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  1. Would it be possible to add a feature to Orbx Central to allow a user to either hide individual products or mark them as already owned or similar? There are some products I have already bought from the original vendor or other sources and being able to hide them makes it easier to see which actual products I don't have and may want to buy.
  2. Well, I'm not personally convinced this is completely true. There is really no need for the level of detail provided in the basic sim if they only ever planned it to be a pure flight simulator. It is really a world simulator, and currently we just fly in it. I would not be surprised to see other aspects (trains/ships/boats) being catered for in the sim in future, in a much more integrated fashion than the currently available addons. If you are flying around in this sim in something like the spendid H135, then building detail is a primary part of the experience. I may be a bit more extreme than most folk in my preference for scenery and low'n'slow flying (as far as I'm concerned you could remove all the big tin from the sim and I probably wouldn't notice), but I suspect there are a very large number of folks who use this sim in a very similar way - way more than in the other sims. Plus, I've just been looking at the announcement shots for Shoreham and Elstree and they do have nicely weathered and decayed textures to some of the buildings, so the techniques are obviously available. Like I've said before, I'll keep on buying the stuff - this is not me having a hissy fit - but I will always be pushing for what I know you folks are capable of, and I don't feel Orbx is always achieving that with the city packs.
  3. Don't come here much these days but popped in to check announcements. Same comment for this as for the Shoreham airport - truly wonderful work on these textures - the real world is a grubby old place and these two airfields have got this handled really well.
  4. Wonderful! The wear on the buildings is beautifully done. This has been my main source of dissatisfaction with the various landmarks packages - everything there is way too shiny and pretty unrealistic. But this is pretty much perfect.
  5. Looked at that first picture and the thought that struck me first was "that looks like a copter but it's not the H135" so was well pleased to see the Optica announced here. I have a converted version but this looks great. As for the scenery/citypacks etc, I'm sure I will continue to buy everything that comes out for MSFS, but I would just add a suggestion/comment/plea re the citypacks stuff. For me, it feels like the quality of the surfaces/modelling of some of these big city buildings is not what it could be. It tends to feel a bit lego-like in some cases. That may be a limitation of the sim/sdk etc, I wouldn't know. But a lot of it feels way too shiny and lacks realism. I feel a bit of weathering to the surfaces would improve things big time. This is not meant to be a bitch. Like I said, I can pretty much guarantee I'll buy anything you put out for MSFS (I have so far), but the truth is that MSFS has raised the bar so much now that whereas Orbx used to be pretty much the scenery supremos, nowadays the products are simply just amongst the good stuff out there. I have plenty of other addons, in some cases even freeware, that are (in my opinion, granted) better looking than some of the Orbx stuff. Which is not what I would have expected to be saying a year ago. But this announcement is certainly very welcome, and I look forward to getting my hands on this lot. Nice to see some non-standard places as well, Mumbai, Panama etc.
  6. Wouldn't have thought so, judging by the size of my scar. I'm no surgeon so don't take my comments as gospel, but I think it's quite a mechanical operation, so I'd be pretty impressed if it were possible. But I seriously wouldn't be apprehensive about it - it's a really basic op these days and like I say, it's not far off day surgery - a couple of nights just to make sure you can walk, climb stairs, kossack dance (ok, I made that last bit up) and you're back home. Bit of awkwardness trying to get comfortable sleeping for maybe a week or so but do the exercises and it all comes back good in no time. You'll be back out tromping round the woods (or wherever you moved) in no time and you won't feel at all awkward with it. My knee had been bad for over a decade before I finally convinced them it needed doing, and I remember maybe three months after it was done I was walking round the garden and suddenly thought 'hey! I'm walking normally!' and realised it had been years since I'd been that comfortable just walking. Shame that the other knee is going now, along with a hip! But hey, you can't have enrything <grin>
  7. Don't know how you're feeling about that, but I had a full replacement for one a couple of years back and it was absolute magic. In and out in a couple of days, a few weeks of physio and better than it had been for years. Probably about the only joint I have now that doesn't ache!
  8. Thanks everybody, I can definitely recommend this plane. And it you turn the photogrammetry off, the UK is looking pretty good in MSFS generally (although the shoreline now suffers from 'popping' on approach since the update). For me the benefits still far outweigh the issues. And hey, @Jack Sawyer, you're back! Hope things calmed down for you in the end.
  9. Still playing with the different recorders. Did a circuit from Stapleford, but on the playback the wheels didn't come down so can't grab any shots of that or use it to make a video. Nevermind, got some pix. So, out from Stapleford in the new Spitfire Headed west over Enfield (another old home patch for me) turn towards the smoke gonna head back down the river first Southend Pier Coming back in to Stapleford I did actually land reasonably ok, but like I say, the replay didn't capture the wheels coming down so it looks a bit weird.
  10. first ever video attempt, just wanted to show that this is available now. Ends abruptly - just wanted a bit of footage to show. Used the freeware recorder to record the flight initially then x-box capture for the vid. 4k and ultra settings in the sim. not tried putting a video up here before, hope this is done the right way.
  11. now available on flightsim.to - first time out for me so no real info but seems to go up and down and back and forward!
  12. Definitely my preferred choice. I usually leave it on until I find myself down low over somewhere really ugly and then I'll just pause and switch it off. As I'm not a procedural flyer (barely any kind of flyer, really<grin>) I don't feel any loss of immersion in the flight.
  13. Didn't just want to lose this in the screenshots folder, but this is just to say "nice work" on the London landmarks update. Just one shot to show it's all back the way it should be (IMO). This is with the MS UK update in place but with photogrammetry turned off globally and the tickbox for "with MSFS UK world update" set in the London City Pack control panel. Some photogrammetry in MSFS works really well, but all the stuff in the UK that I've seen sucks big time, so I shall leave it turned off when I fly in the UK until they fix it properly. But it's no loss now that I've got my London back, so thanks to the Orbx folk. I've had a bit of a moan about the new "logo" in another thread here, and I wasn't totally convinced about the Brisbane package, but this has restored my faith somewhat, so thank you.
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