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  1. Hey Roger, I fell a whole new thread coming on! Yeah, it could do with one. But they don't have helis yet. Cheers Adam Thanks Wayne No idea Christopher. In fact I hadn't noticed till your post. Maybe ask the devs?
  2. Hey - great looking scenery, and now we've got the drone camera to play with it's open season for exploring. Looking forward to seeing fully furnished interiors in these terraces in future releases <grin> Cheers Roger, and thanks for the comment. That's one of my favourite '60s sounds from one of my favourite '60s bands, and yet I'd never registered that was the line - "fall on my face", I'd always heard it as "follow my face". Which of course makes no sense, but when you're 15 years old it doesn't need to make sense, just sound good. And once it's in your head, it tends t
  3. Lovely bit of scenery this. And the grass in the sim looks so good I want to roll around in it Hmm, that looks like a handy place to live if you're a wing-nut Well, the second part of the title says "on approach", so here we go . . . I'm beginning to find that although the photogrammetry areas in MSFS are very impressive from a thousand or so feet up, they are also a bit frust
  4. Hey Paul, great to see your snout back here! Hope things work out for you.
  5. Just wanted to add - that penultimate shot (the girder work from inside the bridge) is un-(word probably wouldn't be allowed <grin>)-believable. I could happily live with that blown up 20 feet wide and filling a wall. Never seen anything quite like it in a sim.
  6. Wonderful! The photogrammetry (still struggling with that word) in MSFS is really impressive stuff from a ways up, but at the level I like to explore - this is what we need! This looks stunning.
  7. Sorry, but I don't. Too much white space and the black on blue on some of the tags is very indistinct. Smacks of change for change's sake.
  8. Thanks Iain - it was your shot of the Pitts guy that inspired me for this (so it's all your fault) Cheers Dario, and you're not wrong - I'm like a pig in bad-word-deleted (as they seem to say on Avsim) Cheers Roger. I'm not anywhere near a procedural type of simmer, I just like to play in this fantasy world (as you might have noticed) Cheers TTM, much fakery involved of course! Thanks Gary (?) and it certainly is. I've taken the Mriya under the Golden Gate Bridge and now landed it at Darrington. Maybe Elstree next . . C
  9. I really do hope all the Orbx stuff gets ported over to MSFS, the combination is magic. This is just a few shots from a typical day in the life at Darrington. You wouldn't think they'd need to, given the surroundings, but the local hardware store has a huge contract to import massive stocks of Siberian Larch. Once a week, the Mriya (with the special anti-gravity landing and kryptonite disk pads option kit) comes in with a full load (including a couple of tons of vodka - lumberjacking is thirsty work) for the Do it Best store, conveniently sited next to the airstrip for this very reason.
  10. Magic stuff, Dario. With the drone and this sort of scenery, a man can waste days of his life! But, as the song says, "time well wasted". I continue to be amazed at it all.
  11. I'm getting quite blase now about what can be done visually in MSFS, but that first one in particualr is a real "wow!" moment Iain. Stunning!
  12. Wonderful stuff, TTM. I don't go out in the rain much but these make it look almost tempting!
  13. Completely agree, MZee. The default planes are more than adequate for my type of flying, which is mostly just sightseeing. But it's fun to see some of the oldies in the new improived environment. Cheers Adam Thanks Don Glad you like 'em Dario I almost wish I hadn't seen your original post, Bernd - I've wasted hours of my life on this now! There's a lot of "not quite" examples, but they're encouraging in the sense that it gets you thinking how good this will be if replacements of the same quality as the sim itself do come along. I trie
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