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  1. Hi DaHunn, There are two download links at the end of the first message on this thread (they're on page 1, this is page 2). Best , Vincent
  2. Magnificent and mesmerizing...brilliant soundtrack! Sort of thing you can watch again and again...glad I dropped by...well done. Vincent
  3. Hi, Just a general question here ...no panic... do the Holger meshes offer any advantage over the FS Global 2010 or Ultimate series. I mean if you already had one of the FSG ones installed, is there any reason why the Holger ones should be installed on top? I know they only cover AU and PNG but are they better in those areas? Best Vincent
  4. Hi, I have just installed AUS SP4 and EU/ENG into P3Dv3. When I exit the sim I am now getting a message saying that errors were detected and am asked to check ContentErrorLog.txt where I find: [error.0] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:D:\PREPAR3D.V3\Effects\fx_orbx_streetlight_2.fx Key:nn[Library Effect] [error.1] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:D:\PREPAR3D.V3\Effects\fx_orbx_streetlight_2.fx Key:Lifetime [error.2] error=Key values exist outside of a section: File:D:\PREPAR3D.V3\Effects\fx_orbx_streetlight_2.fx Key:Version [error.3] er
  5. Thanks Pegaso, I have also posted another one here, which covers ALL the airports in FSX and provides a lot more info than the ORBX one: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/102082-a-full-guide-to-all-25000-fsx-airports/ Check it out if you are interested. Regards VPMS
  6. Hi Ricky...yes I know, lived there for 7 years 1994-2001...still have many friends there, V
  7. Hey thanks Ricky...n how's everyone down there in Bukit Timah? Long time no see
  8. Kortrijk to Oostmalle: Pretty grim finale alright ... waiting till I have a glass in the hand before watching the next leg
  9. To donbrindles: The file you download is a compressed ZIP file. R-click on it and select whatever unzip option your system offers...this extract the KMZ file and you take it from there. Rgds VPMC
  10. Thanks to all for your comments! The real credit however should go to the folks at OurAirports.com who compiled a downloadable CSV list of 50,000 airports with all the associated Wiki links. I initially used this to do a World Airport directory for my own use, because the KMZ was too large to upload to these forums (11MB vs 4MB limit). I then got the idea of restricting it to FSX airports and adding runway data. An XML file with this info can be generated using Peter Dowson's MakeRwys utility (http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html). The readme file associated with this utility allows th
  11. Check out: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/102082-a-full-guide-to-all-25000-fsx-airports/
  12. Caution: Be selective about activating the airport locators eg. stick to regions, states or even countries. Trying to activate whole continents or the World at one time will bring GEarth to its knees. VPMC
  13. Hi, I have put together a rather large KMZ of every airport represented in FSX. They are organized in folders by REGION/STATE within COUNTRY within CONTINENT. All have fully annotated GE placard data with links to relevant websites, both Aviation and General Knowledge. Installing into Google Earth or Google Earth Pro (both are now free downloads):1) Unzip the attachment into a KMZ file.2) Double click on KMZ to launch GE which loads the KMZ into GE Temporary Places3) Expand the "globe icon" and R-Click on the displayed folder icon which has same name (FSX Airport Directory). Select the "S
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