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  1. and a great typo! (unless you were on Skype at the time <grin>)
  2. Yes - wonderful stuff and hugely appreciated - thank you!
  3. Very nice Pete, and I love those clouds.
  4. Nice shots, Martyn! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist this beast. Did you have the Airfix kit back in the day? I remember it as one of my real favourites, along with a large-scale (1/24 maybe) F5 Talon (which I think might have been Revelle). I'm hesitating about getting this, just because P3D is some way off my go-to sim these days, but I don't suppose I'll hold out for long.
  5. Looking good Filou! I'm looking forward to taking a trip in the paramotor all the way up the keys to the mainland. Well, if I have a day or six to spare, that is!
  6. Well, I did think about SLI'ing it, but didn't have room in the case (oh, and I've still got a few shares available for that nice tower in Paris, if you're interested <grin>). Assuming your "AM" is referrring to Affinity Mask I'm not messing around with those. I tried a few and it doesn't make any appreciable difference, and I've seen a lot of info saying that it doesn't/shouldn't matter these days with P3D. My system is perfect with XP - I am seeing up to 15/16gb graphics memory usage in some places (4k with all sliders except AA maxed out) and it's as smooth as butter, so the Titan was worth it from my perspective. In that environment I rarely see above 50% CPU either. And given the level of fidelity and general graphical loveliness I get in XP I'm not prepar3d to lower my settings to try and get p3d to run smoothly. Why drive a mini when I can drive a roller? P3D is great as long as I don't try anything like max with stuff like TE. And when I get my 128 processor Threadripper or whatever in a year or so's time I may even be able to enjoy it with TE, which would be good as I've got a hanger the size of Texas full of planes for that sim. Anyway, I don't want to sidetrack this thread so, as that nice Mr Gump said - "that's all I've got to say about that". (oh, and the 48tb is about 5tb SSD for sims and basic scenery, with 20tb HD for Ortho4XP and other photo scenery. My TE for XP is on HDD not SSD and it works a treat)
  7. Great shots and a great heads-up on this new model. I remember these (I think!) from my yoof in Southend. Loads of them at the airport, plus I had an Airfix (I think, again) model that I was really proud of. Even though I'm not using P3D much these days I shall have to get a copy of this.
  8. Hi Kevin, my specs are in my sig, and I guess CPU is my limiting factor. I am also running at 4k, which doesn't help. Thanks to XP, I'm not really worried about my lack of progress with P3D, and I may well get myself a new PC towards the back half of 2020 - I'm waiting to see what's needed for the new FS. I figure I'll buy state of the art at that point and if that doesn't run P3D to my satisfaction I'll consider it a minority sport and concentrate on the other sims.
  9. Still a slide show on my machine, no discernible improvement on v1 for me. Guess I'll stay in XP for my True Earth fun. (not blaming Orbx here, it's obviously an LM thing).
  10. Lovely shots, Scott - I always enjoy your clouds!
  11. Nice shots, Martyn, and I'm very much enjoying my vicarious world tour.
  12. Ah, I thought it was a typo and was enjoying some wonderful mental images of Dolly Parton frolicking under the bridge. A bunch of fish is not the same, you know <grin> (nice shots from your ever fascinating tour, too)
  13. Did you used to write for Frankie Howerd, or maybe the entire Carry On team, in a previous existence Martyn? I think we should be told <grin> (Alternatively - "spoken like a true assembler programmer", although that might be a bit too geekish) And this got me thinking - do you think 'plane years are like dog years? Is this a really geriatric beast? That aside, I'm enjoying the various pix from your trip. They're almost enough to make me want to actually go and see some of these places in real life. (Almost - and then I remember the hassle of RL airports and am re-confirmed in my desire to remain comfy in my cave)
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