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  1. Oh My Gosh !! Your suggestion to create a new User account has resolved my problem so simple, and here I was thinking I may have to reinstall Windows 7 Both FSX and X-Plane 11 are now recognised by Orbx Central Can't thank you enough Nick You truly are a legend
  2. Thank you Nick had a look in regedit and it appears that I do not have a "User Shell Folders" in HKCU perhaps this is my issue
  3. Hi Mitchell Updated to Orbx Central 4.0.2 unfortunately no improvement Is it possible for me to set my AppData path ?
  4. Hello Nick thanks for taking up the gauntlet this is my user accounts screen shot Regards, tom
  5. hmm...Sir Headbanger of Bewilderment..I'm a little lost for words.. I very much appreciate your efforts jjaycee1 and would prefer to not accept your notion of defeat but would accept that you may be a little flummoxed just as I am. Thank you for your very gallant rescue attempt tom
  6. Hi jjaycee1...never meant to bewilder yes I am using the latest version of FTX Central... So, opened the v3.3.9.1 folder and then opened FTX Central via the FTX Central.exe within. Unfortunately.. 'the song remains the same'...
  7. ok jjaycee1 not sure how to attach it for review will try choose files let me know if that is okay.. I 'm sure it is in the document .. so guessing I am the only one with this very unique situation ? not surprising... my life is a conundrum x-plane_install_11.txt
  8. Hi jjaycee1 here is my X Plane directory thank you for having a look
  9. Hi Doug Just tried the option 2 in part 2 (Clean wipe .cmd) and reinstall FTX Central and no longer receive the 'Bits" error window but other than that no change in my situation thank you for suggestion Regards, tom
  10. Still here and still trying... Logged into FTX Central, went to EGHR for X-Plane11 - confirmed 'Product Owned', chose to open and download Version 1.15 in FTX Central and now receive this message: "We were unable to start the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (Bits)." After clicking 'Okay' my Browser opens with instructions on how to enable this service, so after enabling and retrying I still get the same error message appear even thought the 'Bits' is now enabled. FTX Central still not showing a choice of simulators - only FSX. I have 230Gb
  11. me too, I deleted C:\Users\My name\AppData\Local\Orbx and C:\Users\My name\AppData\Local\Temp\Orbx. Then re-installed FTX Central v3 from the link on the Orbx Direct home page. Then rebooted before trying again FTX Central still only offers me the choice of FSX and not X-Plane 11 Regards, tom
  12. okay, just checked to make sure.. Right click on my Desktop shortcut for X-Plane Properties shows: X-Plane exe - Shortcut: Target: "F:\X-Plane 11\X-Plane.exe" My Windows User account is as administrator with full permissions. Regards, tom
  13. Hi Nick, The exact location of my current installation of X Plane 11 is: F:\X-Plane 11 The contents of my C:\Users\my name\AppData\Local\x-plane_install_11.txt is: F:\X-Plane 11/ nothing else in there... Regards, tom
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