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  1. Hey I work here, nice shots. Where are all the corporate jets from the race today though?!
  2. Thanks guys. Thanks for sharing that video too! Can anyone comment if the color is more realistic there with OpenLC NA? As you can see in my shots it is very dull and brown, I haven't gotten OpenLC yet.
  3. Stopped at UT68 Caveman Ranch airport after getting permission from the private owner, he even made me lunch! We stood around talking about his ranch and planes for a bit as you can see in the first screenshot . ORBX was gracious enough to do this as a freeware global airport. If you haven't been I highly recommend it, the dirt strip sits on the Colorado River in some canyons. After leaving GCN Grand Canyon I encountered some realistic looking clouds.
  4. I did a similar flight yesterday. Landing/departing at GWS and following the river to RIL was an amazing experience!
  5. All pictures tell a story. Seeing gorgeous clouds thought doesn't always mean a good one. Haven't gotten to fly much lately but today I made a VFR flight from 06C in Chicago to KBRL, both freeware global enhanced airports. On the way I encountered some overcast that snuck up below me. I got stuck on top for a while and had radio problems, so couldn't get a hold of ATC to get an IFR clearance to get below it. I was finally able to find a hole to get under and the rest of the flight was uneventful. The clouds looked pretty nasty close to destination. Stuck on top: Looking for and finding a hole finally!: Destination:
  6. Should be full right an no null zone. Anything other than full right is putting in a delay between your inputs and the actual movements. Just look at the yoke in your VC when you move your real yoke. why anyone would want a delay beats me.
  7. Playing around over Big Bear Lake, CA. If you haven't flown around up there, go enjoy it!
  8. Ken, I got it on Avsim Library and it is for the pmdg 737-800. If this will work for you send me a message and I will direct you to the link.
  9. Thanks for the comments Looks like something for the new NGX Reboot SP1 update
  10. Awesome shots. Love the paint, wish they had it for the turbine model.
  11. Looks like one of my recent flights. Nice shot!
  12. KLAS to KSAN in possibly one of my favorite new colors on this bird.....over one of my favorite scenery add-ons, FTX Global of course. Thanks for looking!
  13. Congrats and awesome shot! As I am new to the contest I do have a question. I never saw a thread for voting, but I do still see one locked and pinned to the top for June, but not July. Did I miss it?
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