) or full XML based installs for anything more complex. Either way, it's all going in to one set of folders that contain no actual LM files. Installing, upgrading or generally messing around with P3D itself would simply ignore the entire \Add-ons folder structure. In theory, if all the add-ons were implemented via XML techniques, and the actual XML files were of course also in their own sub-folder within the \Add-ons environment, you'd be able to completely remove a P3D system, install a new version, and assuming there were no compatability issues, all your add-ons would become available for use immediately with out themselves needing re-installation. I'm sure it'll never happen, things will just continue to get more complicated, but hey - I can dream!
  4. andy1252

    xp11 Edinburgh Arrival.

    Very nice indeed!
  5. Yep, I've been aware of that with a few of the XML add-ons I've got. Although I haven't done so (as I didn't cotton on to the idea until I'd already got a well polluted system), if I ever get round to either a complete re-install or P3D v5 comes along, I plan to create a full set of "outside" folders for the sounds, effects, gauges etc and make sure all add-ons go into those and just concatenate these folders to the "live" ones. I've done that in a small way with some of my files and it works fine. My real issue is the way LM has implemented this stuff with a whole bunch of different ways and places to put all this xml stuff. One replacement technique would at least make thinks easy to find and manage, but three? What's that about? Anyway, I won't go on about it any more in these forums. If I can ever be bothered to bitch seriously about it I'll do so at the P3D forums.
  6. andy1252

    Orbx at Piccadilly Circus

    'Tain't dark to me, Jack. They're certainly a little bit darker here than on the monitor on my actual sim PC, as that's quite a big bright thing (and that's how I like it), but they still don't strike me as "dark", but then - everything in life is a bit subjective I guess <grin>
  7. I'm curious about this. There's a lot of talk about "having products installed outside the P3D folder", and I can certainly see the sense in that. What I don't understand is why this seems to require all sorts of over-complicated messing around with XML files and add-ons. Surely all the current ORBX products (and indeed any vendor's products) can just be installed in a target directory based outside the main sim folder and the current "scenery.cfg" file method used to locate them? For instance, you could quite easily have a folder called "Addon Scenery" directly in the root folder, rather than underneath the sim folder, and install everything in there and reference it quite satisfactorily via the old-style scenery.cfg mechanism. The only drawback I can see is who creates that folder to start with, but I would have thought there must be ways to get round that via the registry (something like an "addon_scenery_dir" entry that an installer checks for, and creates if not present but uses if already existing?) This is not a bitch/whinge - I really am curious about this. I will admit that the whole XML Addons thing is one of the things that really hacks me off with P3D, if only because it turns out there are at least three ways for an installer to do this, using different locations and files, and so it becomes a bit of a pain to keep track of. I will confess I dread the day when new Orbx products (I sort of don't count this one, as it's a TD product) start using this approach. Unless LM can tidy it all up a bit by then, that is.
  8. After a couple of days struggling, and some fascinating stuff coming out of a couple of other threads (here - and here - ), I have now gotten back to a very acceptable level of performance while flying over London. When I first installed this, it was running so badly I couldn't actually control the aircraft - the lag between any input and it being processed was so great. After some experimentation and trying out some values suggested by JV and Nick, what seemed to do it for me in the end was mostly the result of Michael (pmb)'s suggestions. I have ended up (so far) with my settings thus - I have previously been running everywhere else in P3D with pretty much fully maxed sliders without any real problems, and will probably continue to do so for all non-TE GB scenarios. I also used the setting for 3d Performance in the Nvidia control panel as described in the first thread mentioned above. As a result of these changes, I can now run again at full 4k res at a reasonable rate of progress. It's not butter-smooth, there are still slight stutters occasionally but I'm moving all the time and the scenery is mostly keeping up with me. I've no idea what frame rate I'm getting - I'm not interested in such numbers as long as it feels acceptable, and it does. I've just done another trip out from Southend (EGMC), up the Thames and over the City to Heathrow, and this time it was fine. I was surprised how little I was affected by the reduction in LOD radius and Autogen draw distance, as that's been one of the most impressive things about P3D since v4 came along. So, some shots of the trip. All 4k, and worth viewing full screen enlarged to appreciate the effect of the settings. Out of EGMC (actually the UK2000 version, which works fine but is not shown) and down to the seafront Up the Estuary towards City Airport. I'd lost control and started doing loops at this point on the original trip Turned north to detour over Hampstead Heath Looking back at the City Turning west again, pretty sure that's the North Circular and Brent Cross down below (but it's probably 40 years since that was part of my commute so I may be wrong) Wembley coming up Heading on to Heathrow now, it's just appearing in the distance Can still dimly see the City back there behind us. It doesn't feel like the reduced draw distance is noticable Heathrow ahead. This is Aerosoft's "Mega" version as well, so we are getting a bit of lag on the foreground scenery now, but if I pause the sim, it only takes a second or so to catch up OK, flew on past Heathrow and headed out west. Just passing over Slough now ("come, friendly bombs" etc) but looking back, you can see Heathrow is still showing up ok Slough to the left, Windsor to the right, Heathrow just about discernible in the background. So there we are - one man's journey to TE GB satisfaction. I think I still prefer the XP version, but I'm glad I've got this working to a satisfactory level now. I'll probably fiddle some more to see how it all goes with Rex etc, and I've not got any PTA on here yet, but I promise now to post any more biggies like this when I've done that! My point in showing all this is that it is obvious that quite a few people have been having problems getting this working on their systems. I too had already posted in one of the above threads that I'd not been able to get a satisfactory solutions and would probably just abandon the P3D version of TEGB until LM or Intel got their next generation together. But it turned out fine in the end. Not saything that the settings I've used are THE solution, but they're A solution, and one that worked for me. Don't give up on it!
  9. andy1252

