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  1. they are both really fantastic shots !! tom..
  2. wonderful shots Mark...they look pretty real to me...like you say - can't wait to see what Maurizio does to this.. cheers, tom
  3. great set of pics Jack...gosh, had me laughing....so thanx 4 that ! tom
  4. best wishes here too Mr V...gotta like those Gemini's ! tom
  5. brilliant ! ...the flat earth society will be disappointed
  6. wonderful memories you have Jack...I try to do 10 km a day, usually manage less....but sometimes get there.. and what a life you and we all have had...and (hopefully) bit more to come....certainly in the most interesting of times 58...your best years are ahead of you Jack
  7. guess us old fellas are all starting to have these feelings (I'm 66) ..is what it is, Idaho must have been a very good place for you at the time.. that was then..now we are here.. gets a little out of our control in this new interconnected cyberworld that we live in... but it is inevitable and so while we are here...oh gosh...it's late.. and I'm rambling...
  8. agree, I am very fortunate..just 2 hrs drive south of Sydney in Berry (a popular tourist destination) and only 5 mins drive to 7 mile beach (used by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith as the runway for the first commercial flight between Australia and New Zealand in 1933). So sorry to hear you're not very happy where you are Jack...but then, at least we can go and fly wherever we want to..
  9. wow...quite awesome.. just saved..definitely one for my desktop slideshow
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