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  1. Same here. Sometimes loads with errors, Sometimes crashes to desktop. I read elsewhere that Orbx devs are already aware and are working on a fix in the next libraries release. But I've been unable to confirm that. So if that's the case, it's appreciated. If that's not the case, what's the official way of making Orbx folks aware of the problems? Not looking for support, per see, just a way of reporting the issue. Best, Marshall
  2. Thanks. I’ll check, too. Could’ve sworn it wasn’t there, but my scenery is a jumbled mess
  3. Bravo! A unique airport on a unique island. Separate question: Why is it that the grasses in your P3D products resemble the real thing, whereas in X-Plane, e.g. Oceano, they look like cross-hatched hair plugs on a middle-aged grinch? Is there a technical obstacle to creating volumetric greenery in XP, or a performance hit, or something? I mainly use XP, and rare is the scenery, Bella Coola and Propstrike's stuff are the only two that spring to mind, that do it well.
  4. Forgive the ignorance, I couldn't find word anywhere, but do you plan to do Vashon municipal and Wax Orchards? Marshall
  5. John V, I've enjoyed your airports in P3D and miss them in XP, so all I can say is welcome. Don't be too discouraged by any slings and arrows and grumbles, 20-percent of any group will give you that. The rest of us just want nice things at decent prices and a chance to enjoy the platform of our choice in the best possible light. Looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with KMRY and most of the PNW. Best, Marshall
  6. Exactly. Experiment. Simply adjust levels to taste. Also, check in the properties for your microphone (just right-click the entry in the Recording Devices list). Make sure under Advanced, somthing like AGC (Automatic Gain Control) is not checked. Using that booms your voice up and clips the peaks. Very overmodulated. Best, Marshall
  7. Dominique, I record live. I manage to get a good voice/ambiance balance by simple going into the Volume Mixer in the Tray (Lower-right notification area) and lowering the sim to about 10-percent. That usually does the trick. naturally, for best control, I'd prefer to record separate tracks. However, at the moment, I'm so inexperienced with the various non-linear editors that I don't yet know how to do it. It's ironic. I'm in TV news production and can cut video with the best of them. Just never learned an NLE, but I'm getting up to speed. Best, M
  8. Thanks for watching. Thanks for the tips. You're welcome for Lambeau. Oh, and it's not Mister-anything. Just plain Marshall. Cheers
  9. Full flight in The Mighty Dash's dash around the world. The highlight of this one, just how absurdly easy the airplane is to hand-fly on a precision approach. No HUD. No peeking. No cheating. Just pure, heads-down goodness. (Sounds almost dirty). 4K video. Hi-rez versions may still be processing at YouTube. Best, Marshall
  10. They have. It's a strain on my hardware, though, to be sure. Best, Marshall
  11. Many thanks. I'll keep tweaking. It really is rather nice-looking. Best, Marshall
  12. High. But that's the problem. Simply too many textures for even my 5820K six-core to load. Hence the blurries and other problems. Still trying to come to grips with this scenery. It's really too much for my rig, it seems. Best, Marshall
  13. Exploring some better settings while tearing around the L.A, basin. Best, Marshall
  14. The Mighty Dish and I take a totally irresponsible barnstorming flight around Orbx's new Southern California region. Best, Marshall
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