    Orbx at Piccadilly Circus

    Rodger, it's probably not far short of that since I was there - I might be maybe ten years more recent - so I couldn't say for sure! Thanks Iain, and this got me thinking - do the devs tell you about the little gems they include or do you have to discover them for yourself in your preview shots?
  10. After much faffing about and frustration, and with a lot of info from a couple of other threads, I'm finally getting a setup where I can actually fly (as in - keep moving relatively easily) over London in TE GBS in P3D. Not settled yet, but the compromises involved seem to be acceptable to be able to fly in this area and keep my display running at 4k. And while I was going over the place, I remembered reading in someone else's post (can't remember who or where now, sorry) that this was mentioned so thought I'd go check it out. Nice one, Orbx!
  11. andy1252

    Into the Mystic

    Hi Mark, when I went there in XP TEGBS it was just a bungalow or some such thing on top of the Tor. I'll take a look-see in P3D later on and post here if nobody has done so before me.
  12. andy1252

    Just one from GB North

    thanks, John thanks, Jack thanks, Iain
  13. (Edited to add - all 4k, best seen maxed out) OK, first trip around my current home town was good, so back to my spiritual home - Sarfend! Looks a lot greener than I remember it Heading up past Leigh-on-Sea, still way more trees than I remember Looking back towards the old place Heading up over Dr Feelgood territory Already much more stuttery than my previous flight, and suddenly I can hear "there may be trouble, ahead" playing in my mind Stuttering so much now the keyboard/stick input is being missed - finding it hard to keep any sort of control (in fact, actually ended up doing a couple of loops - Jack would be proud of me) Managed to get back under control eventually Plugging on, but we're in a real slide-show by now, and a slow one at that. But as I've said many a time here, for me it's all about the view rather than the flight, so I persevered for a bit longer And the views are pretty spectacular! Pushing on towards Heathrow And you can see it in the distance, blacked out boxes where my machine is giving up the attempts to draw And round about here it just got too painful, and I exited. I was running with no allowances for the scenery though, with everything pretty much maxed out as I usually have it, so I will experiment and see if I can make it workable on my system. If I have to dial it back so much that it loses its visual impact though, I shall just accept that for now I can only fly TE GB in these built up areas in XP - which is no hardship at all. Meantime, I will try some more flights away from the big city and see how I get on. (none of this is in any way a complaint about the product. I think it's great, but I may just need a bigger boat! (thank you Mr Dreyfuss)
  14. andy1252

    Home turf in TE GB P4

    Haven't got my colour tones/lighting sorted properly yet. Been a bit off since I went to 4.4 and haven't had time to sort things out yet. Trying to see what I can get without using PTA - I figure Iain's shots are pretty damn fine and I don't think he uses it so . . . Anyway, a couple of these feel a bit too bright green for my taste but even so, it's good to see TE here in P3D. Feels very different to XP, but I wouldn't expect otherwise, and it does open up a whole new (old) hangar to explore with. Quite a slow load time, and I assume that unlike the Cityscene "issues" TE does need the Orbxlibs to run (?), but worth the wait. Nice to finally not have the weird tile edges with buildings sliced off at field boundaries etc. Just a couple from around my neck of the woods. Coming out of EGTE, heading past Exeter towards Torquay Over central Torqauy. Pretty realistic bits of built environment. Right in front of the nose I can see and recognise the big 24hr Boots in the Wren Retail Park, and to the right of that are the local Sainsburys and M&S. The big set of buildings a little bit further ahead of the nose are the Torbay Hospital complex, and that looks pretty realistic to me. I can also date the imagery by the road works to the upper right of the picture - that's the new Devon Expressway that opened a couple of years ago now. So - pretty impressive! A bit further away over the other side of Dartmoor, and there's the Prison in all its glory. A pretty barren part of the world. But the landscape improves as you move away to the west. This is pretty much at the same location as the last shot but looking north west, away from Princetown and the Prison. I'd lowered the saturation a bit at the end there - that's a bit nearer how I like it. So - another fine product from Orbx. Congrats to all involved. And there's still Africa OLC and Oz v2 to come!
  15. Storage isn't that big a deal these days. My sim machine has 32tb, all but 3.5 tb spinning HDs and all my True Earth (XP) scenery is on the HDs with no ill effects in terms of loading or running speeds, and those drives are nothing special - no exotic black drives or anything like that. I've got a bunch of other PCs for various stuff, and in all I've probably got over 50 tb spread around the house. I don't like the cloud concept, so everything I have (30 plus years of fiddling around) is duplicated and the small amount of really important stuff triplicated, which is why the capacity has slowly crept up over the decades. And yes, I realize that if the house burns down my backups won't help me but I figure if the house burns down worrying about my data will probably be fairly low on the list. So if by some miracle True Earth Earth makes it out the door while I'm still able to rattle a joystick - I'll buy it!