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  1. Wonderful shots Gerold, you water setting is amazing.
  2. Hi Pedro, It seems that your textures do not have enough time to load properly. Try to play with the fiberframetimefraction by slightly increasing the value to 0.11, 0.12, 0.13, until you see an improvement. Increasing this value might, as a conter effect, also reduce your FPS, try to find the right balance. Kind regards Patrick
  3. Hi guys, I did not upgrade yet to V3, still on 2.6. When upgrading, I always start with no tweaks and try to add them one by one if and when needed. If 3.0 provides the same visual without tweaks that I had in 2.5/2.6 with the tweaks, I would be surprised, but its worth a try. Getting rid of HT would also be an option. I will keep you posted when upgrade has been achieved. Kind regards, Patrick
  4. Super shots of a great lady, congratulations Karsten !
  5. Hi Gauthier, I am happy to hear that these settings have been useful for you. Kind regards Patrick
  6. Hi Baffling, As you mentioned in your message, these tweaks are made for those, like me, for enjoy VFR flying over the magnificent ORBX sceneries. The Aerosoft airbus is a FPS killer and it would do the same for me. This is why I fly with less demanding aircrafts (native, majestic Dash, QW Avro) as I do not wish to compromise on the max gamey settings. more specifically scenery. No one can have a combination of max scenery and very demanding aircrafts, we must all balance according to our specs and preferences. Have a nice day Patrick, Geneva.
  7. Hi Hazeygaming and all interested, I have kept the same settings with 2.5 and it works very smoothly. In addition, with a new Graffic card and new CPU (see signature below), I am now able to add 100% of airlines, GA, boats, ferries and 10% of road traffic together with sea effects at very high, very good rendering an a 30 fps (blocked) in all locations and wheather types. The GTX970 is a really wizard ! I will post screenshots from various locations all over Europe very soon. Have a nice day. Patrick, Geneva.
  8. This is a fantastic set, congratulations !
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