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  1. I plan to chose on an hourly basis to fly either the new MFS or Aerofly FS 2 (new EC135 chopper w/ Autopilot) and some extra special Hawaiian scenery. The good news is I will have all that AFS2 Orbx scenery discounted when I buy it again for MFS. One happy camper this morning. Thanks Orbx. Regards, Ray
  2. I am hoping Orbx continues to recognize the Seniors with their special discount. This is all great news for the flight sim lovers.
  3. I am impressed with the extensive coverage area and the number of detailed buildings. Having the two airports to any increased level is a plus. This is my old stomping grounds so I am almost tempted to reinstall FSX Steam just to fly around Orlando for awhile. AFS2 scenery is far superior but it is pixel soup in Central Florida. Decisions, decisions. Regards, Ray
  4. Hey Gang, I am completely mesmerized with the Eu TE Netherlands for AFS2. I think it will take a week or more to see everything just at the Port of Rotterdam. Fantastic work by this team. Congratulations on delivering an excellent product. Now, are there any leads, hints, or actual knowledge on what package we can expect next for AFS2 from the Orbx shop? Regards, Ray
  5. Thanks Nick. Looks like someone took a closer look at the Orbx Promo text. It now reads 41,500 km2. It is amazing to me that no one else called attention to the larger number which was also used in the P3D edition. Regards, Ray
  6. According to the Orbx announcement, the Eu Netherlands True Earth scenery package includes 85,000 km2 of photoreal terrain. I am not at all sure of your definition of "terrain" but most other sources seems to think the Netherlands has a total area about half that size. Wiki, usually somewhat reliable, especially when describing and defining an existing country, thinks the total area is 41, 543 km2. Just as a check and balance, I Googled a few other sources. World Atlas breaks it down for land and water but comes up with a total area of 41,543 km2, exactly the sa
  7. No, not yet. The developer is working on uploading the files to a server that we can all access. I beta tested the v1 and afaik the new v2 will absolutely blow your socks off. He used USGS scenery along with some other stuff gathered here and there and did a lot of research on the base. I have never seen flight sim scenery at the level this was done. As you know, it is a beautiful area for flying. I was there a hundred years ago when we brought in the missile boats to Bangor for sound trials. My girlfriend flew up from Florida and stayed with relatives in Tacoma so I beat a p
  8. Once you see the AFS2 Whidbey Island v2 you might have to reconsider your choice. It is really sweet - and free. Regards, Ray
  9. Jarrad and Sylvain, I am really enjoying the new Monterey for AF2. I am pleased you gave the Naval Post Graduate School some close attention to detail. Thanks for that. If you get a chance you might add water to our swimming pool. I see the school across the highway has blue water so maybe a quick touch up could happen. It is so noticeable when taking off and landing. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Naval+Postgraduate+School/@36.5888939,-121.8702512,315a,35y,3.49h,63.17t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x972fe8117718bc7!8m2!3d36.5973387!4d-121.8731426 Also
  10. That beautiful red Lear might be a Learjet 40 or 45, but it is not a Lear 35 as stated on your front end description. Ha. Looking forward to seeing this is AF2. Regards, Ray
  11. Just Curious. Without a helo in AF2 at present, BOB could pickup the slack around LOWI and the new Meigs. Regards, Ray
  12. I forgot to add that this low resolution scenery is to just there until the Service Pack arrives with the updated 'Mind Blowing' autogen and eye popping high rez scenery levels. Regards, Ray
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